May 04, 2009

Derbyshire police will object if BNP festival comes to county again

Griffin speaking at last year's RWB, while Alan Warner nods off beside him

A senior police officer has told the BNP he fears more violence if the party tries to hold its annual festival in the county this summer.

Alan Warner wants to hold the Red, White and Blue festival in fields next to his home in Codnor-Denby Lane, Denby, for the third successive year. But Superintendent Howard Veigas, who policed the event last year, has pre-empted any official announcement by writing to Mr Warner with his concerns.

He said the police would object if the party applied to Amber Valley Borough Council for a licence to sell alcohol and play live music at the event.The comments came after the force spent £250,000 policing last year's event with about 400 officers. Anti-BNP protesters clashed with police outside the festival site, leading to 33 arrests.

The letter to Mr Warner said: "In the view of the Derbyshire Constabulary, the site at Codnor-Denby Lane is not a suitable venue for an event which generates such strong emotions and objections. We would oppose it on the grounds of risk to public safety, prevention of crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance and protection of children from harm.

"The protests last year led to a high number of arrests following various incidents of disorder which took place around the site. The open nature of the site means that it is impossible for the festival to be protected against any determined and violent opponent without a large police presence."

Last year, the BNP withdrew its application to sell alcohol and play live music on the land after the police objected but the event itself went ahead. Mr Warner said the same could happen this year. He said he could not understand the views in the letter as last year's problems had been caused by anti-BNP activists. He said: "We didn't have any trouble on our site last year. If the BNP were to apply but not get the licences I would imagine we would still hold an event."

One festival organiser, Wendy Russell, said that, if the festival took place in Derbyshire, it would be held on or around August 13, 14 and 15. She said: "We are having a committee meeting about it within the next couple of weeks. It will definitely go ahead somewhere, as it's the 10th one, so we've got to pull out all the stops. There's always other options but we like Mr Warner's land and the local area."

One local resident, Brian Bentley, 77, of Codnor-Denby Lane, said he was delighted the police were planning to object.

"If the paperwork comes in I will be objecting, as I did the year before, on the basis of noise," he said.

A police spokeswoman said the concerns raised with Mr Warner were "based on intelligence we have received and the risk that was caused by last year's violence in the area surrounding the festival".

"We are in regular contact with Mr Warner to discuss his plans," she added.

Police only have powers to object to a music and alcohol licence being granted; they cannot object to the festival itself as it is being held on private land

This is Derbyshire


Anonymous said...

Face of first European

webeatthebnp said...

I feel a caption competition coming on :

NG: So I said to the spear-throwing, Jewish archbishop; "I'll have the blonde one with big t**s ..."

AW: Oh No, not again!

Anonymous said...

I should think they bloody well would, £250,000 is a lot of money out of your budget just for a weekend.


Dave Thomas (and that's my realy name, you loony) said...

Lee Barnes lunatic obsession with Lancaster Unity has popped up again.

"The fact that those on Lancaster Unity are primarily homosexuals, pederasts,
Zionists, Lesbians, immigrants, communists and anarchists - all minority groups
- makes their attack on other minority groups, such as those that follow the
Northern ancestral religious traditions of Britain such as Odinism and Druidism
ironic, racist and hypocritical.

Therefore their attacks on the Odinist religion fall under the very religious
hatred laws that they enacted.

If the cowards did not hide behind fake names on the site when they post their
abusive comments then the police would be investigating their vile, racist rants
against Odinists, Druids and our indigenous religions."

Note that this lazy psychotic freak throws the accusation "pederasts" out without naming anyone in particular. What a pity because libel is an important crime. It's strange that he doesn't though, being the legal representative for 'the' party of law and order, you would have expected him to name names and be damned.

Bizzy said...

"Note that this lazy psychotic freak throws the accusation "pederasts" out without naming anyone in particular. What a pity because libel is an important crime. It's strange that he doesn't though, being the legal representative for 'the' party of law and order, you would have expected him to name names and be damned."

That's because he's a piece of shit who hasn't got any balls. I notice he talks a lot about freedom of speech on that crap blog of his but I've commented a number of times and he has never let a single one of my critical comments through. The BNP is as good at freedom of speech as it is at democracy.

Anonymous said...

BNP legal director Lee Barnes is a right one to complain about 'hate' against Odinism given that in the past couple of days he has written three articles in which he attacks either Christianity or the Church of England. Another BNP hypocrite.

Denby resident said...

"The protests last year led to a high number of arrests following various incidents of disorder which took place around the site."

There will be a lot more protests if these bastards come back!

Anonymous said...

Ref face of first european. The article states "it is impossible to work out the skin colour", so dont see the relevance or the point being made myself.

Can you illucidate?

odin sucks! said...

Is the white supremacists cross a symbol of Odin?


The law protects proper religions not cults, and the Odinist cult that is the BNP, is one of pure absurdity and racist intent, thus is not protected against the law. Nowhere does Lancaster Unity attack "druids", but just takes the piss out of people who believe Odin's attack wolves will be cast down on earth to massacre all the non-white people.

This is what these cretins in the BNP believe, which is a million miles apart from the actual Odinistic beliefs.

Adolf Hitler and his genocidal cronies were to blame for twisting genuine belief in non-racial Norse legends into something vile and frightening.

The BNP's Odinism is nothing less than an aboration of true Paganism, and judging by the BNP's hatred of alternative lifestyles, it's not hard to picture BNP thugs beating the crap out of genuine hippies for being different.

So, let's continue to take the piss out of the BNP for their crazy cultish beliefs.

It makes you wander if the Rotherham bnp councillor booted out of the party, happened to stumble across the "Legal Beagle" and co. making animal sacrifices to mythical Norse entities...


. said...

Did Odin have one eye?


Once Upon A Time said...

The men in the pure white garments will be coming to take you away, pretty shortly, Mr Barnes, lol.

Unless the little green men (or Green Arrow) arrives first to abduct you to never-never land.

George Gently said...

"racist rants
against Odinists"

Sorry Mister Nutcase, it's the BNP Odinists who are racist - they are operating like a religious cult, and the Odin study circles referred to on the BNP website will hardly win across the public to the British Nazi Party's warped racist ideals.

The BNP have posted all manner of vile libels against the Koran and the Bible, falsely claiming that these religions justify child abuse, but they can't take it when the boots on the other foot, and they have a little bit of mild fun poked at their strange Nordic beliefs.

Talk about pots and kettles, Legal Beagle.

I don't know whether Nick Griffin himself is an Odinist, but if he is, it's likely to be yet another half-baked moneymaking scheme to dupe feeble minds into parting with their cash, like the leaders of the ill-fated Waco cult.

carrotoid said...

Smoke too many joints and you will believe in anything, even white supremacist norse gods.

The real norse gods weren't racist. It was Hitler's Nazis who reinterpreted them the legends with anti-semitism and other racist ideals, a sick deception that the BNP are trying to revive in the Hitler tradition, and yet, amazingly the BNP are always claiming flimsily they are NOT NAZIS.

Pull the other one. It's got bells on!!!

boo peep said...

I wish LLB would try to take legal action against Blogger/Blogspot/Lancaster Unity, for besides not having a leg to stand on, their blatant hypocrisy beyond words, it would be totally and utterly disasterous if the weird truth about the BNP's Odinist beliefs were to end up plastered across tabloid newspapers.

There are racists out there, but few share the passion for twisted norse mythology, and most people who hate Islam and Christianity, also hate fringe religious cults also.

Imagine a pub full of steroid-popping far right footie hooligan BNP supporters somewhere in Lancs/G. Manchester discovering that they could only progress to the upper eschelons of the BNP, if they had to learn Odins poems off by heart.

Griffin and co. would be cruelly berated by their own supporters, and called a bunch of fairies!

oldfoe said...

Hey, that's cheap of you, Barnesy, mate, calling LU a Zionist organisation.

You must think everybody has memory problems, you childish fool!

Just a few months ago, you pretended you were Jewish, by supporting Israel's use of force against unarmed Palastinian civilians.

Either you are or you are not Zionist, Barnesy. What the fuck are you, you state-sponsored weasel?

denny said...

Taking the piss out of The BNP's racist Odinists has rattled LLB's cage.

Well done LUnity! More of the same, please.


Margaret B Chook said...

You don't get Odinists in the Labour, LibDem or Conservative Party. Why are they all in the BNP?

Could someone please answer this question. I'm rather puzzled.

Ben Trunch said...

I feel sorry for the good folk of Derbyshire, having to foot the bill for this bunch of kiddie-fiddling scum.

I read on one of their posts recently how some pervert was getting off on kids with grass stains. I think Mark C and Dave H had other stains in mind.

BNP, sickening, just sickening.

Please get out and vote on 4 June. Vote for anyone please to keep the BNP out.

Sigmund Fried said...

Is Lee Barnes a viking berserker, or does he merely go berserk when the whole world takes the pee ouf of him, the loser?

larry the lamb said...

Heinrich Himmler’s affinity for Odinist Thule Society beliefs is a tradition the bnp are trying to revive. Like the BNP's Odin Study Group, the Thule Society was a secret cult used to spread hate by believing that Norse gods could be invoked to reek havoc to non-white Europeans.

The use of Odin's cross in far right circles explains how the Thule society twisted viking mythology for their own sickening ends, and it's about time the BNP are publically villified for sharing the same evil cultish beliefs.

GHD said...

Viking beserkers had a thing for magic mushrooms. Or is skunk your preferred method of contacting Odin, Looney Lee Barnes?

Anonymous said...

The Eddas, the collection of myths on the Viking Gods which inspired proto-nazi Wagner, claims that the elves appeared after Odin killed Ymir, the Frost God. Oceans rolled out from the corpse of Ymir, and a multitude of creatures. The ugly became trolls and dwarves exiled to live in Svartelfheim (the dark elf home).

This would explain why the Odin-worshipping BNP are too ugly to escape their computer keyboards until after dark when they commit racial crimes, preferring to spend the daylight hours trolling the likes of Indymedia and the Daily Mail letters page with their ritual hate, so nobody recognises them for the pig-dogs they are!

christ not odin! said...

A visit to Wikipedia reminded me that the BNP are still trying to instill Odin worship among its young and impressionable members.

In the article about the white supremacist and racist uses of the Odal Rune (Odin's ceremonial rune) include The Odal rune has been used by Stefano Delle Chiaie's neofascist group Avanguardia Nazionale in Italy, by the Neo-Nazi Wiking-Jugend in Germany and by the terrorist, white-supremacist group Boeremag in South Africa. Odal was also the name of a monthly Nazi periodical.[1] and the Nationalist Coalition in America have taken up the nazi-pagan symbol, and in the UK, the Young BNP.

Yes, the Young BNP.

You would have thought that window-dressing handbook of theirs would have warned its members to avoid all Norse and Odin references, to help slip under the radar, but alas!, neo-paganist Odin worship is an integral part of BNP culture, as is beating up black, Asian and gay people, hatred which percolates through their Thurl Society scriptures.

And yet, the BNP have the sheer audacity to attack Christianity for telling people to love not hate their neighbour!

Anonymous said...

More info on the Odin Cross

Indoctrination Blues said...

Andy Robertson, a single father from Lewes in Sussex. Andy could once be seen as a nice guy, even bit of an old hippy, with a love for the Sussex landscape, trees, the works of JRR Tolkein and science fiction.

However, his friends have noticed a change in Andy since the tragic early death of his wife a few years ago. In his lonely shock and depression, Andy took to the internet to find solace. His interest in romance, fantasy fiction and folklore intensified into obsession. He particularly became increasingly drawn into Odinist Norse mythology, and its wonderful story of the tree of life, Yggdrasil.

However, in his despair he became beguiled by the writings of an American neo-nazi, who had twisted the myth of Yggdrasil into doctrines of white power and neo-fascism. While in ancient Norse belief, Yggdrasil, the tree of life connected the nine regions of the cosmos, the American Nazis had perverted it to the nutcase claim that:

“In the context of White Nationalism, one can assume that Yggdrasil binds together different classes of Europeans and reminds them of their ancient (and modern!) tribal obligations.”(!)

This is a good illustration of how alienated North American white folks often romanticise their European past in order to try to escape their suburban and mundane emptiness as modern consumers. However, for the American neo-nazi scene, these myths have become twisted into tools for race hate and fascism. Here, all the beliefs and myths that motivated Hitler still abound, from the belief in a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, to holocaust denial and white Aryan supremacism. It was in these murkey depths that Andrew W. Robertson’s mind was to become entangled.

Robertson is now known as ‘JohnJoyTree’ on the North American based websites he frequents. Indeed under this pseudonym he has become the senior moderator on the notorious openly Nazi ‘stormfront’ bulletin boards! As ‘senior moderator’ of the website he allows posts which fantasise about killing all Jews, the violent repression of black and Asian people, and the elimination of gay people and the disabled. In other words, the usual diet of Nazi propaganda which the BNP claims to have left behind! Since joining ‘stormfront’ in November 2001 Robertson himself has written a staggering 20,649 posts on this website alone.! His obsessive rantings include speculations on magic, the plots of sword and sorcery fantasy fiction, paranoia about Jews and singles ads for Aryan-only dating! His list of links to recommended websites included at the bottom of all his postings includes the BNP and the hate site called ‘Jew Watch’. Accompanying all these postings are diatribes praising the deeds of Adolf Hitler!

It's always the losers in society who fall pray to far right indoctrination, and the case of JohnJoyTree illustrates how the BNP's morbid fascination with racial Odinism destroys people's lives by turning them into religious cult obsessives.

I wander if Lee Barnes was himself a victim of social circumstance when he was indoctrinated by the British Nazi Party?

Anonymous said...

Lancaster Unity wrote about these rune things and the BNP's Young section a while ago.

Barbara Suzuki said...

"The fact that those on Lancaster Unity are primarily homosexuals, pederasts, Zionists, Lesbians, immigrants, communists and anarchists . . ."

Crumbs. I'm just a mum who can't stand racist misogynist bullyboys whose ideology directly threatens my children and the children of other decent British citizens. I'm proud to join in with others who feel the same way, immigrant commie homosexuals or whatever as long as they have the vision and courage to confront the opportunistic hate-mongering of the disgraceful BNP.

steve said...

I never knew that about JohnJOyTree. Kind of makes me feel sorry for the guy, how he was indoctrinated by nazis until he became a nazi himself. Now he's a scumbag and a friend of griffin, but until recently, he was a harmless guy.

The BNP are indeed a dangerous religious cult, and if given a choice, if I had kids, I'm much rather them get addicted to crack cocaine than get into racial Odinism. At least when they're off the chemical addiction, they would return to being normal people. It's not so easy to escape pyschological theories of hate, once their young, impressionable minds have been messed with.

Wanderer said...

One of the major worries which I had as an anti-fascist Christian and a youth worker in Rotherham, now all this dinist stuff has come up, is that the BNP would try to get young people interested in online fantasy fiction into their racist
Norse mythology, funded by some of the European money they would recieve if Nick Griffin or their stoke candidate get into Europe.

There's more than enough young people dabbling in ouija boards and some too have tried Satinism, but these are really like passing fads that kids get bored from, and move on.

This cannot be said of the BNP's Odinism. Yes, it's mentioned on the official BNP website, which makes me imagine that if they ever got into power, they would do, just as Adolf Hitler did with his tales of the Volk, indoctrinate young kids to believe in a spiritual form of white supremacy which would destroy lives and cause racial warfare.

I hope the bishops of the various branches of the christian faith will warn parents about the dangers of Racial Odinism, and what the signs are of kids who have succombed to Nick Griffin's "Youth Inducement Masterplan".

It's not easy for parents to know which websites their kids have been logging onto, what with cyberporn and all sorts of extremist sites online.

You hear so much about Islamic radicalism on the news, but there are even more dangerous types of exteme religion out there.

Radical Norse religion paved the way to the desentitisation of the German public which allowed the Holocaust to happen. People must be made aware of the dangers of Odinism.


Anonymous said...

Lord Of The Rings was harmless fiction, although the stories do build upon Nordic mythology, and some of the creatures have been believed to represent different groups of people. But at the end of the day, it is clearly labelled as fiction, and most kids see it just like Star Wars, etc, as something removed from everyday life.

It is terrifying that the BNP through its youth division, are using the unhinged fanatical, fantastical mind of lee barnes to bring kids interested in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien into the racist world of Odin worship.

Few people know that the BNP endorse Odinism, most people thinking the party is merely about getting out of europe and restricting immigration.

I've never even seen a Searchlight leaflet which has mentioned Odin worship.

If only people knew what Lee Barnes was doing to impressionable minds. This psycho needs to be sectioned.


Lee Barnes is most clearly fixated upon creating a British version of evil toxic Viking mythology to affect the minds of innocent little children and the BNP must be stopped through the ballot box.

Its not just Paedo Boys diminutive penis that little boys and girls have to steer clear from. Thers an equally as dangerous psychologial predator preying on little kids white supremacism based on old nordic religions twisted into hate. Yes the socalled Tree of Life is part of this bullshit.

If you give a monkeys about the wellbein of future generations vote for anyone else even UKIP to keep the bastards out of office for God only knows what will happen if these mindfucked arseholes ever get into power.


John P said...

On the BNP's Odinist and Wicca group there is this delightful post.

On April 22, 2009 Louise Scott said:

I am sick of hearing about Britain being a ”Christian country”. Christianity is not a British religion, it was forced upon our ancestors, who were murdered if they did not submit and convert to this foreign way of thinking.
Sounds exactly how those of a certain other religion have behaved.
I was made to go to Sunday school and also to a C of E school, and I hated it. I had no interest in things which happened in Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem, I cannot (and could not) relate to these places, they did not have any relevance to me and never will have.
For those who are interested in Odin and Thor (which is becoming popular in Iceland again) I can heartily recommend reading the Eddas - the Elder (or Poetic) and the Younger (or Prose).

tory voter said...

It's terrifying the BNP really believe in such weird shit and are encouraring others to do so.

No more can the BNP peddle out their fake reverend west when they openly prefer the cult of Odin to Jesus Christ.

There's one thing that worries me - if David Cameron allows every tom, dick and harry to operate privatised primary schools and faith groups to take over state schools, will this mean there will be an neo-Odinist school, preaching hatred to little kids?

Anonymous said...

Are Odin and Thor becoming popular in Iceland after the state stock exchange collapsed? Fascism loves disasters to creep into the system, and even though Iceland is majority white, there are Inuit people living there who neo-fascists would love to discriminate against.

h said...

Hope the searchlight peeps can mention that the BNP has turned into a weird anti-Christian religious cult.

worried said...

I just came across this from a Rod Liddle editorial in the Times: - "I once sat next to a policemen in the House of Commons cafeteria and listened with some nervousness as he told me that soon the chill wind of Odin would blow the immigrant scum from the streets of Britain".

So Odin worship is nothing new. Is Odin the "god" of ethnic cleansing and genocide, I must ask?