March 14, 2008

Ssh! Thursday's by-election results

With apologies for the unavoidable lateness of this post (and its brevity), here are the results of Thursday's by-elections involving the BNP:

Middlesborough Gresham ward:

Lab 584 (47.95)
Ind 377 (30.95)
BNP 135 (11.08)
L-D 78 (6.40)
Con 44 (3.61)

Total 1218

Middlesborough Marton West ward:

Con 993 (63.01)
Lab 413 (26.21)
BNP 170 (10.79)

Total 1576

Harrow Marlborough ward:

Lab 972 (41.43)
L-D 628 (26.77)
Con 507 (21.61)
BNP 94 (4.01)
Ind 74 (3.15)
Grn 71 (3.03)

Total 2346

According to Martin Wingfield, the BNP's "Quiet Revolution" continues - which roughly translates as "How can I keep explaining away these rotten results?"

Normal service will be resumed next week.


Anonymous said...

Sadly for Mister Cyclops, MI5 can't, as yet, do like the CIA did when Bush got re-elected, and rig ballot boxes to help the BNP win seats.

Anonymous said...

What normal service? The Nazis managed to bring their website up for a few hours this afternoon, but strangely enough it is now no longer available.


Anonymous said...

Green Shitehole has been spouting his usual crap once again

Can somebody give this griffin loving creep a full frontal lobotomy, and tell him to wake up and sniff the coffee, accusing soe students who chucked red paint at bnp pubs as being UAF members. This is libellous and absurd.

Unite Against Fascism members can do far more damage with intellectually ridiculing the bnp with reasonable arguments on blogs and websites like this one, than any amount of paintcans could achieve.

Is Green Shitehole's real name George Deighton, by any chance???

Anonymous said...

And by the way there were no fewer than TEN by-elections last Thursday - of which the BNP contested only three.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, did I see 4% there? Surely not.

Anonymous said...

I see that Howard Studley stood as the fash BNP candidate in Harrow Marlborough. This is the same Howard Studley who also recently stood for the BNP in Harrow Canons and got a massive 56 votes coming last.

Anonymous said...

According to the Evening Gazette, in January 2008 the BNP candidate for the Middlesbrough Gresham ward, Barry Towers, was escorted off a Middlesbrough bus by police after he refused to leave the bus when asked by the driver to do so.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Martin Webster still has his sworn affidavit about Martin Wingfield handy!!! Sshhh ... don’t tell anyone, Martin Wingfield likes to keep these sort of things quiet.

Anonymous said...

How many BNP seats are up for grabs this May?

Unknown said...

@ Howard Studley should give up said...

There was a lot to tease out in all three by-elections, but - really - for various reasons there weren't enough hours in this week to put something more worthwhile together.

Please accept my apologies.

On another note altogether, there was something of a revolution on Stormfront Britain tonight, when a Canada-based SF Ireland moderator took charge and began closing the accounts of the worst of the Griffinistas, who had descended into the same mental state as the Medway Madman.

I was in the middle of putting something together when it happened - not really suitable for Lancaster Unity, but take a look. Seems that all this time I had an admirer!

Anonymous said...

I was in the middle of putting something together when it happened - not really suitable for Lancaster Unity, but take a look.

I took a look. How is that unsuitable for Lancaster Unity?

John P said...

It's been fascinating reading on there for the last couple of days but the events of the last couple of hours have really put the cat amongst the pigeons.
I don't think there is any doubt the purging the drone is Griffin so this banning is a real slap in the face for him and the BNP. There wasn't much goodwill towards the BNP on scumfront after all the recent events but telling hard line Nazi's they are 14 word cultists and abusing them shows the massive arrogance we have come to expect from Griffin.
How long before the proscription of scumfront is enforced or John Joy Tree reverses the bannings. Going to be fun finding out in the next few days and weeks.
Scumfront have drawn a line in the sand by the looks of it and no longer see the BNP as a WN party under the current leadership.

Anonymous said...

PTD can't be old Nick. The Droid was posting while Nick was in court.

A lot of those Norfolk Unity posts should come over here for a bigger audience. I liked the My Brain Hurts post "the Medway Madman writes his blog of bile with style and grace - the style and grace of a glue-sniffing gibbon."

I can see that you'd want something a bit different for your area though. Great job, but share it about more Denise?

Anonymous said...

Just got through reading all the Scumfront hi jinx. JJT's cred took some bad knocks. Wonder if the Green Shitehawk will raise his head above the parapet now.

Your post on NU would have been good here Denise. Why didn't you do it, if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous said...

Dunno if my last went into the ether. Try again.

Confirmed: all the SFB mods except Griffin stooge Andy Robertson resigned, probably because Robertson (John Joy Tree) was up to no good and getting away with it.

Hardline SF mods stepped in to clean up the mess.

VanguardUK posted-

I'm following up to say that the two ex-BNP forum mods have confirmed that the BNP has been fed Stormfront user handles and IP addresses for years. And the BNP has also been fed user handles and IP addresses from the VNN forum, by a former mod there.

Sleazier and sleazier.

Unknown said...

@ Smiffy and Night Owl

I've put the post on here, and one by Atreus. Do bear in mind though that Norfolk Unity has to be different enough to justify its existence - in diversity lie riches!

Anonymous said...

Don't know why the BNP are worried about "peak oil" - they should be more worried about "peak vote".

Antifascist said...

'Do bear in mind though that Norfolk Unity has to be different enough to justify its existence - in diversity lie riches!'

True. While in certain cases repetition is desirable, the sites need, to a large extent, to be independent of each other. Sharing resouces and articles really comes into its own where there's a big scandal (like this court case that's in the offing).

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters Ketlan and Denise. The two posts DG put up from NU don't cover anyhting vital but they're good reading and a good sense of humour, and it'd be a shame not to give them a bigger readership. DG writes for both blogs so I think her best stuff should come here too. I was surprised she didn't think the Rock post was good enough for LU. It's original, it's funny, it's about what's happening with the fash and it's got a good response.

Thoughts K & D?

Unknown said...

@ Greg M


Lancaster Unity is my priority. Atreus is more than capable of looking after Norfolk Unity. The best articles will always end up on here.

Both Ketlan and Atreus - and Kirklees - will readily agree with me that daily updating isn't as simple as it sounds. The period after the New Year was especially difficult.

We have hatched a cunning plan to bring more writers on board here, of which news will appear soon.

You might like to try writing for us yourself. Pick your subject and have a go!