May 15, 2009

Despite all the free publicity, the BNP is fizzling out

So, where's this BNP breakthrough, then, eh? There's a protest vote on the doorsteps, alright, but it's steering well clear of the national-socialist party which Norman Tebbit aptly describes as "Labour with racism".

There's nothing British about the BNP

There was a moment when I feared that the BNP dummkopfs would benefit from Labour's well-intentioned attacks. While a tiny number of people might be attracted by the BNP's racism, and a handful more by its Left-wing populism, the party's main appeal was always likely to be as a stick with which to belabour Labour. Whenever I heard Harriet Harman or Tessa Jowell saying "Whatever else you do, please don't vote BNP", I winced. Some voters, I thought, might say to themselves, "Right then, if that's the thing you bastards are most frightened of, I'll do it".

Happily, it seems British electors are above such calculations. We know that the last thing the UK needs is a retreat into hard-Left protectionism. We won't express our concern about parliamentary malfeasance by voting for convicted criminals. We don't get excited about uniforms and shiny boots and f├╝hrerprinzip: we leave that sort of thing to foreigners. Above all, we understand that our country is defined by a civic, not an ethnic, sense of nationality.

Twice in the last century, millions of young men crossed half the world in order to take up arms for a nation they had never set eyes on, because they felt loyal to its values. To prejudice the equality of British subjects before the law, to deny the patriotism of Britons whose fathers chose to settle here, is unfair, ugly, alien - un-British. The video says it all (kudos to Tim Montgomerie ): there's nothing British about the BNP.


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