May 22, 2009

Pressure grows to withdraw BNP leader's Palace invite

Richard Barnbrook accused of exploiting situation for publicity and told to change invitation - or be barred from royal event

British National Party leader Nick Griffin has been effectively barred from attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

The right-wing politician had been invited to the social event by his BNP colleague Richard Barnbrook who, as a London Assembly member, was nominated for two tickets by the Greater London Authority. But Jeff Jacobs, the GLA's deputy chief executive, has tonight written to Barnbrook telling him to change his controversial guest and stop exploiting the situation for "publicity", or his nomination would be "reviewed".

In recent days London Mayor Boris Johnson and Darren Johnson, chairman of the London Assembly, have both spoken of their concern about Barnbrook's chosen guest. In his letter Jacobs said: "While elected representatives may and do attend, the event is a social occasion hosted by Her Majesty and it is inappropriate to exploit this privilege for party political purposes."

He added: "However, in the light of the views expressed by the Mayor and chair of the assembly, reinforced at yesterday's assembly meeting, I am writing to say that the authority may need to review its position in relation to your nomination unless you revisit the selection of your guest with a view to avoiding further controversy and desist from any further publicity."

The London Paper


Anonymous said...

"Richard Barnbrook accused of exploiting situation for publicity and told to change invitation - or be barred from royal event"

Excellent news although I still wonder which idiot arranged for an invitation to go to Barnbrook in the first place.

Anonymous said...

All good stuff, but should Barnbrook be going either? This sends totally the wrong message.

Fuck the BNP said...

Awww, poor old Odin. He won't be going to the party after all. He looks so sad. Fuck him. LOL

Anonymous said...

One warms towards Her Majesty

Old Sailor

gee said...

Hopefully Prince Charles will also make sure the deal between Clear Channel and the Prince's Trust hits the rocks.

Prince Charles is the patron and the founder of the Prince's Trust.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

"The BNP said Mr Barnbrook would comment on the matter on Tuesday. "Obviously going to be too pissed over the weekend to put an incoherent reply together.

Maybe he's letting the might of the BNP legal team.... or Barnsey... as its known locally, to mount a robust response...He, he he, making me look forward to the end of the bank holiday weekend already!!

I'm sure its going to involve Prick Gri££in with a dirty teatowel wrapped round his mouth.