May 01, 2009

Euro campaigners unite against BNP

Parties from across the political spectrum have united to implore north Manchester’s constituents to reject the ‘divisive’ policies of the BNP in the forthcoming European election.

Representatives from the Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, Respect and Green parties have come together to speak out against Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, who is standing as a candidate in the North West. They fear that the BNP - described by Cheetham Hill councillor Afzal Khan as a ‘fascist organisation’ - could gain its first ever MEP if there is a low turn out of voters in the region.

Under the election’s proportional representation system, it is estimated that the party would need around eight per cent of the vote to secure a seat. However, opponents hope that a large turn out of residents backing other parties will reduce the proportion of votes the BNP receive.

North Manchester has seen strong support for the BNP of late, with candidate Derek Adams coming second in the Moston by-election earlier this month, winning 23.3 per cent of votes. Now Cllr Khan is urging residents to vote in the Euro election, which takes place 4 June, to keep the controversial party at bay.

"The BNP is not a normal political party," he said. "It is a racist and fascist organisation that peddles fear, loathing and division. It preys on people’s insecurities, offering no solutions to complex questions. The BNP message stands against basic British traditions of fairness, tolerance and equality. It is a sad state of affairs that anyone would still have this attitude in the 21st century when the world is becoming more inclusive. It is a civic duty for everyone to vote. We cannot remain indifferent when the BNP are contesting the election. They are happy to destroy the hard work of Mancunians who strived to make this city the success it is today."

However, Mr Adams said he found Cllr Khan’s accusations of fascism ‘unbelievable’.

"This is coming from a Labour party councillor whose government has overseen the suggestion of ID cards, the hunting ban, the smoking ban, unprecedented video surveillance and listening in on private e-mails and phone calls," he said. "As for policies, the BNP has perfectly fair and rational arguments on all issues and if ever the dictatorial Labour Party wish to give us the opportunity to debate our policies in public, we would be more than happy to allow the people to decide who has the right answers to Britain's many problems."

To vote you must be on the electoral register and have registered by 19 May.

North East Manchester Advertiser


pieeater said...

Sadly the newspaper sought to give the BNP some oomph by firstly -

1) putting the word FASCIST in inverted commas.

2) painting the idea that just one man, an Asian councillor from Cheetham Hill, believed theb BNP was fascist (not that majority of people who actually do.

3) Giving the neo-nazi bnp a chuffin' mouthpiece, and allowing them as much a say as many their detractors to supposedly allow the public to decide for themselves.

There was not a single mention of Cyclops own goal of a radio interview when he called black and Asian people foreigners and not British citizens, hardline white supremacist policies that themselves define the party as being fascist national socialists to the first degree.

Trust the local and gutter tabloid press for doing all they can to help the BNP get elected.

Makes you wander indeed, for all supposed voices in disgust against the bnp from upon high, whether the establishment does indeed want to give Nick Griffin his financially lucrative payoff for his services to Islamophobia (a very useful propaganda tool for keeping the public behind the War in Iraq).

Anonymous said...

Wander if the editor of the North East Manchester Asswiper secretly votes for the bnp himself, for bigging up the supposed "strong support in the area"???

Anonymous said...

It's great that the parties have all united to attack the BNP but the reporter/editor of the article has allowed too much space to the nazi.

squid said...

There is a simple solution. proscribe the BNP and be done with it.