May 08, 2009

Leaflets blitz to oppose the BNP

Carlisle Against Racism is leafleting every house in the city as part of their fight to stop the British National Party (BNP) gaining local seats.

The push was launched before the European Parliament and county council elections on June 4.

In recent weeks, right-wing BNP supporters have had a high-profile presence in the city centre, where they have been handing out flyers. Carlisle Against Racism aims to counteract that by delivering 30,000 leaflets direct to households and organising anti-racism events. Teams began delivering them this week.

Members will also be visiting towns across north Cumbria to help other groups and set up new ones where needed.

Activities will also be taking place in the city centre on Saturdays to spread the word among shoppers. This includes a visit from Unite Against Fascism and, on May 30, a Day of Action with trade union groups. On May 15, Carlisle Against Racism is supporting Union Friday, when workplaces will be leafleted and there will be a lunchtime rally in Carlisle city centre.

The Cumberland News

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