March 28, 2008

Solidarity and the mysteries of copyright

Patrick Harrington, currently bosom buddy of the BNP's Nick Griffin and General Secretary of the miniscule and ineffective 'trades union' Solidarity, has launched an attempt to get our friends at Norfolk Unity to remove a picture of the top table at the recent Solidarity AGM by reporting them to Blogger for infringing his copyright.

Breaching copyright, as most of us know, is classed as a form of theft - very similar to the theft of a PayPal account and website while hijacking a union or indeed stealing the union itself - and is absolutely identical to pinching the logo of an established and important trades union like the original Solidarity and messing about with it a little before claiming it as ones own.

As we have noted before, the hypocrisy of those on the far-right knows no bounds.

Well we anti-fascists actually do believe in solidarity and we will stay solid on this one all the way to the courtroom if necessary (and oh boy, wouldn't that be a laugh). The picture is at the head of this post and there it stays. If our readers happen to spread it around all over the internet, that's a matter for their own consciences.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to post pictures to Indymedia. If so, that would be an excellent place for this one.

Anonymous said...

It appears to be presented without a copyright notice in the file or in the image. - Solidarity get real - in your dreams!

Anonymous said...


My undying love for Patrick Harrington

I, Graham Williamson, declare my undying love for and devotion to Patrick Harrington.

One day all the Pakis, Yids and Muslims will be deported and we can join together O’ Patrick in Holy Matrimony. It will truly be the Third Way!



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Press Information:

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Anonymous said...

He can stick (c) notices on anything he wants including his own arse. "Fair usage" applies. You can use some content but you can't copy everything.

Anonymous said...

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

"To justify the use as fair, one must demonstrate how it either advances knowledge or the progress of the arts through the addition of something new. A key consideration is the extent to which the use is interpreted as transformative, as opposed to merely derivative."

Anonymous said...

I think he probably can find a right-wing lawyer in the States. Griffin has contacts with American Renaissance. Harrington has relatives who are involved with the Scientoligists and this copyright thing is one of their favourite tactics. Take care and good luck.

Anonymous said...

He'll probably make do with Lee Barnes.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said,

"I think he probably can find a right-wing lawyer in the States. Griffin has contacts with American Renaissance. Harrington has relatives who are involved with the Scientoligists and this copyright thing is one of their favourite tactics. Take care and good luck."

12:22 PM, March 30, 2008

Does anyone know any more about pat Harrington and his involvement with Scientology? Or Harrington's relatives links with Scientology?

Pat Harrington is most definitely "not all there". A serial fantasist and a malicious, duplicitious, conniving, vindictive and foul character straight out of a work of horror fiction. A bit like Nick Griffin really. Though it has been said that Griffin and Harrington are really twins separated at birth. Both are foul-smelling evil racists.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Harrington's mother (living in Kensington) is a witch.

Can anyone verify this and elaborate upon it any further please?

That would make the Harrington family a bizarre clan of religious weirdos and freaks. That would certainly explain a lot about Mr Harrington's obsessional and delusional behaviour.

Harrington claims to be a Christian and I believe that he was bought up as a Roman Catholic. Is this true? Certainly his Third Way grouplet has a lot of Catholic Social teaching in amongst its literature.

Anonymous said...

Oooohh, did Mr nasty Patrick Harrington stamp his little feet and shout and scream at the top of his little voice, and resfued to eat his rusks cos you naughty boys and girls at Unity took away his little picture of him and his little friends haveing a union party.... aaarhhh....diddums.

Harrington has so much free time on his hands and such a VAST BIG ego that he becomes delusional, paranoid and quite obsessive about anything that infringes his right to act as the GREAT FANTASIST that he is.

Please could you ask the mental health authorties to simply certify him. We all know he's insane.

But does he himself?

Clearly not.

Locfk him away inside a rubber cell where he can then organise his own union of mental cases.

Oh, he's already doing that...?


Anonymous said...

His mother must be a real witch.

Perhaps she casted a spell against Unity?

Or maybe Harrington's friends in Opus Dei used its influence on the server's owners?

Or perhaps Harrington's Scientologist relatives in America used their financial muscle against the American hosts?

Or just maybe everyone jumped when Harrington told them that he was the "General Secretary" of a "Trade Union" and that he would bring their operations to a halt through strike action if they did not remove the photograph?

No doubt his plastic PR company run by his bosum pal, Williamson will be clocking up Solidsarity's expenses in publicising this little story.

Anonymous said...

Billy Liar?

Maybe a picture from 'Walter Mitty' would also be just as appropriate to illustrate the reality of Pat Harrington and Solidarity?