May 19, 2009

Beatin' Back the BNP Tour comes to Manchester Sunday 24th May

Asian Dub Foundation
Beatin' Back the BNP Tour
Manchester Academy on Sunday 24th May

If you're an anti-fascist in the North-West, here's an anti-fascist event you should come to:

Sunday 24th May 2009 Manchester Academy- Love Music Hate Racism presents

Asian Dub Foundation - Beatin' Back the BNP
With Surreal Knowledge, Fallacy, The Grants

The Legendary Anglo-Asian electro guitar noiseniks ADF cut their teeth as a sound system at anti-racist gigs in East London in the early 1990s. Now massively popular worldwide they're coming full circle to once again blast the racists trying to divide our society.

Not only will this be a great gig, it will be a stand against the fascists in the North-West region. So whether you're young or old, whether you live in Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Merseyside or Greater Manchester, come along and show your support for anti-fascism at this crucial time when the Nazis are trying to make gains in our region!

Tickets £10 Student Union Box Office - 01612 752930
Ticket line - - 01618 32 1111

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Can't wait.