March 06, 2008

BNP to fight two South Oxhey seats

The British National Party (BNP) has said it intends to fight for two South Oxhey council seats at May's local elections.

The controversial party, which many claim advocates racist and divisive policies, is to put forward candidates in the Northwick and Ashridge wards. Local pair Seamus Dunne and Deirdre Gates will attempt to unseat incumbent Labour councillors David Lake and Len Tippen who are both seeking re-election.

Spokesman Eddie Butler said the party believed South Oxhey provided fertile ground for its anti-immigration and nationalistic policies, adding that door-to-door polling indicated strong support. Despite previous campaigns in the area attracting little support, he feels the time is right for another attempt to gain a seat on Three Rivers District Council.

He said: "People are fed up with what's going on in this country. South Oxhey is an area where a lot of self employed people are suffering from the influx of foreign workers. It fits the profile of the seats we target. If we were to sell our party newspaper door-to-door on the estate I reckon about one in three people would buy it - which is much more than any other party could claim."

At last year's local elections the party achieved 50 councillors at district and borough level and is hoping for more this time out.

Existing councillors, however, are appalled by the announcement.

Labour group leader Kerron Cross, who also represents the South Oxhey area, said: "Everybody who has had dealings with the BNP will know what they are. Racist behaviour and far right extremism is something that everyone needs to take seriously and I am confident that residents in South Oxhey will be appalled to hear that the BNP is standing and I am sure they will reject them at the ballot box, as they always have done when given the opportunity to do so.

Council Leader Ann Shaw added: "The BNP is, of course, entitled to put forward candidates in elections. But South Oxhey people are sensible enough to recognise its divisive and hateful politics. The Liberal Democrats will be fighting a strong campaign with candidates dedicated to working for the local community."

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Anonymous said...

One of the BNP candidates Deirdre Gates is little more than a nazi enthusiast. Read her admiration for nazi rule in World War 2 as preferable to post-war British democratic rule:

Deirdre Gates writes on May 7, 2007 at 10:48 am

Hitler set up a “General Government” in conquered Eastern Europe states, while maintaining the national integrity of Western nation states - France, Netherlands, Denmark etc. Seems England has become McLabour’s area of General Government, nameless, sucked and stuffed.

In relation to Scotland, Deirdre Gates states the following:

Deirdre Gates writes on June 20, 2006 at 8:26 am

Don’t like to see the B. Liar anywhere near my flag. Keep your paws off St George, you’re not English, it’s not yours.. There’s that blue thing with stars on for your kind.

Then in relation to an article on Cabinet departing gifts for Tony Blair Deirdre Gates states the following:

"A silk purse to go with the sows ear he leaves behind..."

Why is he going to chop Cherry's ear off? Not that I mind.

Posted by Deirdre Gates on June 16, 2007 5:07 PM

Gives you an idea of who Deirdre Gates and the nazi BNP are.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin's friends are as nazi as ever, and yet, he continues to assert the only nazis are the rebels.

Anonymous said...

Isn't South Oxhey the place where the old nazi nutter Tony Malski hailed from?