March 15, 2008

My brain hurts - or, who's afraid of the big bad Barnes?

Warning! This post contains strong language!

Streets-ahead contender for the annual BNP loopy-fruit of the year award is Lee John Barnes, long-term benefits claimant and legal adviser to the BNP (presumably when his debilitating illness allows).

Barnes is always good copy for antifascists - he's foul-mouthed, ranting, ill-tempered, and egotistical, but let's not dwell on his good points. Bestriding the corrupt and crooked world of the BNP like a one-man Monty Python sketch, the Medway Madman writes his blog of bile with style and grace - the style and grace of a glue-sniffing gibbon.

Known to be a fan of the Jamaican Woodbines, Barnes hits out at all and sundry. Recent targets were the parents of Rachel Whitear, who died of a drug overdose. Barking Barnes called them "pathetic" in a carpet-munching raving session that made even hardcore Stormfront Nazis wince.

Now Barnes has turned his fire on the plentiful enemies he's made on Stormfront, where as Walk Towards The Light he spends a lot of time as one half of a double act with past winner of the BNP loopy-fruit of the year award, Tony Lecomber, aka Purging The Droid - another jobless BNP tax-sponge and Griffin mate, with a bucketful of convictions to his name.

As Walk Towards The Light (WTTL) the Medway Madman patrols the threads of Stormfront waiting to pounce on any signs of anti-Nick Griffin activity, but there's so much it seems to have overwhelmed the remnants of the Madman's grey matter and he's finally spontaneously combusted.

Barnes's disgusting attack on Rachel Whitear's memory and her parents was the catalyst for a series of attacks on him by long-suffering Nazi regulars. To date there are at least three very long threads devoted to the pot-puffing BNP legal advisor.

Afraid to show himself in his WTTL guise, Barnes has resorted to his old practice of fielding a supportive sock puppet - in this case a 16 year old Nationalist newbie, "Jacob Cobain", who appears on the scene from nowhere but has an apparently encyclopaedic knowledge of Nationalism and knows all about the BNP leadership.

Jacob fooled nobody. The Stormfront brownshirts are used to the Medway Madman's antics, and so are we. And, just to settle the matter, Jacob has exactly the same problems spelling exactly the same words as Barnes - we've checked.

We're not going to repeat everything said on Stormfront here, except to remark that the brownshirt brigade have well and truly got their teeth around the Medway Madman's throat and they aren't about to let go. Even those useless internet warriors, endless givers of advice and devout non-activists, the pantomime horse that is Green Bigot and Brighton Sprog, haven't waded in to say a) how important they are, and b) "Anybody who attacks the wierdo gang Nick Griffin has gathered about him is an enemy of the BNP".

So Barmy Barnes's brain began to hurt, he blew a fuse and on Wednesday posted this to his blog:

Ha ha ha loks like the stormfront maggot farm collective of reds, searchlight trolls and general morons are unhappy because the big mouthed larry whitehurst / Jack Black doesnt like it when the people he bullshits about, lies about and makes accusations about know who he really is.

Dont like it when your stone is kicked over do you cockroach.

Like all cockroaches they hate it when the light is shone on them.

Another threat of violence again is it jack, like the last tme you were pissed and acting the big internet warrior frm behind your keyboard - ooooh i am trembling.

Unlike the stormfront shit, BNP activists and officials work in the public realm and face attack every day as they dont hide behind a fake name on a US internet site.

The BNP activists that take the flak for being in public are the heroes, people like Larry Whitehurst who hide on the internet and fling shit at them from behind a fake name are cowards and filth.

You are a wanker Larry - now fuck off you big mouthed maggot back to your fifty strong stormfront maggot farm of reds and malcontents.

You'd never know Barmy Barnes hides behind a fake name (several!) on the same US internet site.

Then today (Thursday) he posted this:


Over recent years the Stormfront Britain site has degenerated from a useful tool for the nationalist movement, into a swamp of red trolls, searchlight spies, scumbags and sectarian filth that use the site to smear and attack individual nationalists.

The gutless cowards on the Stormfront site hide under false names and attack brave nationalists that stand in elections and who have their names, and addresses, publicised, whilst the Stormfront cowards hide behind false names on the site.

The real heroes of British nationalism, the candidates of the BNP and activists of all parties that work in the public arena to promote British Nationalism face daily abuse and attacks not just from reds, the government, the police etc etc but also from so called 'nationalist' gutless scum and slime that hide under fake names on the Stormfront site.

From now on the policy we have adopted on Stormfront is this ;

Those who post attacks on individual BNP members and activists on the site and who hide their real names behind stupid fake names like Jack Black, Doriot etc etc will have their real names posted onto my site and their identities distributed to our people nationwide.

If you attack us - then we will respond and we will post your name on this site so that the public can see who you really are.

We already have a long list of the names of those who post on the Stormfront site and we will publish all those names if any more gutless and cowardly anonymous attacks on individual BNP candidates and activists takes place by individual stormfront posters.

Attack the policies of the party by all means - but the minute some gutless bastard attacks an individual nationalist - then we will out you.

We ask that all nationalists of all parties adopt the same approach - which is that if an individual candidate is attacked by some gutless bastard on Stormfront Britain using a fake name, that you also publish the real names of the person that has attacked them so that we can all know who these people really are.

If you want to open your big mouth and attack others on Stormfront - then expect to have your name revealed to the world in return.

Seeing as the moderators on the Stormfront Site are unwilling to prevent posts that attack individual BNP members, then the only way we can act is to ensure that those who do post attacks on the real heroes of nationalism are outed as the gutless scum they are.

Big mouthed internet Keyboard warriors have been allowed for far too long to attack the real heroes of nationalism behind the mask of anonymity - from now on if you attack one of the real heroes of British nationalism, then we will respond.

The era where the big mouths and enemies of nationalism could speard their lies and bullshit with no response or accountability is over.

From now on, one way or the other, we will hold you accountable.

Now! one way or the other?

Hello! What do people usually mean when they use that term, we ask?

And "We will hold you accountable"? We?

The Medway Madman can only be talking of the BNP leadership, which has failed to distance itself from Barnes's vile attack on Rachel Whitear's parents.

And how come the BNP will get to know the identities of Stormfront posters... unless one of the Stormfront mods - John Joy Tree is our bet - is handing over IP addresses and poking around in members' accounts and private PM's?

So here we have the leadership of the BNP threatening to publicly expose the identities of Stormfront posters.

That's very good of them! Saves us so much trouble. Lee Barnes's blog just became required reading for antifascists everywhere...

All we can say is, thank God for Lee Barnes, who has provided us with quotes to use against the BNP for years to come. And, boy, are we going to use them! In leaflets and on the doorsteps, in letters to newspapers and posts on internet forums, we're going to make good and sure that the BNP chokes on Lee Barnes's vomit.

That's a copper-bottomed guarantee from Norfolk Unity!

Atreus at Norfolk Unity


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps his psychiatrist, lol

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes, mini Storm Front bio:

Leee declares his Irish roots

Don't let the Christian group see this :-)


He loves all races, right?

Lee's attempt at female companionship

Lee on humour

White Power!

Lee on the Jews

Lee and the law
"When faced with a rabid dog you do not negotiate with it - you kill it"

Lee on activism

Pan Euro Party

Thats entertainment

Lee on drugs

Lee finds folk on SF acceptable

On his choice of name

Anonymous said...

All i can say is "bring it on Barnes" you have threatened us once well step up now.

Anonymous said...

"That's a copper-bottomed guarantee from Norfolk Unity!"

And so say all of us.

Great post, enjoyed it.

Teddy Boy

No Platform said...

Does anyone remember the name of the poor girl that he used to stalk at Uni?

In his small brain it was not stalking, but according to the police and the NUS rep who had to deal with it, Lee was more than a pain in the butt.

Perhaps this explains why he stalked Lisa so?

Anonymous said...

I wander how many unbalanced stalkers take to far right "politics" because of their hatred of women, as well as gay people, black people and Jews?

It's easy to overlook sexism as a nazi trait, but very often sexism is related to both ego and all male peer culture. Both ego and an all-male environment are prevalent in the BNP which is why they got rid of Sadie Graham.

Still can't understand why Sadie supports arch-griffinite Richard Bumbrook in the London elections, after all Griffin has done for her.

She's like a turkey looking forward to Christmas, as a reasonable official bnp showing would spell the official end of the rebellion, and a victory for the nazi chauvenists like Lee Barnes.