May 19, 2009

Updated: Have Newsquest pulled their BNP adverts for good?

There's still been no official word yet but it looks like Newsquest may have decided to pull all BNP ads from their newspaper websites.

The banners which were prominently placed just yesterday have disappeared from all Newsquest sites reported to be carrying them.

Just take a look for yourself:
When complaints about the adverts were first made, individual editors defended their decision to carry them.

However, a build up of coverage in the last 24 hours may have led to a change of heart at the top. Indeed my own webstats have shown growing interest in this story from other media outlets, readers of the blog, and the company itself.

Quite what affect this build up had on the disappearance of the ads is difficult to say. But whatever the reason, Newsquest seem to have made the right decision. I just hope that they stick to it.

Tory Troll

A source at Newsquest has told me that "no contracts have been broken" with the BNP.

Staff were sent a memo last week stating that 'any political party' could advertise with them. This has not officially changed. Crucially I was also told that the BNP adverts "may come back"

Keep those complaints coming people.


DT said...

Wowm quick result! Well done Barry Kade and LU. :)

Sooo said...

Another success. Yay...

Anonymous said...

The BNP contaminates everything it touches, because its message is one of hatred and division.

People are learning.

Anonymous said...

Great result!!!

Anonymous said...

bullshit !

Spammer said...

Bloody hell, that was quick. Well done Newsquest (and LU and other complainers of course).

Anonymous said...

A fine job and a good mention here

Anonymous said...

"A fine job and a good mention here"

Agreed on both counts.

Cathyduffer said...

My names Cathy Duffy I'm the best thing since sliced bread and appeared on tv last week.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all.


antony said...

Isent off my protests to the lot of 'em yesterday and didn't receive a response (I'm sure they were too embarrassed). But this is the best response I could have had.

Nice one. I'll be keeping an eye on the situation.

Anonymous said...

will these papers now have to pay the scum back the money for advertising.

Kev Scott loved The Jam said...

Or alternatively, did Gri££in pay for 1 days worth of banner ads, but tell the members that the 'saturated' the internet with a 'sustained' advertising campaign....that cost many tens of thousands..... 'which is why I am now writing to you to ask for a small donation of say £50'..... They are gonna have to justify bankrupting the party if they dont get an MEP though.

Anonymous said...

Still on the Warrington Guardian website this morning I'm afraid, and a print Ad in this week's Midweek Guardian (freesheet).

Anonymous said...

still up on all the sites - what the fucks going on grrr

Anonymous said...

still on a few of the sites! so it looks like they haven't pulled it yet :(

Anonymous said...

Funny isn't it how Newsquest as of yesterday have pulled down all their forums. Dont worry people I've save copies of all the best of the Racist comments from across many of their forums and comments pages by what I suspect are BNP members over the last couple of yearsinlcluding wone pasrticular where someone advocates "Bombings". Great isn't it how these regionals have over the years allow unfettered comments by BNP acitivists and now appear to be supporting their cause by carrying their adverts.

Well this is the type of people they are supporting:


From Bolton News Website :-

"Ther would not be a housing shortage if they sent all the foreigners back from where they came,
But whatever you say about them the PC from bury will stick up for them.
Its coming then what to late i am afraid the deed as been done by Balless Brown and is cronies,
Omne trick pony is this one of the immigrants ponies"

For Lancashire Telepgraphs Forum

"A vote for the most extreme party shows the political establishment just how disaffected the electorate are with them. Anything less will be seen by the political establishment as more leeway to do as they please and not what the British public would have them do."

Bolton News Comments pages :-

"Much of the Social Housing has gone to immigrants and asylum seekers, fact."

"Them Black people are everywhere now, and this is what happens.
another rape around there months ago and again another Black/Brown person.
L/H is still a solidly White area."

"Posted by: Sun Tzu on 11:41am today
Foreign drug dealers bringing their gang warfare to our streets. Why should any innocent British citizen be placed in danger of being caught up in this? Stop immigration now and put an end to this importation of crime.
Foreign drug dealers bringing their gang warfare to our streets.
Why should any innocent British citizen be placed in danger of being caught up in this?
Stop immigration now and put an end to this importation of crime.
Quote | Report this post"

"Posted by: Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells on 3:26pm today
Black people = Violent Crime Enough is enough the experiment has failed miserably
Black people = Violent Crime

Enough is enough the experiment has failed miserably"


"The BNP are TOO SOFT , They should do bombings themselves, Let's call it revenge."

This one I reported to the Police.

if anyone wants copies of these pages and are from a reputable news publication send your telephone number to (IF the telephone number isn't registered against your publishing organistations name then forget it I aint ringing it)

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest we all write to Newsquests other Advertisers and make a complaint that your feel offended that their Adverts are associated with the BNP promotion?

It will have to come down to a commercial decision at the end and in this case the editors will be forced by their readers to see we will not stand down over this.