March 13, 2008

Griffin takes rebels to court Friday

Rumours have been reaching us of Griffin's court action for some time. At present we know no more than anybody else, but pending further news we reproduce the contents of Martin Webster's Electronic Loose Cannon newsflash.


BNP Chairman Nick Griffin has issued High Court writs (returnable at Manchester High Court tomorrow, Friday 14th March) against Sadie Graham and her associates in the recent revolt against him.

The cause of his action is the alleged abuse of the party's membership lists to circulate "factional" information to the party's membership.

No doubt Griffin anticipates that Graham and Co will be terrified by the thought of a High Court action against them and will crumple.

My latest news is that Griffin's hopes are misplaced.

Graham and her associates are to fight the action and have instructed London solicitors Sempik & Co.

Solicitor Tessa Sempik is the wife of Richard Verrall, the former National Front administation officer and former editor of 'Spearhead' from 1976 to 1981. Richard Verrall is now a legal executive with the firm.

Sempik & Co have instructed barrister Adrian Davies to represent the Defendants at the hearing In Manchester tomorrow and at subsequent hearings.

The revolt of Graham and her friends was fizzling out, and Griffin should have been content to let the rebels fade away, as they were in process of doing. Now he has brought this dispute into the High Court, there is no knowing where the matter will end.

Griffin may seek to focus solely on the alleged use which Graham and her friends made of BNP membership lists. But issues in High Court actions tend to widen-out. There are other connected issues which will be brought before the court, such as:

1. The unauthorised (and possibly illegal) entry by Griffin 'security' spooks into Graham's home and the removal of her computer.

2. The expulsion from the party of Graham and numerous other officials and members by means that are contrary to Common Law precepts of Natural Justice.

3. The management of BNP members' funds.

This action by Griffin could prove to be an act of hubris.

As the Ancients used to say: "Hubris precedes Nemesis".

More news will follow when I get it.

Martin Webster.


Anonymous said...

We've done it! Try accessing and see what you get!


Anonymous said...

Oh joy! Griffin's made the biggest mistake ever. It's all coming unstuck! Bliss!

John P said...

This could back fire quite nicely and be very costly hopefully.

Unknown said...

John Joy Tree, Griffin's tame Stormfront moderator, has deleted all threads relating to Lee Barnes and his threats to publish the identities of Stormfronters who see through the Griffin clique.

JJT has also closed off discussion on tomorrow's court hearing because it wasn't going Griffin's way.

They must be getting worried. Very worried.

Anonymous said...

Site is still down - thankfully long may it continue.

On an off topic I've seen a suggestion that Simon Darby's name might not be that - can anybody shed any light?

I'm looking at something and suggestions would be helpfull to resolve it.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this. I've looked at the Manchester court listings for tomorrow and this isn't listed at all. What gives?

Antifascist said...

'I've looked at the Manchester court listings for tomorrow and this isn't listed at all.'

Me too. If this is all true, it could just be to attend to fix a date for a proper hearing - though I thought that would be listed anyway. In any case, the listings for High Court are here:

Unknown said...

@ sadie

We don't know just yet.

The hearing could be before a non-robed judge in chambers.

We're playing safe with all the nonsense flying around, which is why we're using MW's bulletin.

Anonymous said...

It’s to see one group of nazi scum fighting another group of nazi scum. Hope these BNP bloodsuckers rip each other apart.

We all know about the neo-nazism of Nick Griffin. But, Sadie Graham & Co have kept true to their fascist and racist colours by specifically instructing Sempik & Co. People should know about Richard Verrall. When he was editor of nazi rag Spearhead, Richard Verrall used the magazine to deny the Holocaust.

But, Richard Verrall is best known today for his pamphlet (under the assumed name of Richard Harwood) Did Six Million Really Die?, an anti-Jewish Holocaust denial pamphlet which was the subject of the criminal action brought against its Canadian publisher Ernst Zündel.: the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the book "misrepresented the work of historians, misquoted witnesses, fabricated evidence, and cited non-existent authorities."

Further, Richard Verrall is a supporter of racial eugenics, another nazi programme.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Nick Griffin should take lessons from Richard Verrall and Tessa Sempik. Look what I found out about Tessa Sempik and Richard Verrall. It’s from The Independent article, When the tenant refuses to go (2nd October 1996):

“My own nightmare began in April 1993 when I let my flat to a housing advice officer from Kingston Council, Richard Verrall, and his wife Tessa Sempik. They seemed the perfect tenants, and his job rather reassured me - I thought that a person in that position would be reliable and responsible. It never occurred to me that he would use his special knowledge against me. I let the flat on a "shorthold assured tenancy" for what the agreement quaintly called a "term certain" of one year. At least, that is what I thought I had done. The lease we both signed - a standard contract - was crystal clear: it stated that at the end of the designated term I had the right to get my flat back. I gave the tenants the keys and went away happy. What I did not know at that time is that the 1989 Act contains a hidden booby-trap: if the landlord makes even one tiny slip when setting up a shorthold assured tenancy, it may be transformed into an "assured tenancy", under which a tenant can stay in the property for ever. The mistake that landed me with my unwanted incumbents concerns what is known as a Section 20 notice”.

You can read the rest of the article via the about link. It’s amazing how this Holocaust denying nazi bastard managed to get a house without paying for it. Nick Griffin would be proud of him.

Anonymous said...

Pig Farmer Nick Griffin must regret boasting to an undercover journalist that he had updated Richard Verrall's anti-Jewish Holocaust denial book Did Six Million Really Die? Now Richard Verrall’s wife is going to defend fash Sadie Graham against her former Führer and Richard Verrall is the legal executive for his wife! LOL. These nazis are stupid.

Anonymous said...

"The notorious Holocaust denial pamphlet Did Six Million Really Die?, written by Griffin's colleague Richard Harwood, aka Richard Verrall, has won much praise from Griffin: "It was a shattering book, it was a superb booklet or magazine. I've done an update of that, which is not only all the material which has come out since, it also a much more modern style."

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on NWN

This is all very interesting. If Griffin and Darby are the claimants, that means the BNP isn't taking the rebels to court, Darby and Griffin, are. If the BNP isn't taking the rebels to court, then they cannot be done for bringing the party into direpute, they'd have to be done for bringing Darby and Griffin into disrepute? And, if that is the case, there are many people now ready to tell what they know on Griffin and Darby, and how their underhand deals have bought the BNP into disrepute.

Anonymous said...

Will Nick Griffin’s writ force Sadie Graham to release the photograph she claims to have of Nick Griffin giving a nazi salute at a Blood and Honour neo-nazi gig? I kinda feel that Sadie Graham will not. There’s, despite the shenanigans the BNP and Griffin, a kernel of loyalty in Sadie Graham towards the BNP/Griffin.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous of 12:25 AM, March 14, 2008: it just seems to be big talk from another anonymous fascist troll. You’ll see postings all over the internet which state such things: that various ‘nationalists’ have information that can sink Griffin and his crew at anytime. But, if they do have such information, they’ll never go public with it because they know this: the BNP and Pig Farmer Griffin are one and the same. The nazi BNP owes its success to Griffin. No Griffin, no BNP.

Anonymous said...

LOL – I’m glad to see Sadie Graham and her chums are getting a taste of their own medicine. She helped consolidate Mad Nick’s grip on the BNP by taking part in the coup against Old Führer Tyndall (a real nasty nazi bastard). Like the Medway Madman, Lee Barnes, Sadie Graham was against Tyndall. Like Griffin, Darby and Barnes, Sadie Graham and her mates are little more than unrepentant hardcore racists. To hell with them all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, quoting NWN: "This is all very interesting. If Griffin and Darby are the claimants, that means the BNP isn't taking the rebels to court, Darby and Griffin, are."

The BNP cannot take anyone to court because it is an unincorporated association and therefore has no legal identity and cannot take legal action. Nick Griffin and Simon Darby are its leading officers and therefore take legal action on the party's behalf.

As for Verrall, Sempick and the flat, it seems to me they were quite reasonably using a law that protected tenants against landlords. Landlords have treated tenants atrociously ever since property owners first started letting properties for rent. It is fine by me if tenants can sometimes get their own back. Attack them for their Holocaust denial and racism by all means but that does not mean that everything they do is bad.

Anonymous said...

We should prod Medway Madman Barnes for a hilarious quote on Richard Verrall and his Polish wife Tessa Sempik. This is what Clinically Sane Barnes says about Adrian Davis and Sadie Graham:

Adrian Davis: The Mekon - sad, inadequate dwarf who has had a decade long sulk about the BNP not understanding his ‘genius’

Sadie Graham: ringleader of the thieves

Classic BNP stuff from Barnes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone got any news on this? If it was supposed to be at 10.30am, something should be reportable even if it's only the date of the proper hearing.

Anonymous said...

I wish Nick would sue me. I would definitely swallow his writ – for old times' sake.

Anonymous said...

Application adjourned to 10th April. Griffin turned up with Darby, Walker and his body guard Reynolds. The court was interested in the jurisdictional point with the Scottish defendants.

Anonymous said...

There's one major question which must be asked?

Are the rebels NOW going to refuse to help bumbrook in the london elections, now that griffin is getting legal on their asses, or will they continue to be lackeys of the cyclops?

can anybody close to the sadie and co. please answer this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise, is Richard Verrall a legal executive with his wife’s law firm? Are you sure about this?

According to the website of the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) “only Fellows of ILEX may describe themselves as 'Legal Executives'”


Yet, if I search the Legal Executives Directory, Richard Verrall doesn’t appear as a Legal Executive.


Anonymous said...

Adrian Davies lives in a million quid pad in the West End, bullshit Barnes lives in a council flat in Gravesend, not that there is anythibg wrong with living in social ownership accomdation but which one of the two has his head screwed on and which one of the two is a screw loose?

Answers on a postage stamp to the Asylum, MedWay Towns NHS, Kent.

Anonymous said...

Which spook was in Court and posted the following........

"The court was interested in the jurisdictional point with the Scottish defendants."

Stand up please Mr.. MI5 spook, State plant and destroyer of the seriouly wretched BNP.

Ketlan, you must be able to tell the IP addresses , whch are all traceable of course, of your posters. An IP addy can help pin-point an individual ISP subscriber.

This is going to be open season on all the fash, Griffin's catamites and the Sadie GRaham groupies alike. A lot of beans going be spilled. Not the hi-protien diet Webster and Griffin might mutually chew over...... but highly revealing if the two parties want a big cat fight in the public arena of Manchester Court.

Anonymous said...

It's true about the rebels helping Richard "Flash-Your-Willy-For-The-Camera" Bumbrooke.

Now it's open season on the rebs, they sought to launch their neo-nazi U-boat ammo at "HMS Pinafore And Panties".

Anonymous said...

Oooh I say, Griffin, is claiming £50,000 damages as he's stating the behaviour of the rebels have caused financial loss to the party.

The joyous thing about this is, Griffin, will have to show the true unadulterated accounts to prove a loss of £50,000 compared to last year. This could be very interesting, and I have the feeling, Darby will lose his house, and then fall out with Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Adrian Davies’ recent track record hasn’t been great:

• Most recently he represented four BNP supporters (Michelle Pilling, Scott Atkinson, Susan McDevitt, and Ian Smith) from Burnley who failed to have the High Court declare victory for wannabe BNP councillor John Rowe. The four BNP losers were order by the court to pay £30,000 legal costs which they admitted they can’t pay (sounds like the BNP doesn’t it!).

• Just before that Adrian Davies represented BNP thugs Christopher Roberts (former BNP mayoral candidate for London) and Barry Roberts in their failed libel claim against anti-fascist magazine, Searchlight. Chris Roberts, one of the Roberts brothers (famous for allegedly threatening to kneecap the families of rival BNP members) has now been bankrupted by Searchlight!

• Then we all know that Adrian Davies represented the BNP’s favourite Holocaust denier David Irving in his failed litigation.

Adrian Davies should pay more attention to law rather than running his own mini-version of the BNP, the Freedom Party (stuffed full of BNP rejects). Looks like the only business Davies will be getting from the BNP in the future will be from those BNP members (all wannabe Griffins) who run into dispute with Mad Nick and his demented circle.

Anonymous said...

There's a link to an audio file on Darby's blog of a conversation on the way back from the court - the only word I can think of is laughable - but sadly their supporters might believe it!

On another note - is it possible that Simon Darby is actually a John - I mean that he might be John Simon or Simon John? Or that he his John but perhaps perfers to call himself Simon. - Any informaiton would be gratefully received.

Anonymous said...

"On another note - is it possible that Simon Darby is actually a John - I mean that he might be John Simon or Simon John? Or that he his John but perhaps perfers to call himself Simon. - Any informaiton would be gratefully received."

Simon Darby, was born, Simon Darby, I've seen the birth certificate. He may have changed his name during his business life at some point, and for other reasons, but the property searches on him going back to the 90's show him signing mortgage papers using the name, Simon Darby.

What is interesting, is no one at Handsworth Boys Grammar school has ever heard of him, but we continue to dig.

BNP Nemesis

Anonymous said...

I was in Simon Darbys class at Handsworth Grammar school.