May 29, 2009

British National Party begs for money in desperate memos

The British National Party has sent out a series of memos appealing for donations in a move that raises further questions about the finances of the party.

Political organisers as well as its leader, Nick Griffin, have sent “desperate” pleas for relatively small sums of money, despite claims by the BNP that it has £500,000 for the European and county council elections.

Mr Griffin sent an e-mail this week saying that the party needed to raise £5,000 to pay for hardware for its website that it “simply could not afford”.

“I have personally donated £250 to this appeal to set things in motion,” he wrote.

Another memo from Bob Bailey, the London organiser for the party, said that it had been unable to raise enough funds to produce an A4 leaflet. “We desperately need donations no matter how small,” he wrote.

The party has declared donations of £21,132 for the first quarter of this year. Only those of more than £5,000 must be submitted to the Electoral Commission and Mr Griffin said that the remainder of its funding for the campaign came from “ordinary” Britons.

However Searchlight, the organisation that campaigns against the BNP, claimed that the party had exaggerated its resources and was “essentially running a paper campaign”.

The accusation was denied by Mr Griffin, who told The Times: “The leaflets have gone out, the election broadcasts have been made. It’s everywhere. It’s a huge campaign.”

Further questions were raised about the party’s funding after Mr Griffin admitted that he paid a £5,000 political donation into his personal bank account without declaring it.

The Electoral Commission confirmed that it was reviewing the donation, which appeared to come from an elderly woman who wished to remain anonymous. Mr Griffin said that he had passed the money to Solidarity, a trade union, because it would have been declared if given to the party.

The Times


Anonymous said...

I wonder, yes I wonder if all this froth is not a diversion from the BNP's main problem.

Yes three card tricks with the money. Last minute appealse for more gelt on very dodgy grounds.

On one hand we have the Nonces Party claiming that they are well founded etc and spending millions on publicity, and on the other reports of creditors trying to recover judgement debts of the BNP with Baliffs and Sherriffs Officers being given the run a round as to whom owns the goods thet are trying to impound.

For what it is worth I think that the British Nonces Party has bet the pig farm on a victory in the EU elections and is hoping that the cash will flow before retribution and bankrupcy disqualifies them from any standing in public office.

If anybody knowing of a judgement against the BNP or personally against any candidates, officials or luminarys should report them to LUF or Searchlight.

After all if we can destroy thier credit rating, or have the odd Nutzie bared from standing in public Office then we are getting towards a result.

Lee Barnes aint going to like this!

Old Sailor

"Save the Children - keep the British Nonces Party away from our kids"

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

If the nutzi's fail to get a EU MEP and Gri££in bails out of the party... does he absolve himself of the liabilities?

Just asking in case he manages to avoid (another) bankrupcy!

Denise G said...

Griffin's latest email:

We must not allow the press to dictate the agenda; we must fight and fight hard. We cannot and will not allow the loony left National Union of Journalists to derail our Election Campaign, so once more I turn to you for help.

> > > Do your country PROUD!! Make a nation-changing donation NOW! Click Here > > >

With only a short time to go before Polling Day we have been fighting every lie that appears in print or on the web, we never budgeted for this level of attack and it's costing us a fortune in legal fees and administration.

Our future, our nation's future, now hangs in the balance
Remember, if we don't react immediately to these threats all could be lost and everything we have worked for all these years will be crushed under the jackboot of the Marxist media and their lying, cheating, thieving MP friends.

Will you allow this to go unchallenged? I certainly won't and I want you to stand by my side as we take these liars on head to head.

Professional Legal Team brought in to defend YOUR rights
I have engaged the services of a top-flight legal team to defend our interests and to fight the lies being spread by The Sun, Mirror, Mail, Telegraph, Guardian, Star, BBC and ITV and a whole host of smaller media outlets.

Please understand the attacks upon us are not random stories, oh no, we are witnessing the biggest orchestrated media campaign to destroy a party ever witnessed in the UK, and if we do not fight tooth and nail they could well prevent us from electoral success.

I won't allow anyone to crush our dreams
That's why I, at a huge expense, have retained the best professional legal services available, but I need to raise the cash to keep them working for us, especially in the final run up to polling day.

Media attacks are bad but they could get much worse
As you know we have raised and spent over £500,000 during this election campaign, but now I urgently need to raise a further £50,000 to keep the press under control, if you think they are bad now, just imagine if the restraining influence and threat of our Legal Team was removed?

So close to the victory we have hoped for, we simply cannot take the risk. That's why I need to ask for your financial support immediately, there's not a minute to lose in preparing our counter-attack
I have already held two intensive conferences with heavyweight lawyers and an expert in peaceful direct action. During the first couple of days in this all-out assault on the BNP's election campaign, senior colleagues and I have worked flat out on a very effective defensive action in the media.

irishtony said...

"we are witnessing the biggest orchestrated media campaign to destroy a party ever witnessed in the UK,"

is it as big as

"the biggest DOS attack" ??

"the biggest chance of victory" ?

"the biggest campaign to date" ??

Still Im sure there are plenty that will STILL believe this and will STILL send money!!

Heavens to Mergatroyd !!!!

Exit stage left munchkins

Barbara Suzuki said...

These constant appeals smack of BNP endgame hysteria.
How gullible can BNP supporters be?
If a party has rotton policies at its core, it is bound for eventual defeat, because most people will not accept such messages of division and hatred.
Our beautiful country has many problems, but this is a time to work together for solutions, not to divide communities against themselves.
Ever wonder why the BNP call for our Armed Forces to leave foreign countries and return to Britain in 'defensive' mode? Because the BNP knows it needs the Forces to quell the civil unrest that would be the inevitable result of its catastrophic 'policies'.
I wonder what our Forces think about this plan.

iliacus said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the BNP's 2008 Accounts - due by 30/6/09.

And even more so to the 2009 Accounts a year later!

If the BNP still exists then.

Green Gordon said...

What expert in peaceful direct action would work with the Fash?

Still not found any facts on the "in two recent elections, we got more votes than all other parties put together claim."

rossinisbird said...

Mr Griffin said that he had passed the money to Solidarity, a trade union, because it would have been declared if given to the party.The same Solidarity that gives money to the BNP? Is there such a thing as electoral money laundering?

Green Gordon said...

Re Electoral Money Laundering... That's a good question...

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Lol.... it is really starting to sound like Hitler telling the German people that they were making 'Strategic re-alignements on the Eastern front, to lure in the communist untermensch'...... Now if he was collecting for a bunker and a Luger.... I might be tempted!!

Barnsey must be chuffed to bits being called a 'top flight legal team'.... is that top flight as in darts flights?

Landale said...

"and an expert in peaceful direct action." - and where do you think they are goping to find that?

CIRCA - I don't think so
Climate Camp - I don't think so
CND - I don't think so
etc etc.

The heavyweight legal team probably means they are overweight? :-)

This a the act of a desperate man - has anybody checked the pig farm with the land registry? - I'd be prepared to bet that it's not in his name - I suspect the the phone isn't.

His letter writing skills will at least will get him a job with the team that writes the letters asking you to enter a Readers Digest raffle when the whole thing goes pop!

Anonymous said...

I believe the "expert in peaceful direct action" is one Patrick Harrington.

If this is true, just how much of gullible BNP members' hard-earned does it cost to secure the advice of Griffin's old mate Pat?

What's more Harrington is no more an "expert" in peaceful direct action than I am. He thinks he is, but in reality he is a virtually talentless prat.