March 28, 2008

BNP attempts to poach English Democrat's Mayoral candidate

Terrified at the thought that the ridiculous and insignificant English Democrats may pinch one or two of its votes, the British National Party has decided to attempt to solve the problem by stealing the ED's Mayoral candidate Matt O'Connor.

O'Connor, famed for his 'work' with Fathers for Justice, is being appropriately targeted. One part of the email to him (leaked earlier this evening to blogger Iain Dale) describes the BNP as the most 'father-friendly' party in Britain. This from a party containing gang-rapists and potential child molesters.

Mind you, the English Democrat's don't have much too offer an aspiring politician either. They recently polled an astonishing eight votes in a by-election - two less than signed the nomination paper.

The full text of the email is below:

Dear Matt,

I am surprised, and disappointed, to see that you are considering standing as London Mayoral candidate for the English Democrats. In view of your concern for justice for fathers when it comes to family separation and the custody of children, you must surely be aware that the British National Party is the ONLY party to clearly state, in its national manifesto, that "Divorce and family laws and maintenance arrangements discriminate against men" and to have the policy pledge to "make joint custody of children the norm in divorce cases"...

...The BNP is the most 'father-friendly' party in Britain. Of course I know that there are loads of lies and smears directed towards us, but if you read our manifesto you will see that the modern BNP is a sensible, democratic and non-racist party and one which I am sure you could support.

The English Democrats are, frankly, a miniscule fringe group who are using you. You will know that last year they received fewer votes in a parliamentary by-election that the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, and the other week in a by-election in Lambeth the EDs received a mere 8 votes - less than the number of people required to fill in the nomination form!

If you are genuinely concerned about England's representation within the Union, then you will see from our manifesto that it is the BNP's policy to "introduce an English parliament within the United Kingdom". As you can see the BNP is the party which best represents the views you are seeking to promote. Instead of allowing yourself to be used by the English Democrats for their own ends you should come over to the party which genuinely cares about families, fathers and children. The BNP is growing at a tremendous rate. While the EDs were obtaining a mere 8 votes in Lambeth the BNP won a council seat in Havering. People are realising that the BNP is not as it has been misrepresented by our opponents in other parties and in the media. We are a friendly party with the best interests of the British people at heart. Our policies are based on traditional values and commonsense.

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss this or if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Nick Eriksen
BNP London Organiser


Anonymous said...

So, it's the Nick Eriksen, the BNP's London Organiser, trying to steal the English Democrat's mayor.

What happened to the posts on Nick Eriksen that were removed from Lancaster Unity pending an investigation of their claims against Eriksen??? They were explosive stuff. Is Lancaster Unity preparing its own article on Nick Eriksen?? If not, will Lancaster Unity allow the posts to be re-admitted? Nick Eriksen is the kinda of BNP nutzi we all love - he's permanently got his foot in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the BNP should write to the former Bradford BNP organiser Andrew Clarke who defected to the English Democrats and ask if he’ll come back ... missing you Clarke, love Nick Eriksen and Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Matt O'Connor that if he does defect to the BNP, don’t help any Asian or other non-White families otherwise you’ll end up like ex-BNP councillor Pat Pattison – getting sacked by the BNP!

Anonymous said...

the modern BNP is a sensible, democratic and non-racist party

How can Nick Eriksen state the BNP is not racist when he himself has been recorded making racist statements in his official capacity as BNP London organiser. The following is just a sample of Nick Eriksen’s views:

“South Africans will never stage a proper World Cup, how could they? It's a black country”,,1976613,00.html

“Nick [Eriksen] has a few tips about how to make the work easier. I should take a copy of the local electoral register, he says, to avoid wasting time knocking on the doors of black or minority ethnic people. "You want to have the register in front of you, and you say 'Oh, we'll skip this door, it's Mr Omonga Bonga', or whatever. It's more efficient that way."

Anonymous said...

"the modern BNP is a sensible, democratic and non-racist party"

Whoooooooooooo. That's the biggest porker I've seen in ages!!!

Anonymous said...

its really quite worrying if you were to put the phrase father friendly and Dicky Barnbrook in the same sentance.