March 13, 2008

BBC attacked over 'insulting' focus on white working class

The BBC is facing a barrage of criticism over its season of programmes about the white working class.

Politicians, industry figures and campaigners have lambasted the corporation for airing racist views and portraying working class Britons as "obsessed with race". Tomorrow's segment of the White season features Barking BNP member "Dave" who brands a Nigerian a "dog".

Parminder Vir, an award-winning TV producer and former BBC executive, said: "It's insulting to white working class people really as the season is based on the assumption that they are obsessed with race. I thought these programmes would give a balanced insight into the aspirations and challenges that people face every day - it doesn't and it is a missed opportunity. It certainly doesn't celebrate white working-class culture."

Dave is shown handing out leaflets and saying: "There's a difference between us and them. They are not interested in our culture and I am not interested in their culture."

He describes the Nigerian father of his daughter's child as a "dog" and tells her: "I'd prefer you to meet one of your own but you have a preference for sunburnt people." Cyriac Maprayil of the East London Human Rights Commission said: "The BBC are giving too much importance to the BNP for the sake of rousing controversy and appearing provocative. In reality, they appeal to very few people and a public service broadcaster should not give them a platform."

Kulveer Ranger, the Tory party's vicechairman for cities, said: "The BBC have got it wrong and seem stuck in the Seventies with this preoccupation with race. The concerns of white working-class people are the same as those of many Britons of all backgrounds and colours."

A BBC spokeswoman said: "If you are white working class you are at the sharp end of the effects of immigration and the subjects of these programmes have come about through surveying people in 2005. We found white workingclass British people felt disenfranchised and EastEnders characters or Vicky Pollard didn't accurately portray them."

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Unknown said...

Sorry to come in on this off-topic, but as somebody says elsewhere Griffin seems to have given the lowlife Barnes the green light to name anti-Griffin Stormfront posters on his blog.

So where can the Muppet be getting this info if not from a friendly SF mod?

Here's his raving series of threats:

Defender of Liberty said...

Over recent years the Stormfront Britain site has degenerated from a useful tool for the nationalist movement, into a swamp of red trolls, searchlight spies, scumbags and sectarian filth that use the site to smear and attack individual nationalists.

The gutless cowards on the Stormfront site hide under false names and attack brave nationalists that stand in elections and who have their names, and addresses, publicised, whilst the Stormfront cowards hide behind false names on the site.

The real heroes of British nationalism, the candidates of the BNP and activists of all parties that work in the public arena to promote British Nationalism face daily abuse and attacks not just from reds, the government, the police etc etc but also from so called 'nationalist' gutless scum and slime that hide under fake names on the Stormfront site.

From now on the policy we have adopted on Stormfront is this ;

Those who post attacks on individual BNP members and activists on the site and who hide their real names behind stupid fake names like Jack Black, Doriot etc etc will have their real names posted onto my site and their identities distributed to our people nationwide.

If you attack us - then we will respond and we will post your name on this site so that the public can see who you really are.

We already have a long list of the names of those who post on the Stormfront site and we will publish all those names if any more gutless and cowardly anonymous attacks on individual BNP candidates and activists takes place by individual stormfront posters.

Attack the policies of the party by all means - but the minute some gutless bastard attacks an individual nationalist - then we will out you.

We ask that all nationalists of all parties adopt the same approach - which is that if an individual candidate is attacked by some gutless bastard on Stormfront Britain using a fake name, that you also publish the real names of the person that has attacked them so that we can all know who these people really are.

If you want to open your big mouth and attack others on Stormfront - then expect to have your name revealed to the world in return.

Seeing as the moderators on the Stormfront Site are unwilling to prevent posts that attack individual BNP members, then the only way we can act is to ensure that those who do post attacks on the real heroes of nationalism are outed as the gutless scum they are.

Big mouthed internet Keyboard warriors have been allowed for far too long to attack the real heroes of nationalism behind the mask of anonymity - from now on if you attack one of the real heroes of British nationalism, then we will respond.

The era where the big mouths and enemies of nationalism could speard their lies and bullshit with no response or accountability is over.

From now on, one way or the other, we will hold you accountable.

Anonymous said...

OOOOH dear, there will be a lot of people coming out of closets over the next few days.

Dont ya just love it when theives fall out.

Anonymous said...

bloody good story has griffin and co now infiltrated the bbc ?