May 22, 2009

BNP buffoons are a disgrace

Like perennial pantomime villains, the BNP are out in force trying to convince us voters that we should elect them to the European Parliament in June, an establishment that surely goes against their very nature of hating all foreigners.

Sadly - unlike pantomime villains and however much we hiss, the BNP persist like a bad smell.

Their claims that 80 million Muslim Turks would ‘swamp’ the UK are so nonsensical that there is no way they can claim to know anything about politics, or people (For a start the population of Turkey is not 80 million and even if it were, I’m pretty sure the vast majority would not think that moving to the UK was a good idea)

However, their rhetoric somehow has widespread support, especially in the north of the country and in the Midlands. Their targeted leaflet campaign in these areas seeks to draw on hatred in areas where the BNP perceive there to be race problems. And it appears that the focus of their attacks on ethnic minorities has moved away from their traditional enemies of Blacks and Asians and onto Turks instead.

There are a million reasons why we should not even consider voting for these fascists but sadly we cannot ban them and as abhorrent as these idiots are, we have a democracy, which allows for their existence. It is therefore up to the electorate to send them packing and ridicule their pathetic attempts to take part in the democratic process.

Failing to vote and allowing such a poisonous minority party to gain any kind of power will allow the BNP to link up with other fascists in Europe and open the door for them to not only be funded by us but to draw on resources from the EU Parliament, free to spread their message of hate around the continent.

Sharp suits and smart haircuts – as Fevzi Hussein from the CWU Union rightly points out – do not make these people any more palatable.

I can only urge for those people that are eligible to vote on 4 June, turn out and do your civic duty. Because complacency will only open up the door to extremists who would like nothing better than to plunge us all into a race war.


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Stop these fascist thugs!

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