May 12, 2009

BNP leader Nick Griffin hit with legal claim in website picture row

BNP leader Nick Griffin was served with a legal claim yesterday for an £8,000 debt as he launched the far-right party's Euro election campaign. It follows the continued unauthorised use of a picture of UKIP leader Nigel Farage on the party's website.

The BNP has refused to remove the shot by freelancer Mark Croucher, despite being warned of court action in January.

A party spokesman said: "We'll probably challenge the judgment." Bailiffs handed over the documents as the party gathered in Grays, Essex. Mr Griffin is standing as a candidate in the North West where the party needs less than 10 per cent of the overall vote to gain a foothold in Europe. A seat in Brussels would allow them to claim tens of thousands of pounds in taxpayer-funded aid.

But a YouGov poll showed four per cent support for the BNP which, according to a leaked memo, has abandoned a national campaign to concentrate on targeted areas.

Anti-fascist group Searchlight said: "Its support appears to be fading."



Anonymous said...

I know this has nothing to do with the story but it is the latest posting and I just have to let you know that Arthur Kemp has contacted me and told me that if I do not stop posting things on the "Communist Blog" (presume that is you!) he will not have a job. I assume that is the "volunteer position" he has with the BNP - I understand that as a volunteer you do not get paid so I am not sure why he is worried.

I wonder why the BNP would fire someone just because their ex-wife says they are a liar (and can prove it) - could it be that they are worried that other truths about him will be disclosed?

Karen (the ex again!)

John P said...

If you want to disclose stuff get in touch.

Anonymous said...


Here's the wife of Arthur Kemp, if anyone has facebook she has an open account, not really hard to find really.
Amongst Jeannie's friends are neo nazi Paul Fromm and white supremacist Louis Andrews, plus all the top rank and file of the BNP.

Arthur claims he is not involved with the National Alliance but looks like his wife is involved with North American and European far right individuals.

Arthur Kemp also claims to be a volunteer with the BNP but this January 2009 press release proves otherwise.

"Arthur will continue to work on the website, write the Party’s Education and Training manuals and will be overseeing Radio RWB."