March 17, 2008

Nick Griffin on Newsnight dissected

Thanks to our mate Irish Tony for the heads-up. :-)


Anonymous said...

Cheers for showing this

I particularly like the 13%/ 39 % Sussex comments

This was for the Upper beeding parish council election with the "new " BNP Mary Poppins Donna Bailey.

Now this election as featured on BNPTV, was elevated to national importance by so many BNP wishful thinkers and even got a rousing level of support from the the redundant radical Green Arrow.

The reality is, if anyone wants to comprehend the level of politcal importance a parish council can have then please watch The Vicar of Dibley and imagine Donna Bailey discussing a broken bus stop shelter with Hugo.

This is indicitive of how desperate the BNP are for any form of credibility

Im off for a few Guinness

Anonymous said...

The worrying thing is with videos about the BNP on You Tube, you just know theree'll be hundreds of hardcore troll comments of the most vile and sickening type from Mark Collett's sockpuppets suggesting that Muslims and black people are murdered, and slavery is brought back.

You Tube comments bring out the worst instincts in the BNP cos they are uncensored, and nobody will be arrested for praising the Ku Klux Klan.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Tony.

Anonymous said...

Great video guys.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the latest article on the BNP site where they're actually portraying Nick Griffin side by side with The Dali Lama!! My god is there nothing these twits won't try?!!!

zaskar said...

Ta for linking to my film, thanks for posting it Irish.

More on the way.

Anonymous said...

Great film zaskar. :)

Antifascist said...

'Great film zaskar. :)'

Absolutely agree with that.

Anonymous said...

Can you give the exact youtube address for the video. Thanks.

Antifascist said...

'Can you give the exact youtube address for the video. Thanks.'

Hit the YouTube logo to the right of the volume control and all will be revealed.