May 14, 2009

British National Party Voters Don't Exist

In fact NONE of them are anything to do with the BNP frauds
In the last few days the British National Party (BNP) have started to deliver their campaign leaflets. There are at least two varieties but they are both quite similar and their main campaigning point is against immigration.

You can see leaflets delivered by the BNP around the UK thanks to The Straight Choice a website dedicated to mapping campaign leaflets. The current leaflets feature a section titled “Why we’re all voting BNP” with photos accompanied by a bit of text, presumably this is to encourage people to think BNP voters are just like you. Unfortunately for the BNP none of these voters are real and you can prove it by using web-based reverse image searches.

The Doctor

“I’m voting BNP because I see what immigration has done to the NHS. As a Doctor I want to see an end to ‘health tourists’ and to make sure British nurses are employed and paid fairly.”

Search for this image on tineye and you’ll quickly find out that this image has been used on a number of websites and that you can buy it to use royalty free from a stock photo website. The image was taken by an American photographer probably in 2006.

The Pensioners

“We’ve seen how this country has declined under the present government and we’re voting BNP because they will put pensioners before asylum seekers and ensure our future. We’re with the British National Party because it’s not fair that people who’ve worked hard and paid in all their lives are pushed to the back of the queue behind bogus asylum seekers.”

Search for this image on tineye and lo and behold it is available from the same stock photo website. Looking at the stock photo website you can find out the models are called Deanna and Mario.

The Soldier

“We’re fed up of being sent ill-equipped into foreign wars. The BNP will bring our troops home and ensure that British soldiers are not abused on the streets of our cities by Muslims.”

Again, search using tineye you can find that it’s from a different stock photo website. What’s particularly amusing here is that the photo is of an Irish guardsman, which is funny because the Irish are not British, Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. [Some mistake there, surely]

The Mother

“As a mother and wife I want to ensure that our children have a future. Our taxes should be invested in education and job creation, not wasted on paying bureaucrats or bankers’ bonuses.”

Searching tineye once again tells us this photo is entitled “Love my Mommy!” and was taken by another American photographer. The only conclusion I can make is that no real BNP voters were keen enough to appear on the leaflets.

The BNP are not the first people to send out leaflets with fake people on, when there was a decision to be made on whether Manchester should have city centre congestion charging leaflets were printed encouraging people to vote ‘YES’ with case studies showing how people would be better off, again, none of the people were real (Manchester Evening News: C-charge ‘locals’ don’t exist).



Anonymous said...

all parties do this on election broadcasts every one on them is a member of that particular party

Anonymous said...

The Irish Guards are a British Army regiment, with recruitment into the regiment not limited to the ROI or Ulster alone.

Anonymous said...

Tjis is mentioned over at Bloggerheads too.

b said...

"British National Party Voters Don't Exist"

Wish they didn't. It'd certainly make the world a better place.

Anonymous said...

Just saw one of the BNP coucillors in the off-license by the bandstand in Barking.

Apparently Richard Barnbrook has been ordered by the party to stay out of the media and away from TV in particular in the absence of Darby.

Bob Bailey says that the party are growing "tired" of his "damaging" behaviour.

Keeley said...

Just bought a copy of my Local Free Press in Doncaster and there is a report about the candidates for the forthcoming Mayoral Election on June 4th. The Doncaster Chamber of Commerce organised a Question Time-style debate for the candidates to be quizzed on their policies by local business leaders and members of the public.

Absent from the debate was the BNP’s candidate, David Owen. He refused to comment on why he was absent but offered the following message:

“The BNP are on the move. Stop. New Message. Stop. The BNP are starting to roll. Stop. The straight truth is on the streets, most local news is from the same source. Stop. Beware of the fifth column. Stop. Ends message.”

Unbelievable. But at least we won’t have to worry about him winning now. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think that this shows that the BNP are becomming a 'main-stream' political party.
Last euro-elections the BNP made a great deal out of the UKIP, English Democrats and Labour leaflets all using stock images as 'their' voters, and later on the Tories were blasted for using actors in an election broadcast, claiming to be random voters who were voting Tory.
That, and Gri££ins nose so deep in financial fraud and theft that there is nothing left for brown-nosing anymore, and we see that the BNP are just like all the main parties - lying, corrupt, in it for the money.
Sad world, innit?

Anonymous said...

Is there any legal stuff you can do with this info? i.e. misleading voters during an election etc.

NipplesAndTrouserLegs said...

Not a sniff about this fakery on the BBC or any of the tabloid newspapers.

I wander why they are doing their utmost to help the BNP get votes by stealth?

What secret society did Nick gri££in's dad used to be involved in?

K Y Jelly said...

Bumbrook's stance over the Gurkhas is obviously iritating NG. Don't tell me he's done an "art house" erotic movie about the heroic Gurkha soldiers rescuing a kitten from a tree. That really would be in terrible taste!

Green Gordon said...

I pointed out the same thing on the YBNP site earlier in the year, and how making it look as if stock photo models endorse the BNP is a breach of the terms and conditions of buying those stock photos.

Anonymous said...

Dicky ordered to stay away from the media........that for him is an impossibility, he thrives on it, he loves it, if he could he would marry it.....

Looks more and more likely that Dicky is coming to the end of the road as the BNPs superstar, he has been a known liability from the off, and his behaviour has now spirralled out of control.


DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

With regards to the terms of usage, I've had a look about on a few stock photo sites and they largely seem to have a clause similar to the following -

"[you may not] Use images in any way that violates the rights of individuals such as defamation, intrusion on privacy, misappropriation of likeness, or depiction in a false light. Images that are designated for editorial use only or as not being model-released may not be used for advertising or promotional purposes."

If the tories/NL/a genuinely legitimate party did this/that sticker bullshit, you'd never hear the end of it.

Anonymous said...

How about a counter leaflet showing the many prtves child molesters and other criminals voting for the British Nonces Party ?

Uld Sailor

Anonymous said...

I hope the BNP DO exist i have a young family and DEMOGRAPHICS can't be ignored.

How many of you liberals are actually having kids?

****** said...

"How many of you liberals are actually having kids?"

Last time I looked, I had five kids and five grandchildren (plus another en route). Is that enough for you?

Of course I'm Jewish, so you may not be too pleased after all.