May 11, 2009

MPs’ expenses: BNP would be worse

The BNP is hoping to trade on voters’ disillusionment with politicians following the MPs’ expenses debacle. Nick Griffin highlighted the issue at the official launch of his party’s European election campaign, claiming that everyone except the BNP had “their snouts in the same trough”.

Yet the main reason Griffin, a former bankrupt, is so desperate to gain election to the European Parliament is to get his hands on the generous salary and expenses package paid out MEPs and even a share of official group funding if the BNP can join up with enough fascist MEPs from enough countries. The BNP has no interest in participating in forming European laws – the party objects to the European Parliament’s existence. It’s the money the BNP is after.

And the BNP has no compunction in sponging off public money. Many BNP councillors draw their full allowances but hardly attend any council meetings or do any work. One BNP councillor in Sandwell attended no meetings at all for six months, which got him booted off the council, but he still took his allowance.

Under Griffin’s leadership the BNP has blatantly avoided paying income tax and national insurance contributions by pretending that several of its staff were self-employed. And the party’s latest accounts, for 2007, failed their audit because several thousands of pounds of expenditure was not properly recorded.

Voters are rightly outraged by an expenses arrangement that allowed some MPs to exploit countless loopholes and profit from taxpayers’ money. But the BNP would be far worse, as shown by the party’s long history of financial irregularities, outlined in a Searchlight report presented to the House of Commons in December 2007.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

Anther snippette of information - Mr Kemp left the UK in 1999, fleeing back to South Africa and leaving a string of debts behind him which were never paid off - I am surprised he can even operate a bank account in the UK and doubt very much whether he can get a UK credit card - he still operates his bank account in South Africa including a credit card! By his own admission the only reason why the BNP wants a seat in the EU is because of the funds - they need this money very badly.

Anonymous said...

I've just found out on the Thurrock BNP blog that the scumbags were in Grays today.
How come no anti fascists were in the area. Was this a well kept secret or is Thurrock a no go area for us?

ex said...

The reason that the BBC wont rum that documentary about south african criminal Kemp is that they are part of the new world order which is poised to reward gri££in with a seat in brussels for services to the state.

rte said...

On the BBC news propaganda slot tonight, speaking fast as always, Cyclops told the reporter that the BNP "work closely with Sikh groups".

What total and utter bullshit! Don't know if anybody else saw the interview, but recently, Sikh religious leaders condemned the party's overt racism.

Griffin also sought to justify the BNP's white supremacy "whites only" stance by comparing his party to the Black Police Officers Association", which is such a piss-weak comparison, it sucks!

For a supposed political party to be concerned with one race only, and its weilding power of all non-aryans, explains why Apartheid white supremacist Kemp joined the bnp.

Anonymous said...

If you saw the BNPs launch it was probably best no one opposed it, they did their own damage, just look at the pigs being chased off by the "workers" - they looked liked thugs. And Bailey was impressively inept with his no its not exactly secret comments.

laugh I almost thanked the BNP for providing such unintentional comedy.


Anonymous said...

The BBC is going to run the story about Kemp, they are just going to make sure they have all the facts - best is that because Kemp is such a tosser, he has pissed off various right wing powers that be, who are going to also speak to the BBC and back up the allegations made about his activities. The BNP would do well to start with damamge control now and get rid of him - that means GET RID OF HIM and not just give him a less public profile where he can lie about being a volunteer!

Better still - do keep him and be guaranteed that he will be the cause of the loss of many of the few votes you are hoping for.

Anonymous said...

"If you saw the BNPs launch it was probably best no one opposed it"

Perhaps then it's time to leave them alone and let them get on with it.

Isn't this the place where the Tory run council all support the BNP?