March 29, 2008

BNP fail in bid to stop postal votes

The British National Party has failed in its bid to stop postal voting in Kirklees.

The BNP has three members on Kirklees Council but their supporter’s bid to halt the postal vote at the forthcoming May elections was rejected. The action by the BNP member was turned down at Bradford County Court. At the hearing yesterday the application for an injunction to stop the Returning Officer from issuing postal ballot papers was refused by the judge, who also made the BNP pay the council’s costs.

The BNP’s application was later condemned by council leader Cllr Robert Light, who said it had been a futile waste of time and a cheap publicity stunt.

Cllr Light said: "This was simply a gimmick by the BNP to get cheap publicity. Postal voting is part of electoral law that all councils follow. All the BNP has done is waste the time of council officers by going through the process of addressing what was always going to be a futile action by the perpetrators of this bogus case. The judge clearly considered that the application was ill-conceived by not only rejecting the application but also in awarding the council its costs against the BNP. It is an absolute waste of time to challenge statute in this way.”

BNP group chairman Cllr Roger Roberts said it was a move made by an individual member, not a councillor.

But he added: “I would personally support the idea. Postal voting is fine for the disabled and the elderly but it is very open to fraud. When you get 20 votes coming out of a one-bedroom flat, it is patently wrong.”

Huddersfield Daily Examiner


Anonymous said...

The BNP seems to have a taste for litigation at the moment. I wonder how much this pointless little outing to court cost - particularly if you tot up the council officers time too.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh the BNP - trying and failing to undermine the democratic process. It seems that the BNP are afraid of people voting them out!

Kirklees Unity said...

Costs have been awarded against Girvan.

Any idea anybody of how much this might be?

Anonymous said...

Costs have been awarded against Girvan.

LOL - another failed court case for another BNP candidate/member. How many of these cases have the BNP launched and failed in past couple of months? It seems like quite a few.

Anyway, Alan Girvan keeps drivelling on about the evils of postal votes in his internet postings. Fash loser.

Kirklees Unity said...

Any directions to Girvans internet ramblings?

Girvan is a serial lonely hearts site subscriber,but then I suppose that is no real surprise.

Lonely,a liar and a fascist what a combination

Anonymous said...

Any directions to Girvans internet ramblings?

If you google cromwell_316 or cromwell316, a few of his postings come up. They are mostly mundane, like his character - frustrated, childish right-wing musings of irrelevance (sounds like the BNP, I guess that’s why Alan Girvan joined).

Anyway, below are two of Girvan's postings. On one forum he argues that the Catholic Relief Act is illegal and that the holding of elected office in the UK by non-Protestants is also illegal. I may be reading too much into this but, here’s Alan Girvan’s posting:

The Bill of Rights 1689 was not an ordinary act of Parliament it was an act of settlement which actually sets up the legality for the present state and give Parliament its power in the first place. It also clearly states that changes to it, were themselves illegal. The Catholic Relief Act implied (not explicit) repeal of the Bill of Rights so my point being that the Bill of Rights was superceded by an unlawful bill, which emancipated Catholics as long as they swore an Oath (even that Act has been repealed since) so all these individuals who are now determined to break what is by LAW a Protestant Kingdom whether they be Catholic, Muslim, Atheist or even Marxists' are not even lawfully in office.

Then another forum Alan Girvan complains about having to purchase a TV license and seeks ways round having to buy one:;_ylt=Asn4Gmk

Anonymous said...

There are clearly flaws with the current postal voting rules, but these have to be addressed nationally - who but the BNP could seek to ban in one Yorkshire authority an arrangement which exists in every part of the country ???

Prats !!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry....can i change the subject for a minute please.

Have just steeled myself with a large cup of tea and watched the FITNA video on green arrow.

To allow this to have world wide showing is horrific, the dutch mp should be hounded out of office.

And of course the likes of griffin and his nazis will make capital out of it.

The world is a very scary place.


Anonymous said...

The action was taken out by me not the BNP and it makes no difference to me whether you vote Labour, Lib-Dem, Tory, UKIP or even BNP a vote is yours alone to make or throw away.

I actually told the Judge and Kirklees I would be happy to pay the costs, its rife with fraud and everyone knows it, so let me ask are you happy to watch elections being stolen while we preach democracy to Iraq, Burma, Tibet, China, Iraq, Zimbabwe?

For your info in my humble opinion the biggest stain on the Human Race in the recent past was doing nothing in Rwanda when Hutus and Tutsis were killing each other and I was discussing with a "Kashmiri" friend about going to Pakistan just after the Earthquake (he actually told me not to because it was too dangerous being Caucasian).

So let me reiterate I don't care who you are, colour religion, creed or political ideology if you are in need you are in need, I've helped Pakistanis with Employment tribunals, I've sat in Houses in Mostar with Bosnian Muslims sharing food in a house with shell holes in the windows, I've helped Costa Ricans & Brazilians in the US to fight deportation.

If you fled a war zone and lost everything (and I know many who have) you could sit at my table, share my food and have a roof over your head, whether you were from Sierra Leone, Haiti, Iraq or anywhere else.

You have freedom of speech, but if you would put as much work into fighting to stop forced marriages, stop exploitation of child workers and women, promoting true democracy not the type bought by big business, stop selling Arms to countries whose people are starving, stop the use of animals for testing healthcare products among many other issues out there then I would give you more credit.

Of course its easier just to be a blog warrior I at least give Kirklees Unity credit for putting the work in even where its critical of me because he at least stands by his principals despite everything.

Alan Girvan

Antifascist said...

'You have freedom of speech, but if you would put as much work into fighting to stop forced marriages, stop exploitation of child workers and women, promoting true democracy not the type bought by big business, stop selling Arms to countries whose people are starving, stop the use of animals for testing healthcare products among many other issues out there then I would give you more credit.'

Without exception, everyone I know who is engaged in anti-fascism is also involved in other campaigning work, including many that you listed (and many more that you didn't).

Antifascist said...

I have a question or two for you. How much (including the remuneration for council officers time) did this case cost and who precisely cops for the bill?

Anonymous said...

"Of course its easier just to be a blog warrior"

Like Green Arrow?

Anonymous said...

Found a girlfriend yet, Alan?

And hey, if you've helped stopped "Costa Ricans & Brazilians in the US to fight deportation" as you claim, the white supramacist hardcore (MAJORITY) of the BNP will hate your guts.


Keep an eye on Stromfront to see what everybody thinks about a BNP member who has helped non-white immigrants remain in the US.

If you don't believe this, look how mixed-race member Sharon Ebanks was hounded out of the party because her partner was black.

Believe me, you will regret revealing these details of your supposed humanitarian actions on the internet, as the Hitler worshippers reading this blog every hour of every day, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Correction, father not partner.

You know the score when Stormfront calls someone a RACE TRAITOR, so you shouldn't have revealed helping immigrants, friend.

Anonymous said...

BNP members on Stormfront calling a BNP candidate a race-traitor should be made into an article itself.

If it is true that Alan Girvan has helped non-whites, then he was stupid to let this be known - didn't think about the adverse reaction he'd get from other BNP members? Well, he's got what was perhaps the unintended result - a declaration by his fellow BNP members that he's a traitor to the white race!

But, then again we're used to BNP members attacking each other, slagging one another off and generally bitching about the personalities in the BNP they don't like.

Kirklees Unity said...

Has anyone got the link on Stormfront where they are having a pop at Girvan?

Anonymous said...

Alan Girvan also made the claim a few years back that when he stood as an independent candidate, he was manipulated as a tool to win votes from the BNP!!! However, Alan Girvan didn’t provide any proof for his claim! Poor old Walter Mitty.

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as loyalty in the BNP, but the rebels seem to have been pacified by one eyed control freak Cyclops.