May 29, 2009

Black anti-fascist campaigner beaten by 'BNP thugs'

Racial tension leading up to the European and local elections spilled out onto the streets of London this week after a black anti-fascist campaigner was beaten by a pair of white 'BNP' thugs.

Cops were called to Eltham High Street last Saturday afternoon when the volunteer from Unite Against Fascism was set upon by two men said to be "defending" the British National Party. Their victim had been handing out leaflets urging people not to vote for the controversial far-right party, widely tipped to make an electoral breakthrough on June 4.

Speaking to the News Shopper, fellow UAF volunteer Michael Coulston, 43, from Lewisham, saw the argument start, he said:

"A couple of guys kept walking past and shouting stuff which defended the BNP. They said the BNP acts to protect the British people. But then a black guy shouted out that he was British too. An argument started and then the two white men started punching and kicking him."

The attackers fled before police arrived and the investigation closed as the attackers were not captured on CCTV - The victim escaped without serious injury.

A spokeswoman for Greenwich police said:

"We take incidents of this nature very seriously. This kind of aggressive behaviour will simply not be tolerated and anyone arrested will be thoroughly investigated."

London Daily News

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Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if you've had the misfortune to come across an Internet grouping calling themselves the "Libertarian movement", but these people are shockingly racist.
Indeed the B.N.P. bloggers seamlessly mingle among their numbers, without so much as a care in the World.

Below, Iv listed some of their more blatantly racist numbers, but with a grouping to hide behind such as these morons, it's no wonder that the B.N.P. strut the blogsphere with such carefree abandonment.
This odious grouping need to be looked into, and exposed for what they undoubtedly are. A racist movement.
Does anyone know much about the said "Libertarian movement", as I'm genuinely shocked at this present juncture.