May 27, 2009

If you tell a lie big enough...

A British National Party claim on Monday that the police are investigating Searchlight for attacking a commercial company’s website is a lie of which Joseph Goebbels would be proud and further evidence of how the party’s election campaign is falling apart.

The BNP website went down for several hours over the holiday weekend. On Sunday evening the party claimed it had suffered a “massive Denial of Service Attack … emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia”.

The statement, which appeared on the blog of Simon Darby, the BNP’s deputy leader, continued: “On Friday the servers of Clear Channel, part of a huge conglomerate that provides billboard advertising, suffered a similar attack. Their IT professionals tracked the criminal activity back to a notorious ‘anti-fascist’ organisation.

“This organisation was protesting at the decision by Clear Channel to allow the BNP to display advertising in support of our European Election Campaign.” The statement claimed that Clear Channel’s lawyers were issuing writs against “the perpetrators” that would involve “the possibility of potential criminal charges including racketeering”.

A further statement on Monday claimed that the “Counter Terrorism Unit at Scotland Yard” was investigating the attack on the BNP website and that Searchlight “is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for a similar attack on the servers of Clear Channel”.

Clear Channel denied the BNP’s claims. A spokeswoman for the company told a Searchlight researcher: “I’ve checked with our IT department and we haven’t experienced any denial of service”.

Last week Searchlight asked people to email Clear Channel to protest against its decision to display BNP posters and over 5,300 people responded. So far Clear Channel is standing by its policy of allowing all political parties to advertise at the market rate though the company “does not support them in any way”.

The BNP knows well the difference between a denial of service attack on a website and an email protest campaign. Paul Golding, who runs the BNP’s “Operation Fightback”, has himself often asked supporters to email media outlets that have run anti-BNP stories and anyone else who has upset the fascist party.

We can only assume that the BNP has realised just how hard it is being hit by the constant exposés of its fascism and lies in the media and is desperately trying to divert attention from its difficulties by throwing out wild accusations against its opponents.

Last week the BNP placed on its website an interview with Helen Forster, a party member, that Golding recorded after her conviction for racist intimidation was exposed in the Daily Mirror. Although she had told the Mirror reporter that she was “still in the BNP”, she lied blatantly to Golding that she had never joined the party. The BNP then falsely claimed it had taken the “Daily Mirror’s scalp”. Promised writs from the BNP’s fake “lawyer”, Lee Barnes, failed to materialise.

Searchlight awaits Clear Channel’s writs and Metropolitan Police enquiries about a fictitious attack on Clear Channel’s website with bated breath. The BNP should remember that wasting police time is a serious criminal offence.

Meanwhile, whatever the real reason for the absence of the BNP’s website over the weekend, Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, could not let it pass without grabbing another opportunity to milk his supporters for money. Claiming ludicrously that the BNP had suffered the “largest cyber attack in recorded history”, he explained that they had been “forced to hire a Cyber Defence expert” and “need to invest in additional hardware and servers”. The items had to be paid for immediately, but “every penny we possess is allocated to the Euro Election Campaign”.

The party therefore desperately needed £5,000, so much so that Griffin had “personally donated £250 to this appeal to set things in motion”, no doubt yet another of the lies that seem to trip so easily from his mouth.

Hope not hate


jessika said...

Cyclops wouldn't pay 2.5 pennies of his own money to any cause other than his own bank account, the filthy fraudster.

Thousands of rank and file BNP members have been swindled by this fraudster, and yet, the ass-kissing by his fellow party members continues unabated.

Makes you wander about people's intelligence!

tarmac said...

Funny thing about the BNP's election broadcast, is this afternoon, several hours before the BBC transmitted it after the news and local broadcasts at 6.50pm, the website featured a story about Winston Churchill's grandson Sir Nicholas Soames:

However the cowadly BBC refused to feature the criticism about the broadcast in the news bulletin which proceeded it.


Any ideas why?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ex said...

Thick as pig shit BNPers deserve a crook like Gri££in at the helm.

They can rot in bloody hell, the whole lot of them!

secret handshakes said...

The BBC so want the Andrew Marr interview with someone so controversial as Cyclops so they can increase viewing figures.

Cynical or what?

It's public tax-payers money that the BBC are using to assist Gri££in in getting into Europe by censoring news such as Nick Griffin's love of Adolf Hitler and the SS.

You'll never hear such damning truth about the BNP on prime-time news broadcasts cos the BBC are making a conscious decision not to air anything as damanging towards the criminal organisation masquerading as a legit political party.

winniethepoop said...


georgos said...

A BNP European candidate refers to white British people as having different human rights to non-white people whom the BNP would introduce Neuremberg style laws to make them non-citizens, calling white british people "Free Born Citizens".

Non-white britons would not be born free, and if concentration camps were not on the agenda, they would either be tortured, locked up or deported as South African scumbag mass murderer Kemp shows the BNP how apartheid's done!

postman patty said...

This is fascism's last stand. If Griffin is beaten, he's a finished man, and will repatriate himself off to Croatia where he can live alongside his friendly SS veterans who participated in a Holocaust he denied happened, lol.

Anonymous said...

See Mr Arthur Camp's site is now also down - maybe the BNP have told him to take his rubbish down as it just alerts everyone to how desperate he really is, maybe he is busy posting more threats against his minor children or maybe he also cannot afford the hosting costs - Oh shame!

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha....
"BNP boss pulls out of Palace trip "

You can just imagine the conversation:

Darby:"Shit Nick, even our most loyal keyboard warriors are starting to think the DoS attack and subsequent money fleecing attempt is starting to look decidedly dodgy. All this on top of a decidedly shite election broadcast..... we are up shit creek"

Gri££in: "Your right Simon, my lovely, we need a distraction..... I know I'll pull out of the Palace do with that Lush Dicky, tell our sheeple its all the fault of the Liberal Media and hope they all go off to post tripe on newspaper websites..."

Darby: "Oh, Nicky, you're a genius, can I have your babies? I love you....."

Gri££in:"Dont just stand there looking at me like that..... send the email alert.... now!... Oh and once you've done that.. email Barnsey and tell him to monitor the newspapers and hit them with massive lawsuits if they say anything horrid about me"

Green Gordon said...

Just watched the BNP's Euro PEB on iPlayer.

NG says "In two recent elections we won more votes than all the other parties put together". What's he talking about?

Anonymous said...

@ Green Gordon

I found myself wondering about that too. I assume he is speaking selectively about two ward elections - unless of course he's referring to uncontested parish council seats, which I wouldn't put past Griffin!

Kev Sott loves The Jam said...

@ Green Gordon..

He's probably comparing somewhere when the Nutzies stood that has an electorate of 60,000 and they polled 2K... with somewhere like Dunny-on-the-wold.... number of voters..... one!

Lets face it the average Nutzie keyboard warrior would/does eat any colour of faeces eminating from Gri££ins arse.

Green Gordon said...

I really want to know the answer, but I don't particularly want to email the BNP.