March 20, 2008

A quick peek at the dark side...

Newspaper turns down BNP advertising

The Croydon Advertiser has turned down advertising from the British National Party, despite accepting political adverts from other parties. Editor Ian Carter said: 'The BNP are a legitimate political party and will no doubt argue they should have the same right as the others. But we've turned them away on the basis I'd feel deeply uncomfortable with any of their material appearing in our publications.'

Bravo. Let's hope other papers follow suit.

The Young BNP keeps up the usual standards

Readers may recall the article we had a week or two ago on the establishment of the new Young BNP group and its new website. Since then, the BNP's young bloods have been busy creating new pages all over the place, including on Facebook and Bebo. Sadly, nothing changes, and the racism and contempt for anyone who doesn't conform to the party's bizarre ideas of perfection are prominent.

Listed related groups for the Facebook site include 'I Was Born In The Uk. So Why The Fuck Do I Have Less Rights Then Immigrants' and 'If you don't like England then fuck off back to where you came from!'

Nice. Just what you want your youngster to be reading. Although perhaps we shouldn't worry too much, as most of those in the BNP, young or old, tend to be barely literate. The gem below appears as the tagline on the Bebo page.

'I will only add you if I can see your profile, just purly because we dont want extreamist on here'.

Er, quite.

Recipe time

Take a roomful of anti-EU obsessives, brought together by Ukip members and particularly by our friend the former tennis player Buster Mottram, who as a short-lived talisman for the National Front did so much for multiracial Britain. Add into the mix Richard Barnbrook, the mayoral candidate for the BNP, who joined them all last weekend at the Hurlingham, the private members' club in London, for supper and lively discussion. Allow them to stew in their own juice while we consider again the notion that there is as much to unite the two parties as to divide them. And what do you get? Something pretty unsavoury. Hugh Muir

What does the BNP's Advisory Council actually do?

According to Nick Griffin, it 'has the right to look at the accounts...and in the event that the Leader appears to be going stark, staring bonkers, to call a vote of no confidence...that hasn't been necessary so far - but I'm working on it.'

So true. He IS working on it.

Lee Barnes' blog - a look at his own comments

'Four threads on stormfront all about me on 19th march - thats gotta be some sort of record.'

'Blimey its FIVE threads on me on stormfront - thats more then Hitler got on his birthday. He got a cake though, I didnt. BLIMEY - thats gotta be a record.'

'SIX threads now. Blimey i think a strange form of Stormfront Autism has broken out.'

'SEVEN THREADS - Is their no end to their obsessions ! Amazing. I must be the most debated nationalist on the planet at the moment. If anyone wants an autograph then e mail me and I will send you one.'

I don't think we'll bother, thanks all the same.

And finally...

The near-defunct rebel group within the BNP, headed by Sadie Graham, Matt Single, Steve Blake and Uncle Tom Cobbley, has cost the taxpayer a lot of money one way or another. An application under the Freedom of Information Act reveals that Notts police force had to cough up £12,000 worth of policing for the first Voice of Change 'conference'. Why? To protect them from the thugs of the BNP, of course.

If you didn't laugh, you'd cry for a week.

More info here.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh BNP mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook is now hanging out with Buster Mottram. Some interesting facts about Mottram:

1) Mottram once wrote an article entitled Why I joined the National Front for the BNP’s founder’s racist magazine Spearhead.

2) Back in March 2007 Conservative MPs in the West Country claimed that they are being blackmailed into signing up to the anti-EU Better Off Out campaign run by Mottram.

The Western Morning News newspaper published Mottram’s email to local Tory MPs which outlined two options available to them:

”If they were to sign up to our campaign, then of course they would not have to face any UKIP candidate in the General Election.

On the other hand, if they were to oppose our position on Europe, they would be specifically targeted by our supporters".

3) The Observer newspaper ranked Mottram 2nd in a list of the ten worst sportsmen in politics.

4) Mottram has a sexist streak in him: “MOST of the current women tennis stars look and behave just like men, claimed former British Number One tennis player Buster Mottram yesterday” (Wimbledon stars `men in skirts, Irish Independent, 25 June 1999)

Anonymous said...

Well, crazy BNP fanatic Green Arrow has taken to libelling the Croydon Advertiser. This is what Green Arrow says: ”The Advertiser is very popular in Croydon, either to wrap chips or as toilet paper”. How would Green Arrow know? Doesn’t he live in south Wales? When was the last time he was in Croydon thumbing through the Croydon Advertiser? Green Arrow illustrates the typical reactionary BNP response to those who disagree with the BNP or who are ambivalent towards to its obnoxious views.

Anonymous said...

Despite Lee Barnes being the BNP's legal officer, his spelling and grammar is appalling!

Anonymous said...


British Man/Boy Love Association endorses BNP Mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook

The Executive Committee of the British Man/Boy Love Association (BMBLA) has unanimously agreed to endorse BNP Mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook.

The BMBLA EC believes that, after having thoroughly reviewed the script for the ground breaking conceptualist film, HMS Discovery, Richard Barnbrook is the only mayoral candidate to represent and best safeguard the interests of the membership and affiliates of the BMBLA.

We congratulate Richard Barnbrook for being the only mayoral candidate to discuss openly the sensitive and crucial issue of Man/Boy relationships, and its role in the socialisation of young males. Without doubt Richard Barnbrook furthers the spirit of tolerance and sexual pluralism in his daring scriptural openness when he writes: “Fists in a toilet that smells of piss ... open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar-boys”. This the BMBLA fully endorses.

The BMBLA EC wishes Richard Barnbrook and the BNP every success for the London elections on 1 May 2008.



Press Release (bmbla01press) distributed by Accentuate - PR Company


Press Information:

Contact Person:
Mr G. Williamson
Phone: 07970 455445

Anonymous said...

Bunch of nice kids in the Young BNP:

“But Oldham history and geography teacher Frank Hunt said he had experience of classes being selected for disruption - with threats that young BNP members would target citizenship classes

Article: Teachers act against 'racists'

Anonymous said...

Is it true that in the recent BBC documentary Last Orders a young BNP supporter had a union flag with a swastika and said: 'If I saw a young Paki getting kicked and knocked over, I would not blink an eyelid, I hate them so much.'?

If so, that is very, very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Wasn’t the BNP’s Advisory Council supposed to be shut down last year because it had potential oversight over Griffin’s activities?