May 29, 2009

Holocaust survivor warns Britain not to give power to BNP

A Holocaust survivor and Second World War veteran last night begged Britain: "Don't give power to the Nazis."

Gisela Feldman, 84, and Ken Reilly, 83, joined the Daily Mirror Hope Not Hate bus in Manchester to ask people to vote against the BNP in next week's European elections. Jewish Gisela was 15 when she fled Germany in 1938 as the Nazis killed her father.

She said: "We cannot allow the fascist BNP into our politics no matter what they promise. "I lived through the Nazi regime and remember the Brown Shirts marching through Berlin. We didn't know of the hatred flourishing beneath."

Ken fought in the Royal Armoured Corps during D-Day and the Battle of Arnhem. He said: "We must look through the BNP's false brandishments. Hatred is an abomination and we must vote for hope not hate."

Comic Eddie Izzard, who joined us at the Imperial War Museum North, said: "Meeting Gisela and Ken reminds us of the sacrifices their generation made so we can live in a hate-free society. But now, 60 years on, we've got the BNP dragging us back in time. Voting against the BNP is to vote for hope against hate."


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M Nahal said...

Royal Mail Postie just dropped a BNP leaflet through our door warning me against muslims, fear tactics resembling WW2 propaganda.
Posties known so asked him if he knew what he was delivering, he said "yeah, i had to." he also added "other posties had gone on strike and refused. it occured to me all posties have a choice on what they deliver he could have refused as could every other Royal Mail postie in the country. history has taught us that prejudice and hatred creeps into societies in small steps during economic hardships. However we must all be consious to ensure small decisions we make do not prop up the system of hatred and discrimination. we all have a choice. And if you choose to play a part then you're taking part which reflects supporting them. What we need to do is educate the posties not hate them.
M Nahal, West Midlands