May 05, 2009

MPs urge City Hall to stop pay of BNP aide

City Hall bosses were urged to withdraw taxpayer funding from a BNP official today after he suggested Ugandans threw "spears" at their enemies.

Labour MPs demanded action after the remarks by Simon Darby, the British National Party's deputy leader whose part-time job at the Greater London Authority is funded by Londoners. Mr Darby, an aide to Assembly member Richard Barnbrook, also branded the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu "anti-British" and suggested he "deserved to be attacked".

The remarks came after the Archbishop criticised the BNP's leader Nick Griffin for claiming that black Britons were not British.

Like all City Hall employees, Mr Darby is required under the terms of his employment contract to "promote equality of opportunity". Now Labour MPs are demanding that GLA chiefs take disciplinary action.

Mr Darby, who tops the BNP European candidate list in the West Midlands, wrote on his blog: "If I had travelled to Africa and insulted the indigenous people in the same arrogant, conceited and insensitive way that John Sentamu had I would have deserved to be attacked. If I went to Uganda and told them that they were all genetic mongrels and that anyone could be Ugandan I'd still be picking spears out of myself now."

Today, Labour MP for Dagenham, Jon Cruddas, told the Standard: "The GLA has got to act. The BNP are dragging the whole system into the gutter. If Darby's vicious cocktail of thinly-veiled racism and threats aren't in breach of the GLA code of conduct then clearly the code isn't worth the paper it's written on."

It follows criticism last month, when the Standard revealed Mr Darby attended a far-Right rally in Italy.

In November, Mr Darby said he did BNP work while earning his public salary. A spokesman for campaign group Searchlight said: "[Mr Darby] is allowed to swan around peddling his messages of hate whilst being effectively subsidised by hard-working Londoners."

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A. Psychologist said...

Lee Barnes' latest crap poem
"I cannot Sleep Tonight"

So THAT'S why he's always incoherent, bad-tempered and downright weird!

Meanie said...

Nobody seems sure of how Darby got the job in the first place. Were there many applicants? Were they all interviewed? Were any of them better qualified to do the job?

As Simon Darby appears to be breaking the rules, if not the law, he should be censured/disciplined or booted out immediately. Oh dear - I wonder what Dicky would do if Darby wasn't there to hide the bottles.

Darby Sucks! said...

Simon Darby has been keeping himself occupied by editing his own wikipedia page in an edit war, and every time someone edits his biased bullshit, he re-edits it.

What a complete and absolute racist wanker Mr Darby is.

duck said...

The government has released a list of banned people to the UK, and the list includes the following people: -

Former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard who set up racist website Stormfront. Considered to be engaging in unacceptable behaviour by promoting serious criminal activity and fostering hatred that might lead to inter-community violence in the UK.

Neo-Nazi. Has made web-radio broadcasts in which he vilifies certain ethnic groups and encourages the download and distribution of provocative racist leaflets and posters.

Considered to be engaging in unacceptable behaviour by justifying terrorist violence, provoking others to commit serious crime and fostering racial hatred.

Leaders of a violent Russian skinhead gang that beat migrants and posted films of their attacks on the internet, and committed 20 racially motivated murders.

Considered to be engaging in unacceptable behaviour by fomenting serious criminal activity and seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts.

Both are currently in prison.

American pastor and leading spokesman of Westboro Baptist Church. Considered to be engaging in unacceptable behaviour by fostering hatred that might lead to inter-community violence in the UK.

The 79-year-old and his daughter are barred for their anti-gay comments. Both have picketed the funerals of Aids victims and have claimed the deaths of American soldiers are a punishment for US tolerance of homosexuality.

and finally, representing the far right: -

Controversial daily radio talk-show host. Considered to be engaging in unacceptable behaviour by seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence.

His views on immigration, Islam, rape and autism have caused great offence in the US.

Not just racist, but pro-rape and anti-disabled. ounds like "Mr Weiner" is as much as a loathsome "dickhead" as our very own Simon Darby!

Wiki Wonders said...

On his Wikipedia page, going under the moniker "British Nationalist", Mr Darby has edited out the controversy of attending the Italian fascist conference, replacing it with bullshit about Mr Darby being a "popular radio host!".

Darby should be banned from Wikipedia for a conflict of interest.

Dave T said...

"The government has released a list of banned people to the UK..."

I hope Nick Griffin doesn't win a Euro seat (of course) but if he does, we should quickly add him to this list as soon as he nips off to Brussels.

jake said...

It's disgraceful that Darby has been able to airbrush his appearance in Italy out of his own wikipedia entry.

Who manages Wikipedia?

Dave T said...

Actually, I thought Geert Wilders was on the list too (the guy with the ice cream hair). And shouldn't David Irving be on it too?

Anonymous said...

Can't you get banned from Wikipedia from editing your own entry?

toadstool 10 said...

Padre Tam is an Italian priest who the Pope turns a blind eye to, who openly wears swastikas in church, and he was one of the people who gave straight armed salutes to Simon Darby whilst in Italy.

Funny how Darby likes him, but still hates Christianity?

Antifascist said...

'Can't you get banned from Wikipedia from editing your own entry?'

Yes, report him.

Anonymous said...

I hope Nick Griffin doesn't win a Euro seat (of course) but if he does, we should quickly add him to this list as soon as he nips off to Brussels.

That would be a laugh!

Anonymous said...


Antifascist said...

Anonymous said...

Its time Darby was sacked.

Anonymous said...

Missusing facilities and staff paid for ouit of the obvlic purse is not allowable under any code of conduct.

I have little doubt that Derbys misuse of internet and computer time has been logged.

I suggest that a London resident and council tax payer should mahe an FOI request for details of time booked into Wiki, Scumfront etc and a request for payment back to the Lunun Authority be made !

After all, what is good for one, sahould be good ror the other.

Old Sailor

SDD said...

I'll say one ything for this blog, you're certainly relentless in going after the BNP. I don't particularly like your politics (as exampled by your commenters) but you constantly keep the pressure up.

Landale said...

Darby is clearly could never have been an independent administrator and so should never have been appointed in the first place.

Reasonably questions need to be asked!

His appointment has meant that the BNP have not had to find 16-17k of his salary. Or was it an additional 16-17k for controlling Barnbrook?

Then there is the alteration of Wikipedia.....

The BNP exploits a section of society that, is not, but feels rejected.

He must go along with the worthless Barnbrook.

We must encourage everybody to vote on 4th June (Even if it is for the tories :-( ) to put their grubby facist grouping out of conention and any part of the political process.

Anonymous said...

Trying to deny him a living now? what sick individuals you people are.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

sorry, I know you keep an eye on indymedia but this just popped up:

Prick Gruffalump is on his way to Barnsley

spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Not everyone likes Man United, but they get the job done too.

gg said...

Darby must clearly be rattled, thinking airbrushing out his appearance with the Holocaust deniers and SS lovers in the Italian neo-nazi conference when he was greeted by fascist salutes.

If public image mattered to him, he would have not attended the fookin conference in the first place, the conniving little greaseball.

It's too late for PR Darby you stupid sod! And yes, using public money and computer facilities to edit your own wikipedia entry is complete and absolute pigheaded vanity.

MI5 nark or not it says a lot about the man and his lying thieving fascist party.

Anonymous said...

GHDF1? lol

jennie said...

Looks like Simon Darby (AKA British Nationalist) has been busy on Wikipedia editing everything to do with the BNP (including playing down their relationship with Redwatch, and negative entries about UAF as well as editing his own entries>

(British Nationalist's Wikipedia revision history) - see the following link -

Hours upon hours of public money wasted for sneaky party PR. What a wanker!!!

Anonymous said...

"I suggest that a London resident and council tax payer should mahe an FOI request for details of time booked into Wiki, Scumfront etc and a request for payment back to the Lunun Authority be made !"

Consider it done, I'll keep y'all posted.

ROLF said...

What's ironic about all this, is that whenever there is a story about Gordon Brown, or the Labour Party (Nu Labour as he likes to call them), he instructs his nerdish little army of neo-nazi computer lackeys to post comments all over cyberspace, especially trolling the local and national press online, telling people that voting BNP is an antedote to the Labour Party's "control freakery" and "spin".

His sly wikipedia activities illustrate the sheer hypocrisy of the loser, and give a window into the fascist Big Brother BNP Machine waiting to take over if they ever get the sniff of power.

In the days of the Third Reich, Hitler Youth and the Gestapo sent spies into every factory, cafe and living room to crush all dissent, and report upon anybody saying anything out of line.

From Simon Darby's neurotic actions online at wikipedia, it's not hard to imagine him being the next Himmler to Herr Gri££in, crushing all free speech to control the text, words and thoughts of the nation in a way only obcessive fascist regimes know how to do.

A BNP government would most surely dissolve democracy and create a 21st century version of the Gestapo.


stopthenazis said...

Simon Darby's a sneaky bastard. His BNP Troll Army waste all hours of the day logging into newspaper comments with hundreds of fake identities to give the false impression to gullible newspaper editors that the neo-nazi party are a thousand times more popular than they actually are!

Anonymous said...

Most British newspapers don't believe they've been had when they receive hundreds of pro-bnp comments after each BNP or immigration-related article.

It's Simon Darby who is responsible for this army of deception, once again at the tax payers expense, like the Wikipedia self-editing thing.