May 21, 2009

Operation Lieback

On Tuesday we carried the Mirror's report of "BNP mum" Helen Forster's conviction for intimidation, earned after she and a mob of children besieged the home of terrified neighbour Mrs Meherjan Miah. Single mother and benefits claimant Forster, who has prior convictions for dishonesty and drug possession, was let off with a 10 month suspended sentence.

The Mirror reported that after her conviction Forster demanded that the local council "move on" Mrs Miah to prevent further incidents and confirmed her membership of the BNP - "And yes, I'm still in the BNP."

The BNP, stung and clearly rattled by a succession of negative press reports, immediately mobilised its farcical (and largely fictitious) "Operation Fightback" to search for holes in the Mirror's story, and was soon claiming to have found the biggest hole of all - that Helen Forster, given address XX Xxxx Place, Gravesend, Kent, was not and never had been a member of the BNP!

Very quickly the party's Operation Fightback dispatched a hysterical email entitled "Fight back against Mirror lies!", saying
BNP South East regional organiser Andy McBride has dismissed the story as nonsense saying that the person in question is NOT a BNP member, either current or in the archives. This has been confirmed by our Membership Department.

This latest smear job is a complete fabrication. We need all our online supporters to take a few minutes to lodge a formal complaint to the Press Complaints Commission...
Somebody, then, was lying. Was it the Mirror? Was it Helen Forster? Was it the BNP?

This was quickly followed by an email from Nick Griffin, who said:
Today the leftwing Mirror newspaper published an outrageous and vile smear attack on the BNP claiming that a certain Helen Forster was a "BNP mum" and that she incited youngsters into a racial attack.

Operation Fightback immediately hit back with press releases and e-bulletins holding the Mirror to account for one little inaccuracy: Helen Forster is NOT a member of the BNP and NEVER has been!

Operation Fightback has produced a video detailing the whole saga..
And indeed, in suspiciously double-quick time, the BNP had produced a video, in which an indignant Paul Golding allegedly "tracked down" and doorstepped Helen Forster. According to the BNP's website, Golding "tracked down the person named in the Mirror story, Helen Forster" - note the semantic difference made by the qualification "the person named".

That struck a number of BNP watchers as odd, as did the despatch with which Golding arrived on Miss Forster's doorstep.

A post accompanying Golding's video, both appearing ON THE SAME DAY as the Mirror's report, had this to say:
She [Helen Forster] told BNPtv that the Mirror story was a pack of lies, that her family’s safety had been endangered by the story and that she was going to take legal action against that newspaper.

Ms Foster said she was not a member of the BNP, and that the only reason why the Mirror had invented this pack of lies was to try and damage the BNP’s campaign.

Cllr Golding told BNP News that the Press Complaints Commission had been formally notified of this latest set of lies.

“We are not going to sit idly by while the controlled media lie about our party,” Cllr Golding said. “The Mirror can rest assured that we will be proceeding with all legal channels to make sure that they are punished for this outrageous fabrication. They will learn the hard way that we now have the capability to expose their lies.

“This latest story utterly discredits these media rats, and the public will now be able to soberly assess the veracity of all future anti-BNP smears against this background,” he said.
Indeed the public will "be able to soberly assess the veracity of all future anti-BNP smears against this background", since there is now little doubt that both the BNP and "Helen Forster" were lying through their teeth.

Last night an interesting post appeared on UKIP's British Democracy Forum, here reproduced in full:
Posted by Mark Croucher - Another BNP Councillor caught lying

Just thought this little illustration of the depths the BNP are prepared to sink to would be of interest in this section.

This morning, the Daily Mirror reported on a BNP activist convicted of waging a campaign of racial hatred against a neighbour in Gravesend, Kent.

The BNP promptly despatched their 'Rapid Response Unit' to interview her. The unit, headed by Councillor Golding of Sevenoaks District Council, said that the woman named, Helen Forster, had never been a BNP member and was not known to the party. They then interviewed her on her doorstep saying how disgraceful it was that the Mirror was attempting to 'set up' the BNP.

Living locally, seeing the front door rang a bell: I live in Dartford, about 7 miles from Gravesend. It just so happens that that particular front door is just around the corner from where I used to work, and I have friends who live very close. So, on the way home this evening, I took a spin down to Gravesend and, sure enough, the house was the correct one: Snipped, Gravesend. So, I popped into my friends house and asked if they knew who lived there, and imagine my surprise (not) to be told that it was a Helen Colclough, who also calls herself Helen Forster. Naturally, I was even more surprised (not) to discover that she was known locally as a BNP activist and member who - wait for it - likes to tell people that she designs leaflets for the BNP.

So, not only did Cllr Golding lie twice - once about her not being a member, and once about the Mirror story not being true - but Ms Forster/Colclough was also in on the lying act by claiming to have never been a member of the BNP.

Given the amount of copies of the BNPs membership lists which are floating around, I'm sure someone can confirm this.
Now it just so happens that the leaked BNP membership list is freely available at numerous locations which can be accessed by anybody with an internet connection - and guess what?

There, listed as living at XX Xxxx Place, Gravesend, Kent is one Helen Colclough, Activist, who gives her email address as the clearly racist

And so we have an explanation as to how Paul Golding came to arrive on "Forster's" doorstep with such speed, and for that curious qualification "the person named... as Helen Forster".

It's because the BNP knew all along that "Helen Forster" was "Helen Colclough", but - as ever - intent on pulling the wool over the eyes of the public, the Press Complaints Commission, and its own gullible membership, the upper echelons of the BNP decided to concoct a cock-and-bull story and in so doing yet again pointed their own gun firmly at their own temple and smirkingly pulled the trigger.

By what defect of his vision Regional Organiser Andy McBride allegedly failed to notice that the much published Mirror photograph of "Helen Forster" bore an uncannily striking resemblance to his own activist, Helen Colclough, is something we'll have to get back to you on.


Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell! Does the BNP think we are all as thick as they are?

Rah said...


The truth will out...

irishtony said...

Lets hope the Mirror and the other papers print this story.

BNP the own goal party

Anonymous said...

OK this was an own goal.

Anonymous said...

What name was she charged under? The police might want to talk to her again, with any luck.

Anonymous said...

This lying bollocks is from the BNP website:-

Important update on the recent Daily Mirror smear against the BNP: Due to new information which has come to light, and the current preparation of libel lawsuits being prepared by our legal department, this matter is now officially sub judice.

BNP supporters can rest assured that the party’s interests are being pursued and that the guilty persons will face the full might of the law for their actions, but will appreciate that any further public discussion on this matter will be misinterpreted by the courts as attempting to influence the outcome of the civil actions.

Further comments on this story have therefore been disabled. Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

Even my cat's fleas know that something doesn't become sub judice just because it's been chucked at a "legal department"

That doesn't happen until writs have been issued, which they haven't.

So basically this is the BNP saying "Fuck, what a balls up. Make it go away."

Show you what Nick and the boys think of their own members if they think they'll swallow that load of old coblers.

FTBNP said...

Excellent stuff. Fuck the BNP!

No surprise there said...

BNP caught out lying AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Wow - the negative publicity just goes on and on. This is the result of trying to put on a front of respectability when you still have leaders, members and policies which are racist and unacceptable. As the pressure mounts the veneer cracks........

Anonymous said...

Even my cat's fleas know that something doesn't become sub judice just because it's been chucked at a "legal department"

That's probably legal advice obtained from that well known loony Lee Barnes. Its no wonder you lot laugh at him and his deranged blog, so do BNP members.

Anonymous said...



DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

It's akin to watching some piss ant nowhere football team that's been bought by some oligarch and now find themselves inadvertently thrust into the big leagues without a clue how to act.

The bbc can promote them all day long, the state can do their utmost to keep them out of prison but at the end of the day they're just the same bunch of shitwits they always were.

joe said...

The Odinist nutcase has been smoking too much ganga, lol!

Arfur Kemp's Secret Radio said...


Who's running their Rapid Response Unit, Stan Laurel?

Oh fuck me, so they were even lying to their own members, getting them to look like the fuckwits they are writing to the PCC.


Arfur Kemp's Secret Radio said...

"the BNP decided to concoct a cock-and-bull story and in so doing yet again pointed their own gun firmly at their own temple and smirkingly pulled the trigger."

Another success for the BNP. I was going to say you couldn't make it up but you don't have to.


Anonymous said...

The BNP took its article down about an hour after this went on.

The must have shit themselves, and the Press Complaints will never take anything they say again seriously.

Anonymous said...

Well you can still download that list from Wiki leaks and lo what do we find at a Gravesend address, a Helen Colclough.

Could these be the same ?

Old Sailor

faceless said...

well done to all concerned - a fine bit of work and a juicy plot