May 08, 2009

Doctor Dicky blames Africa for swine flu

Dear old Dicky Barnbrook. As drunken buffoons go he's not so bad, even if he is a racist twat, and, if nothing else, he gives us all a laugh every now and again. In fact, sometimes he excels even himself, taking idiocy to a whole new level. As he did yesterday.

The Mirror reports that Doctor Dicky has made it his business to investigate the origins of the current swine flu pandemic - no doubt using the well-equipped laboratories and highly-qualified medical personnel at the BNP's disposal - and has come to the conclusion that the illness could well originate from 'the countries of Africa', not Mexico as all other medical experts around the world have stated after examining all the evidence.

Consequently, pornmeister Dicky is calling for half-hour medicals on all foreigners who arrive in Britain and cough, sneeze or have a runny nose, and suggests that all schools should close for two weeks. Oh yes, and that all councils turn off their air-conditioning.

This is not the first time that Doctor Dicky has taken on the medical establishment. A couple of years ago, he claimed that his bout of tuberculosis, contracted on a visit to Turkey, was actually caused by immigrants, backing up this claim by stating that TB had been eradicated in the UK 'donkey's years ago'.

This insane (and completely untrue) claim was pooh-poohed by Paul Sommerfeld of the charity TB Alert, who pointed out that tuberculosis had more to do with poverty and living conditions than country of origin.

He said: 'It is clear TB is endemic to the of the biggest issues is the distinction between infection and active disease - many more people are infected than develop it because it is dealt with by their immune system. When their immune system is lowered they get the active disease - and that could be 50 years later. They could have actually become infected in the 40s or 50s when the disease was very, very common. The majority of recent immigrants who get TB tend to have been here upwards of two years. That suggests they did not have raging TB when they arrived but it is the conditions in Britain which led them to develop it. They could be living in poor, overcrowded conditions where their chances of catching TB are much higher. It is a disease of the poor rather than a disease of immigrants'.

There are two key facts that Dicky chose to ignore when attempting to attack immigrants for TB;
  • Tuberculosis was NEVER wiped out in Britain, despite doctors finding an antibiotics cure more than 50 years ago.
  • Cases here have NEVER fallen below 5,000 a year. Half of all TB diagnosed is in British people that were born in the UK.
Whether the Dicky and the BNP like it or not, swine flu appears to have originated in Mexico and its spread to other countries appears to have been via those returning from Mexico, not 'the countries of Africa'.

Which all goes to show that dumbass Dicky is perfect for the BNP - he'll never let the facts get in the way of passing the buck on to immigrants. Or as a spokesman for Searchlight put it; 'Only the BNP would try to hijack a global pandemic in an effort to promote their agenda of division and hate'.


A. Psychiatrist said...

Dicky is a swivel-eyed loon.

Anonymous said...

I like Dicky Barnbrook. Someone should make a TV show of his life - it'd be the best comedy ever.

DT said...

I wonder why he chose to go to Turkey on holiday. What's wrong with England?

Jake said...

I wonder if the BNP will condemn this guy for breaking the law in his chosen country like they do anyone black or asian here. Personally I think he should be repatriated.

Expat banned for 169mph speeding

A Scottish expatriate living on the Costa del Sol has been fined more than £3,000 for driving at the highest speed ever recorded in Granada province.

Alan Heron, who is originally from Glasgow, was also banned from driving for 10 months.

Traffic police caught the 56-year-old speeding at 169mph in his Ferrari California on a 75mph limit motorway near Baza on Wednesday morning.

Spanish police said it may also be the highest speed recorded in Spain.

Officers from the paramilitary Civil Guard chased Heron and recorded his speed using a radar trap.

He was driving at 271kph (169mph), more than double the motorway speed limit of 120kph (75mph).

Following his court appearance on Thursday morning, police said Heron keeps several high performance cars at his home in Marbella.

Lizzie Borden said...

Well I think Dicky is fab and I'd marry him straight away if he wasn't already married to a plod/fake-engaged to a belly dancer/allegedly shagging some Swedish woman he picked up on a dating site/always pissed.

Lee Barnes LLB (Hons) HNC BASF XP TNT WTF said...

You should be careful. He'll do you for calling him a racist. He IS a twat though.

Antifascist said...

'He'll do you for calling him a racist.'

He could try but I think we'd have a lot of fun in court.

Sami said...

"He could try but I think we'd have a lot of fun in court."

You could. For a start you could put out an appeal to the readers of LU for witnesses to Dicky's racism and parade them all through the court one by one. The case could last for years (and be a bloody good laugh).

Anonymous said...

"The Mirror reports that Doctor Dicky has made it his business to investigate the origins of the current swine flu pandemic - no doubt using the well-equipped laboratories and highly-qualified medical personnel at the BNP's disposal"


Anonymous said...

"Doctor Dicky blames Africa for swine flu"

That's a coincidence. I blame Dicky Barnbrook for swine flu.