May 20, 2009

Posties in BNP win

Sickened posties have won the right to refuse to deliver election leaflets for the racist BNP. Hundreds objected to the European Election leaflets. Others had been threatened, chased and spat as they tried to post it, the CWU union said.

Royal Mail - legally obliged to deliver election material - yesterday vowed to honour an agreed “conscience clause” allowing staff to choose not to post mail they find “offensive”. It may hire casuals to help deliver the estimated 29million leaflets.



Anonymous said...

people need to direct their anger not at the postmen but on poll day. vote your anger. not attack the working class postmen. anyone who attacks or threatens a postman is a sick fucker and needs to be arrested for destablising democracy and the democratic political system.

vote your anger.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Looks like no-one told the northampton posties:

Anonymous said...

It's great that this "concession" has been won but are we confident that all post office workers will be aware of it? If they are not doing so already the unions must communicate this information and do everything they can to persuade postal workers to follow their consciences.

irishtony said...

Fantastic news

My postie was very embarrassed when he handed me a BNP leaflet, he apologised and suggested I throw it in the bin Good on him.

It wont be long before the BNP start some anti Irish bile when they look for someone else to blame for their shortcomings.

lets hope June 4th is a catastrophe for these lowlifes