May 22, 2009

Where did Griffin's £30,000 ‘Truth Truck’ money go?

Press release issued today by former UKIP Director of Communications Mark Croucher, reproduced without comment:

Questions have been raised over the destination of £30,000 raised by BNP Leader Nick Griffin to buy a mobile advertising hoarding after it came to light that the vehicle had not been purchased despite Griffin ’s claims that it had.

Throughout 2008, Griffin had urged BNP members to contribute to its ‘Truth Truck’ campaign, raising £30,000 to fund its purchase. In his new year’s message to BNP members this January, Griffin confirmed that the vehicle was now ‘bought and paid for’.

However, High Court Enforcement Officers attempting to seize the vehicle to settle judgements on behalf of freelance journalist Mark Croucher were informed that the vehicle did not, in fact, belong to the BNP. This was confirmed in a subsequent letter from the BNPs solicitors, Gilbert Davies & Partners of Welshpool who wrote, “the goods referred to are registered in the name of another person who…has no connection with the judgement debtors”.

Mr Croucher said, “As the vehicle is not owned by the BNP, it is clear that the fundraising campaign was a farce. Ordinary people have been suckered twice: once into joining a racist party like the BNP, and again into donating cash to buy something which Mr Griffin lied about having bought.

“Mr Griffin clearly has some questions to answer, and not just to his members who thought they’d purchased a truck.

“There is a certain irony in £30,000 being apparently misused by the BNP as they attempt to cash in on the current expenses scandal. I will be contacting the police and asking them to investigate whether the fundraising campaign was fraudulent and the cash was obtained by deception.” ENDS


Landale said...

per chance, was the £30,000 actually needed in reality to pay the solicitors they used against the rebels? I wonder..... there was some talk they hadn't been paid but IIRC they weren't the ones mentioned in this article?

Pointless to invent stories about the BNP :-( they come up with better real ones that you could never invent :-)

I wonder when there will be a farmhouse near Welshpool up for sale - or does it belong to Edgar?

DT said...

The Truth Truck campaign was clearly fraudulent.

This Croucher sounds a handy bloke to have around. It looks like he's causing them a lot of hassle.

irishtony said...

As an aside.

I would like to thank the BNP for bringing me back to my early childhood.

I just watched the dreadful party political broadcast on behalf of the BNP on Channel 5.

The memories of cheap advertising, embarrassing voice overs and terrible video editing I used to see in the cinema in the early seventies came flooding back as I watched this cheap shoddy production.

So implausible, so predictable, so boring. The best/worst part I think was the terrible voice which was meant to be in the background naming dead soldiers as Griffin continued to speak. Initially I thought I was getting interference from another channel. the whole thing became an incoherent babble.

All the lies from the broadcast aside, why not spend some of the massive funds (yeah right) to make themselves look professional

Maybe its because they have no talent, no vision, no professionalism and best of all NO FECKIN MONEY

Pete Green said...

This made me laugh from Stormfront. A response to this story.

"Who does this Mark Croucher think he is??
Nothing to worry about people, our lawyers will walk all over him."

ROFL What, Lee Fucktard Barnes???

Anonymous said...

Has it ever occured to any of you that every single BNP group in the country that raises money can have members of the public scrutinise their petty cash books at any time? It would be worth doing to see exactly how their money is spent at a local level and where it is raised. If they fail to show you the petty cash records then you can report them to the electoral commission. They are using this latest expenses scandal to their own benefit, but the leadership of the BNP are just as guilty. I know for a fact that Griffin never puts his hand in his pocket and always uses the money donated from bucket collections to go straight into his wallet to pay for all sorts of things. I have seen this first hand and therefore know that this happens 100%.

Anonymous said...

Broadcast wasn't bad actually. Better than all the others except the English Democrats.

Don't worry about Griffin. He hasn't got long left.

B D said...

The truth truck belongs to Jim Dowson and his UK life league.

There was never anywhere near £30k raised in that appeal.

The money that was raised was used to pay the staff thier large pay rises that they got for staying loyal to Nick Griffin (not the BNP) after the fiasco with the December Rebels.

There is nowhere near the amount claimed to have been raised for the Euro elections, infact there's plenty suppliers already chasing up thier unpaid invoices.


Anonymous said...

BD I have no doubt you are correct, but is there any evidence that will stand up in court.

This is crucial if we are to castrate Cyclops over election expenses.

Old Sailor

BD said...

Yes, there's a whole lot of evidence.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that a little police investigation into fraudulant fundraising would give all the proof needed.

The truck is registered to Dowson and UK Life League based in Belfast.

This £30k for the truth truck won't be on the accounts of either the BNP or UK Life Leaguse (don't registered charities have to submit accounts also?).

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the guy who was attacked on the truth truck, some guy hit him with a hammer. Well he owns the truth truck as it was badly damaged. But I remember reading about the attack on the truth truck thinking "how come this guy owns the vehicle yet Griffin wanted money for the very same Truth truck?" and now we know that there was never any intended purchase of a truck because one had already been bought by a personal BNP member.