May 06, 2009

Griffin planning to visit Barnsley Thursday

Nick Griffin is intending to speak at The Fleets pub in Barnsley tomorrow (Thursday) at 7.30pm. Local anti-BNP campaigners are calling for a demonstration outside the pub, so if you can get along there, it would be appreciated.

They are also asking for people to ring the pub on 01226 243678 to attempt to get them to cancel the booking.


Anonymous said...

I have spoken to the pub owner at length. He has had a lot of calls and is adamant that he accepts the BNP booking only for financial reasons. I have suggested that, even on purely financial grounds, it is a bad idea because other organisations will start cancelling their bookings. There is no need to get aggressive with this guy or to expect abuse from him but it is necessary to keep telling him how big the majority is against this "democratic" party.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Is that the Fleets Pub,Smithies Lane, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 1NL?,0.02&hl=en

Nice looking place (not):

or am I mistaken :-)

Anonymous said...

Teen Idol 2009 starts March 31st. Collett and Hannam will be there then!

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Teen Idol in a bunker fit for a fuhrer.... sounds right up their street!

Pole (non-eastern european type) dancing to wagner all night then... should keep collett and Hannam there for the duration.... if no bugger else

Anonymous said...

come on down tonight for a laugh at the 250 plus nazis goose stepping around the pub car park.

Anonymous said...

sorry they was 300 nazi's there tonight and 50 uaf,well done to the anti bnp protesters.