March 16, 2008

Gay community 'right' to recall Nazi persecution

The chair of the Holocaust Educational Trust has defended the right of gay people to commemorate the Holocaust

Lord Janner's comments follow the remarks of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Motherwell, who said earlier this week that the 'homosexual lobby' attend Holocaust memorial events to create for themselves the image of a group of people under persecution. Bishop Joseph Devine's extremist views have been widely criticised.

Around 6 million Jews are believed to have been killed by the Nazis in concentration camps during the Second World War. Additionally, It is thought that between 5,000 and 15,000 gay people, who were seen as "sexual deviants," were sent to gas chambers. Gays were forced to wear a pink triangle under the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945.

"They were persecuted by the Nazis and are right to recall the horrors of the Holocaust," Lord Janner told

The Holocaust Educational Trust works in schools, universities and in the community to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust, providing teacher training, an outreach programme for schools, teaching aids and resource material.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament in protest at the bishop's comments about the Holocaust.

"We are well used to hearing hyperbole and moral panic from Bishop Devine and he always seems to overstep the mark," he told

"Not only do his comments mark a revisionism about what happened to gay people in Nazi Germany but he has also called on parents not to tolerate their gay children. This is very damaging to children who should be fully supported."

Gay equality organisation Stonewall also criticised Bishop Devine's comments.

"The bishop has revealed himself once again to be deeply un-Christian and his comments are insulting to almost anyone who was affected by the Holocaust," Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill told

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Anonymous said...

It's sad that establishment figures in churches etc, are helping support bigotry.

It's just as sad to see YouTube are still refusing to censor their sick race hate videos, allowing sordid videos of kids singing racist bnp songs to be posted on the YouTube site, and refusing to remove this evil content that is accessible to children and young people via Google, despite numerous complaints.

Some of the sickest ever race hate remarks posted illegally by illiterate BNP members, follow YouTube videos. If you've a strng stomach, check out some of these foul, pro-Adolf Hitler remarks that follow this sick video of child race-hate indoctrination.

It would be wonderful if Lancaster Unity could run an expose on the lethargy of YouTube (part of the Google corporation), and the extreme videos and comments they refuse to censure. (Please Denise, name and shame YouTube as collaborators with fascism)!

The British government needs to be made aware of the use of this American-owned website by Griffinite BNP supporters to escape arrest, so they can put pressure on Google and the American government to remove offensive content and pass on IP addresses of British racist criminals to the UK police.

Anonymous said...

The parents of these YouTube kids should face prosecution for allowing their children to be indoctrinated with pure, unadulterated race hatred.

This is surely child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Wander whose kids they are?

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby is posting as the sock poppets "Spitzer19", "Reazzurro90" and "Ssavelan" on Indymedia, using the IP address: -

Some of what he is posting is about Adolf Hitler's nazis, trying to play down their atrocities, and he also waters down the bnp wiki article.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's not Indymedia but Wikipedia.

That's where these sockpoppets are busy.