May 15, 2009

BNP describes gay politicians as 'buggers and criminals'

A list on the British National Party's website of politicians from all three main parties describes a number of gay MPs as "buggers" and "criminals", grouping them with convicted paedophiles.

The list, titled "Liars, buggers and thieves", features Labour MP Chris Byrant, who had semi-nude photos of himself from Gaydar published by a tabloid newspaper several years ago.

The website states: "Chris Bryant poses in his pants on the Internet to advertise himself for casual gay sex encounters. Describes himself as 'Horny as buggery' and says, 'I’d love a good long fuck'”.

Another MP listed as a "criminal" is MP Ron Davies, who was mugged at knifepoint after meeting a man on Clapham Common. He had allegedly been cruising for gay sex. Also listed is MP Clive Betts, who was suspended from parliament for seven days in 2003 after breaching the MPs' code of conduct over the employment of his Brazilian assistant.

They are listed beside rapists, paedophiles and murderers. Neither Mr Davies, Mr Bryant or Mr Betts have ever been convicted of any criminal offence.

The list of Labour politicians also includes mass murderer Dennis Nielsen, who was convicted of strangling and dismembering 16 young men. Nielsen was apparently included for his activism in Labour fringe groups such as the Anti-Nazi League. Others are local councillors and activists convicted of sexual offences, assaults and fraud.

The list was compiled by Julian Leppert, the BNP councillor for Redbridge Borough. He wrote: "A favourite trick of liberal-leftwing interviewers when losing an argument with BNP spokesmen is to start banging on about 'BNP criminals'. Well … this really isn’t a very honest thing to do when not mentioning the fact that a very small number of BNP criminal records (mainly the result of political persecution, self-defence against leftist thugs and youthful stupidity now twenty years or more in the past) need to be put into the context of the far worse, more numerous and more recent crimes of many members of the old parties."

Mr Leppert told that the gay MPs were been included because: "It fits in with the headline, the bugger part, I guess."

On Mr Byrant's Gaydar controversy, he said: "It's not a crime legally, but it's a crime morally. Homosexuality is part of life, it's inevitable. But people should have discretion. They're bringing political life into disrepute, although it might not strictly be criminal."

When asked why Mr Bryant, Mr Davies and Mr Betts, who have not been convicted of any criminal offence, were included as "criminals", he said: "It's probably not strictly true, not in terms of correct English, but it demonstrates what sort of people they are. It's a valid point. It's part of the general behaviour. It's the indiscretion with which [Bryant] promotes his homosexuality.

"The only problem we have with the gay lobby is when people like Peter Tatchell get aggressive about it. What people do in their private lives is their business. But the problem is when they get militant and start promoting it in schools. We're a family party with family values. Someone else at the BNP put the title 'Liars, buggers and thieves' on the story. It's a traditional catch-all term for people of disrepute in politics."

When asked for a comment by, Mr Bryant said: "The bigots who created this website should be ashamed of themselves. I would just call on the overwhelming majority of people who see the despicable nature of this website to tell their friends to make sure they vote in the European elections. Every vote cast for another party is one against the BNP.”

Mr Davies could not be reached for comment.

Today it was reported that postal workers are refusing to deliver BNP election leaflets because they object to its “right-wing rubbish”. Around 100 workers in the West Country have refused carry the leaflets, which bear an anti-immigration message.

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Anonymous said...

This is from the Board of Deputies site

"Julian Leppert

BNP councillor for the Hainault ward of Redbridge, Julian Leppert, a postal worker from Woodford Green, stood as the party’s candidate in the London mayoral elections of 2004. He took more than three per cent of the vote.

In his campaign, he vowed to “throw out” all asylum-seekers, whom he blamed for causing traffic congestion. He also promised an immediate halt to immigration if he was successful, as well as voluntary resettlement for existing immigrants and to scrap positive discrimination.

In a radio interview during his campaign, he said that British-born minority ethnic people were only British citizens “in the sense of having a British passport”, but were not “ethnically British”.

In January 2007, Mr Leppert attended a conference in London organised by the far-right New Right Group. One speaker was Michele Renouf, a Holocaust denier and supporter of David Irving. Mr Leppert sat through anti-Jewish tirades from both Renouf and from one of the leaders of the Islamic Party of Britain."

Dino said...

Wasn't it Leppert who described fellow BNP councillor Lawrence Rustem as only 'half a wog'?

kettles and pots said...

Why no mention of one particular alcoholic gay politician from London who made a gay pornography movie?

The neo-nazi BNP's crimes are homophobia and hypocrisy.

billy briggs said...

Wasn't Nick Griffin a friend of the openly gay politician from Austria who regularly picked fellow neo-nazi men up from an Austrian gay bar?

I don't understand why bloody hypocritical nazis always hate gay people as so many of their own kind are gay, bisexual or lesbian.

I hope there is strong campaigning in Manchester's Gay Village against the BNP in the next few weeks.

Surely LGBT anti-fash volunteers can heavily leaflet the area with speacial leaflets targetting the BNP's homophobia.

Likewise, in Jewish communities, leaflets should focus on Holocaust denial, in African-Carribean communities, targetted leaflets should be especially written for a black audience mentioning Kemp and the KKK, and in ex-mining areas in Bradford, Lady Birdwood.

Standard leaflets are no good. You need special anti-fascist leaflets to target focus groups and special communities, to remind each one what a fascist BNP government would do to them personally.

gary glitter fan club said...

The BNP can hardly talk about perverts and child abusers when they have Mark Collett and Dave Hannam in their filthy twisted ranks!

Dicky Barnbrook(Artist) said...

Unbelievable! What's a girl got to do to get on this list?

Simon Darby said...

Some people! I've never been caught at it.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends I would like to bring to your attention the hypocrisy of BNP leader Nick Griffin. While calling out Labour MPs for being gay on a homophobic page on the BNP website. We find Nick Griffin has his own hidden homosexual past according to the ex leader of the BNP John Tyndall. On the web pages of the now dead former BNP leader.

Maybe Nick Griffin should come clean about his relationship with a former high ranking National Front official, Martin Webster. Before he starts looking into the beds of Gay MPs?

What follows is John Tyndalls own questioning report on the Nick Griffin gay story!

Well, it is interesting to learn that Nick Griffin these days considers defamation of himself a cause for action against the defamer, for this did not seem to be his attitude back in 1999, when a former high ranking National Front official, Martin Webster, put out a circular alleging a homosexual relationship between himself and Griffin back in the late 1970s. Webster, in doing this, challenged Griffin to take him to court for libel if the allegation was untrue. Griffin declined to do so, arguing that as Webster was a 'man of straw' he would not get any damages off him. This completely side-tracked the main issue, which was not one of money but of the personal honour and reputation of the leader of the BNP, and thus of the BNP itself.

But it was not only Webster whom Griffin could have sued. The story was covered in both The Sunday Times and Searchlight magazine, in the latter case being written in tones which gave credence to Webster's claims. Neither of these publications are exactly without assets, and Griffin could have got tidy sums off them had he taken them to court and won.

But he chose not to - which makes it strange that he is now so sensitive to imagined 'defamation' by me and has had me hounded out of the BNP for my troubles. As to whether Webster's story of a homosexual affair with Griffin was true or not, I simply don't know.