May 28, 2009

Don't vote for me, says BNP candidate

A BNP candidate has tried to pull out of next week’s local elections because she “doesn’t want people thinking I’m racist” – and is now asking Worcester people NOT to vote for her.

Corinne Tovey-Jones told your Worcester News she wants to withdraw her candidacy for the far-right British National Party in next Thursday’sWorcestershire County Council elections, but has discovered it is now too late to have her name taken off the ballot papers.

Mrs Tovey-Jones, who is standing in Nunnery division in Worcester, said she had been convinced to stand for the BNP by a neighbour after her husband was made redundant.

But she decided she wanted to pull out of the poll this week after comments from family and friends.

She said: “I don’t want people thinking I’m racist when I’m not. My sister’s married to an Italian – how could I be? My mum and dad are religious – they don’t need the upset.”

Mrs Tovey-Jones, who could not remember who the BNP’s national leader was while speaking to your Worcester News, said things came to a head when we printed her candidate statement on Monday as part of our election coverage.

She said the statement she submitted to the party – extolling her own “Christian values” – had been rewritten by BNP officials to include comments about the “anti-social behaviour” of “an unruly minority”.

She said: “I read nothing I said. I come from a Christian family, with church values. I’ve had a couple of comments off my father. His friends had seen it. A lot of people link them with the National Front – though they’re not.”

The BNP was formed in 1982 after splits in the racist National Front movement. It now claims to have forgone all links.

But Mrs Tovey-Jones, who lives in Dines Green, Worcester, said: “I had other people say to me, ‘you know what they’re about?’ I don’t want the hassle. I haven’t got a racist bone in my body.”

Asked how she got involved with the extremist party – of which she is a member – she said: “My neighbour is very involved in it, and my husband was made redundant after 10 years and they say things like you can’t get a job at the moment, they’re just taking Polish people.”

Worcester City Council solicitor Doreen Porter – who is helping organise the election – said that with ballot papers printed and postal votes already being returned, candidates cannot now formally pull out.

She said: “There’s no procedure for withdrawing once the statement of candidates is published.”

A spokesperson for the BNP said: “We will speak to Corinne to find out what her position is before we give any statement.”

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Anonymous said...

Fair play to her, let's hope others follow. Some might say how can a person agree to be a candidate for the BNP without knowing what it's about, but the issue here is what she's done about it now that she does.

This also tells us rather a lot about how far the supposed fourth largest party in Britain has to stretch itself to find candidates.

Having been there myself (although I can't claim to have been anything remotely like so innocent as this girl) and having continued to be the subject of attacks by anti-racists years after speaking out, can I suggest that we give people in this position every encouragement? The experience of Maureen Stowe and now of this girl teaches us that there are many decent people who are suckered in.

DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

"I don’t want people thinking I’m racist when I’m not. My sister’s married to an Italian – how could I be? "


irishtony said...

"Mrs Tovey-Jones, who could not remember who the BNP’s national leader was while speaking to your Worcester News"

Good heavens, how did she not know that? he is the only member of the "party" allowed to speak to the media. He is the only member of the party allowed to make decisions.

That is something that truly baffles me. when the little BNP munchkins talk about "getting into power" have they not asked themselves why there are no other prominent BNP members on TV, in the papers etc etc.

Bumbrook has been gagged, Darby rarely speaks and Kemp seems to be in hiding.

As they have put enough faith in Marlene Guest to allow her to stand as a euro candidate, perhaps she could appear on Sky News and answer a few questions

Plastic surgery and dentistry were some of the good things to come from the Holocaust???

Party funds are used to promote this evil wench???

Anonymous said...

Just like the majority of BNP voters - this candidate was entirely ignorant of what the party really stands for. I also expect that many of those respectable looking candidates and canvassers are similarly ignorant.

They wont know of the BNP's neo-Nazi and violent racist core membership and background - or if they hear about it, they refuse to believe it. But it looks like the truth is surfacing.

Truth Kills Fascism.

Herefordshire Anti-fascist said...

Well it would appear that the Worcester fash are just as clueless as their neighbours here in Hereford.

Corinne you silly, silly woman!

Green Gordon said...

Seen this Barnbrook video? He tells approximately 1 lie (or just something hilarious) every 7 seconds.

Gems (from my twitter feed while watching it):
BNP Barnbrook claims just over 200k people voted him in to london assembly Sure it wasn't 130,714?

BNP idiot Richard Barnbrook (AM) thinks assembly members go to bed with cup of tea/horlicks saying he's asking all the right questions.

His greatest achievement in his first year? Not getting an answer from Boris when he asked why BNP members are not allowed in the met.

I'm sure people voted for him hoping he'd sort out that huge burden on their shoulders for them.

The BNP didn't let my comment through on Youtube, but did reply on my profile page. Free Speech, you say? Only for fascists, they say.

BNP idiothole Richard Barnbrook calls head of the Met "Sir Paul Stevens" and "Sir Stevens". What a toolbox.

He also says we don't know which terrorists groups Met police are members of. Shakes head.

Barnbrook says the London Assembly chair is "some guy from the Greens whose name is irrelevant" He's forgotten (@ 4:33)

His other successes against PC? He singlehandely stopped RISE and payments to anti-racism org because they criticised an elected AM. who-he?

Q. Did the BNP secure more funding for St George's day? A. No

Anonymous said...

My head tells me to agree with the first poster, but my heart says the headline should be "Don't vote for me 'cos I'm a twat"

John P said...

Anonymous said...

My head tells me to agree with the first poster, but my heart says the headline should be "Don't vote for me 'cos I'm a twat

One of the great things about this blog is that it very rarely gets it wrong no matter how much the nutzis say it does. It's got to the point over the last couple of years that they have to come here to find out what is happening in their own party because the party see them as mushrooms, (kept in the dark and fed on shit).
I have a happy advantage of being able to post stories and I try to post stories like this if I can just so I can ask that last bastion of democracy.
Has Mrs Tovey-Jones done the full two year training to be able to stand as one of your candidates?
Is she a Golden Member?
How shite is the training if she has?
One of her major concerns is her sister being married to an Italian. Is there a BNP scale relating to Italy and skin tone ect?. I need to know personally.
Do you understand the rules in your own party and it's constitution.
Have any of you read the manifestos the BNP put properly and have a clear understanding of BNP policy because I have and I'm fucking sick and tired of having to talk to you cunts all the time here, there and everywhere and not one of you have an idea of how your party works.
Not one.

"Don't vote for me 'cos I'm a twat

That should be on every bnp poster, flyer and stuck to the back of and supporter you may see