May 17, 2009

Zeroes blast hero

BNP claim Beharry didn't deserve to win the VC

British National Party cowards have launched an outrageous attack on a decorated Iraq war hero - claiming he only got the Victoria Cross because he is BLACK.

The vile BNP denounced brave Johnson Beharry for being "an immigrant" and tried to belittle his heroics - which saved the lives of 30 comrades - as no more than "routine". In a sick rant on its website the far-right BNP - headed by Nick Griffin - allege Lance Corporal Beharry only got Britain's top military honour because of "positive discrimination by the PC-mad government".

Our revelation comes just days after the extremist group held an Armed Forces Awareness Day in a shameless bid to portray themselves "the only party that supports our troops". The truth is that Grenada-born Beharry, then a private, was honoured in 2005 after TWICE saving colleagues' lives under enemy fire.

When his Warrior armoured vehicle was hit by rocket- propelled grenades he drove through the ambush and pulled comrades clear of the burning wreckage while a bullet penetrated his helmet.

Weeks later, he was at the wheel again when a grenade detonated inches from him. Despite blood pouring from his head, he reversed out of range before collapsing. Despite that, the spiteful BNP claim: "All he did was drive away very fast from a combat zone. . . to safety, as have hundreds and hundreds of other British soldiers."

Last night a spokesman for the anti-racist Searchlight group said: "The BNP are repulsive. Private Beharry was awarded the highest honour in the land for risking his life in the service of his country. When did Nick Griffin last show his face in a war zone?"

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Anonymous said...

Dear friends I would like to bring to your attention the hypocrisy of BNP leader Nick Griffin. While calling out Labour MPs for being gay on a homophobic page on the BNP website. We find Nick Griffin has his own hidden homosexual past according to the ex leader of the BNP John Tyndall. On the web pages of the now dead former BNP leader.

Maybe Nick Griffin should come clean about his relationship with a former high ranking National Front official, Martin Webster. Before he starts looking into the beds of Gay MPs?

What follows is John Tyndalls own questioning report on the Nick Griffin gay story!

Well, it is interesting to learn that Nick Griffin these days considers defamation of himself a cause for action against the defamer, for this did not seem to be his attitude back in 1999, when a former high ranking National Front official, Martin Webster, put out a circular alleging a homosexual relationship between himself and Griffin back in the late 1970s. Webster, in doing this, challenged Griffin to take him to court for libel if the allegation was untrue. Griffin declined to do so, arguing that as Webster was a 'man of straw' he would not get any damages off him. This completely side-tracked the main issue, which was not one of money but of the personal honour and reputation of the leader of the BNP, and thus of the BNP itself.

But it was not only Webster whom Griffin could have sued. The story was covered in both The Sunday Times and Searchlight magazine, in the latter case being written in tones which gave credence to Webster's claims. Neither of these publications are exactly without assets, and Griffin could have got tidy sums off them had he taken them to court and won.

But he chose not to - which makes it strange that he is now so sensitive to imagined 'defamation' by me and has had me hounded out of the BNP for my troubles. As to whether Webster's story of a homosexual affair with Griffin was true or not, I simply don't know.

Anonymous said...

"All he did was drive away very fast from a combat zone."

Smear tactics, this is what the BNP are infamous for.

Anonymous said...

Lance Corporal Beharry volunteered for the army and has served with distinction.

Such a contrast to those "Wanabees" in the BNP who fantasise as having served with the SAS/SBS/Paras etc. In fact they have no service record and are laughed at the people they boast to in Public Houses,

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

They dropped a real clangger here. People are getting very angry about this racist smear on a brave man

Anonymous said...

Why does a black soldier's bravery present such a problem to the non-racist BNP?

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of lying tosspots u lot are , i would love to meet the wanker who owns this blog

gee said...

The neo-nazi bnp can rot in hell!

Barbara Suzuki said...

Now we know how low the BNP can go in their cruel attacks on people who do not fit their self-serving definitions of 'British'.
Johnson Beharry selflessly saved 30 comrades without checking their ethnic origins or beliefs, which obviously does not impress the morons of the BNP.
Have they no shame at all? No need to answer that, the evidence speaks eloquently.

Antifascist said...

'what a bunch of lying tosspots u lot are'

Where are these lies?

'i would love to meet the wanker who owns this blog'

More threats? They're getting boring.

the sectioner said...

Several men in white coats would like to meet the troll who makes threats of death and violence, bringing with them a sectioning order.

This loser is clearly insane, and a danger not just to the public but to himself.

A long stay at Broadmoor High Security Hospital would be the ideal option for him.

DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

Cyclops should have followed his own advice to his mates in the KKK and stuck to whingeing about Muslims, the British love all that.

@3 theres no time for public service when you're a highly decorated cage fighter on the morecambe circuit, think on son.

mental nurse said...

Take some strong, mind-numbing medication, Mister BNP LoonyBins!

And request that the doctors section you under the Mental Health Act. It's safer for you and safer for society.

Lurking around this blog like a turd gone bad, posting insults, death threats and complete and utter bullshit is a mental obsession.

Copeland was an obsessive just like you, Mister Brainless Troll. Now he's a psycho nutter cum mass murderer and he's locked up indefinately.

Checking yourself into a mental hospital would save the police, the courts and the British taxpayer plenty of money, and would nip your very unhealthy obsessions in the bud.

jon said...

More ammo for Searchlight's doorstep newspapers to ensure nobody votes for the neo-nazi party!

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of lying tosspots u lot are , i would love to meet the wanker who owns this blogWell tell you what - you publish your name and address, If your brave enough, I will publish a name and address as well !

Old Sailor