May 10, 2009

Mein youth kampf

BNP targets kids in weekend training sessions

The BNP is setting up a Britler Youth to indoctrinate children, we can reveal. Party chiefs are trawling internet chatrooms to lure kids as young as 13 to weekend camps where they will be taught shooting, self-defence and nationalist ideology. And some aged eight are being targeted by a new British National Party comic. It features a venom-spouting racist puppet called Billy Brit. who praises Enoch Powell's infamous Rivers Of Blood speech.

Last night a spokesman for anti-racist group Searchlight stormed: "This is sickening. Every parent should be warned that it could be your children these extremists are after."

Top of the far-right party's sinister new recruitment drive is their version of the Hitler Youth. Members start off as "junior patriots" at 13 and are given ID cards, a newsletter and a training book with lessons in "ethno nationalism". They are invited to the BNP's annual youth camp and two training camps where they have to keep records of their improvement in shooting, self defence, flag drills and ideology. They must carry out between four and eight hours of "political activism" a month.

"Patriots" must attend all three events to become leaders of the Young BNP.

The camps are held over weekends in the countryside. The last one was held in Derbyshire. Similar camps run by Germany's far-right group, the Youth Faithful To The Homeland, were recently outlawed for trying to indoctrinate kids with Nazi ideology.

But BNP leader Nick Griffin is determined to lure even younger children to his party's beliefs-with a puppet and a comic called The Comet aimed at children from the age of eight. The sinister "Billy Brit" is already featured on the BNP website where he reads his "educational poems". In one called Heroes he praises MP Enoch Powell for his infamous speech about immigration in 1968.

Racist Billy rants: "He gave a speech called Rivers Of Blood and never gave up the fight. Enoch Powell spoke for me. And Enoch Powell was white." Youngsters are sent signed photos of Billy.

There is also a website for Young Supporters with quizzes, games and events. It includes the BNP demand for an official White History month. They even have kids posing in BNP T-shirts on their merchandise site and are selling Enoch Powell T-shirts emblazoned with his face on the front alongside the Union Jack.

The Comet comic is sent out to kids between the ages of eight and 12. It says it is delivered to "all you eight to 12-year-olds out there who love your country, Great Britain. Yes that's Great as in Grrrrrrrreat!!! With the British National Party it can become great again."

It tells kids: "Your job is to find out the truth about what's going on in the world (and of all the political parties in this country, the only one you can count on to tell you the truth is the British National Party)."

The party is also targeting children's chatrooms on the internet as part of its campaign to lure youngsters. Anonymous BNP chiefs befriend unwitting users on sites like Bebo. They operate under the user name "Young Brit". The sinister strategy has led to a flood of complaints. One youngster on the site wrote in reply: "What a sad and pathetic life you lead." Another branded Young Brit a "perv."

The revelation comes after the News of the World exposed BNP plans to use internet blogs to spread damaging stories about rivals. Labour fears the BNP is stronger than ever and could win seven seats in June's Euro elections.

News of the World


Anonymous said...

One would have thought that the first hand experiences of Mr Kemp's own son are enough proof that this process is hugely dangerous and distructive and actually amounts to child abuse. It has the effect of making the child in question a social outcast and by the account of Stephan Kemp takes a strength of character and resolve far beyond most young people to break and recover from.

Is this not something which the social services should be seriously looking into?

Anonymous said...

As a mother of a child who has experienced this, let me tell you that when I see what it did to my children, I realise that it was as bad as standing by and doing nothing while your child is sexually abused.

Not only is the child a social outcast and rejected but it also gives the child a belief in their own superiority and entitlement. This impacts on everything they subsequently do and they are given a false sense of grandiose expectation that by virtue of their white skin they are above the masses.

Instead of putting time and effort into the things which matter (social, educational and sporting activities for example) they concentrate on fringe fanatical politics which is not healthy for their overall development.

Truly speaking is politics and all its ramifications something which a child should be engaged in.
Also bear in mind that for boys especially, our society has little room for the inclusion of rugged outdoor activities, uniforms and weapons. It is programmed into little boys' DNA and is encouraged by film and computer games, yet there is no outlet for this. The BNP will use this to make their organisation attractive to young boys especially. Do not be fooled by their target practice and knot tying....

Today is mother's day in South Africa - to all the mothers who may read this blog do not be fooled into thinking this will not have a serious affect on your children. Do not allow this poison to infect your children and your families, it is probably more dangerous than online porn etc as this is not recognized as a danger.

From one who has paid thousands to psychologists to try and help her children recover from the effects of this so evil and insidious of indoctrination, take care and bring this to the attention of those around you.

Landale said...

I though this was some sort of spoof... but no it isn't. The documents for these sick goings on are here:

The Ethno-nationalism crap on the docs is vomit inducing -

Two things:

1.) Get the men in white coats to these people.
2.) Get out and vote in June to make sure they don't get in!

Anonymous said...

"The party is also targeting children's chatrooms on the internet as part of its campaign to lure youngsters."

An innovation led by Mark Collett, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

This is straight from The Comet

"For years, the government have been interfering in education, because they believe that if they can bring you around to their way of thinking, they will one day have a country full of yes-people, who do exactly as they’re told. Don’t blame your teachers for this, they have to do as they’re told by the government, or they would be out of a job! And a lot of them don’t like what’s happening in this country any more than you do.

So, your job is to find out the truth about what’s going on in the World (and, of all the political parties in this country, the only one you can count on to tell you the truth is the British National Party)."

Starting indoctrination young or what?

Anonymous said...

I am just so grateful that I turned my back on this evil ideology before I had children. Intdoctrinating young people with notions of superiority and hatred for others who happen to have been born differently is about as low as it is possible to get.

I feel so proud when my children speak of their friends from school - black, Jewish, Chinese, Asian friends - without any suggestion that they consider them different other than in a positive, interesting way. They know about my past but accept that it was a mistake that Daddy made when he was young and stupid, and react very negatively when they hear a racist comment being made, whether it be by one of their friends, on the television or whatever.

It really does feel good not to hate. It is like throwing off a debilitating illness that has held one back all one's life.

Please keep up all the good work you are doing, and never be too proud or polite to ask for help.

Anonymous said...

All the child molesters in the BNP must love the idea of this weekend camp for children.

James said...

"He gave a speech called Rivers Of Blood and never gave up the fight. Enoch Powell spoke for me. And Enoch Powell was white."

How can it be right to spout that kind of racist gibberish at children as young as eight? Is that even legal? Are any of the people who 'work' with children in the BNP checked out or in any way qualified?

Anonymous said...

This is really sinister and could be quite damaging for the BNP if it becomes more widespread public knowledge, i.e. send it out to the newspapers.

John P said...

What is really surprising is the fact this is the 3rd story about the BNP the the NOTW have put out in the last month.

Anonymous said...

I presume all the "leaders" have undergone the proper criminal record clearance?

Wedge said...

John P said...
What is really surprising is the fact this is the 3rd story about the BNP the the NOTW have put out in the last month.

2:14 PM, May 10, 2009

Searchlight has hired a press officer.

Anonymous said...

Just to correewvt the Facists.

Enoch Powell was not classified as a white Aryan. Powell caimed to be Welsh.

Us Welsh/Celts were not classified as as white and Aryan by Herr Docktor Six in the infamous race list printed as part of the "Sea Lion" preparatations in 1940.

IE "Those to aprove, and those to kill"

I have no doubt that Powell like any other celt with a University Degree would have been on a one way trip to an extermination center.

By the same token so wqould Griffiths, and when selecting those for racial/eugenic purity I suggest that the one eyed poisen dwarf would have failed on a number of facits.

Short and Fat

Blind in one eye

Slav / Racialy Sub Human

Knows to much

Old Sailor