May 11, 2009

Skip-fire killer took potshots at Jewish man

His mindless "pranks" have ended in pain and tragedy. Now skip fire killer Kris Cherry has been exposed as a member of the BNP in court after he fired potshots from a pellet gun at members of Gateshead’s Jewish community.

Just three weeks ago the 20-year-old was named for the first time as the youth who killed Michael Temperley by setting fire to the skip he was trapped in. Both boys were 15 when Cherry lit paper and pushed it through a gap between the skip’s door and its frame, on the Team Valley Retail Park, Gateshead, six years ago. There was nothing motorists and nearby shop staff could do to free Michael as debris inside caught fire.

Cherry was locked away for four years’ detention after he was found guilty of manslaughter at Newcastle Crown Court in March.

Today Cherry is at the start of a 12-month supervision order after being brought back before the courts to be sentenced for firing a toy pellet-gun at a Jewish man “for a laugh”.

In court, prosecutor Jenny Hart referred to police records to inform magistrates that Cherry had been a known member of the British National Party, and he still bears a tattoo in loyalty to the party.

Chronicle Live

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