May 15, 2009

Tatchell urges pink voters to stop BNP

Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and Unite Against Fascism, the national campaign against the British National Party, is urging all people, including lesbian, gay and bisexuals, to utilise their votes at the European Election on 4 June.

The UAF are extremely concerned about the threat of the BNP targeting voters in the North West of England. As a result, the Manchester arm of the organisation is urging everyone to vote against extreme-right political groups.

A spokesperson for UAF spoke of the threat of the BNP, saying: “Recently we have seen the election of the BNP to the London Assembly and currently this fascist party has 55 councillors across the country. Several BNP members have convictions for possession of bomb-making materials. Their leader, Nick Griffin, has a criminal conviction for denying the Holocaust. David Copeland, jailed for bombings in London, said he wanted to start a ‘race war’, with ‘all the white people going out to vote BNP’. They must be stopped, otherwise the progression we have made in recent years could be u-turned.”

Tatchell added: "As we all know, the BNP is a racist and homophobic party. It refuses to allow non-white people to be members and wants to pressure black people to leave the UK. As well as supporting a policy of de facto 'ethnic cleansing,' the BNP has fought previous general elections on a pledge to outlaw homosexuality. It has described Aids as "nature taking revenge" on gay men. It opposed the repeal of Section 28 and the equalisation of the age of consent."


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