May 23, 2009

BNP leader Nick Griffin says postmen should be sacked for not deilvering his leaflets

BNP demands sack for defiant posties

BNP leader Nick Griffin has said postmen who refuse to deliver his election leaflets should be sacked.

In a message on the far-right party's website, Griffin urged supporters to complain to Royal Mail if they do not receive a leaflet.

He branded posties who won't distribute BNP propaganda as "antidemocratic idiots". Communication Workers Union officials in Bristol have backed Royal Mail staff in the West Country who have refused to put the leaflets through letterboxes.

Griffin told supporters to "catch these anti-democratic idiots and get them sacked". His comments have since been removed from the BNP website.

Last night a spokesman for antiracist organisation Searchlight said: "The BNP are trying to bully postmen into delivering hate-filled propaganda. It should be a matter of individual conscience for each postal worker whether they deliver the BNP's message of fear and racism or not."

Pete Doherty is to headline the Mirror's Love Music Hate Racism festival. The festival, at Stoke City FC's stadium, is on Saturday, May 30.

Today the Mirror's Hope Not Hate bus will be in Spennymoor, Co Durham, at 11am, then Ferryhill from 12.30pm. On Sunday we will be at Grey's Monument in Newcastle from noon.



Nay_Fash said...

One thing the posties can say with certainty is "we know where you live!"

Barbara Suzuki said...

By this logic shouldn't Nick Griffin and the BNP itself be ousted and dissolved respectively because they are 'undemocratic' in that they seek legislative power from which some British citizens would be denied access?

They fail to deliver any promise of equality under the law of the land - sack the lot of them.

cyclops is crazy said...

So much for Griffin's friend Harrington and his fake trade union.



National socialist (Nazi)?


Anonymous said...

Whats Deilvering?