March 11, 2008

Huge growth for BNP's One Big Union - useless Solidarity claims 211 British "workers"

You've got to hand it to Patrick Harrington. As imaginations go, they don't come much better than his. Where the rest of us see a squalid little scam invented by a gaggle of racist bigots, fantasist Harrington sees something pretending to be a "trade union" for "British workers" - One Big Union as he likes to call the unimaginatively named Solidarity.

Of course, One Big Union would go very nicely with One Party Rule, if that unlucky day were ever to dawn.

Last month the One Big Union held its grandly titled Annual Conference at the not so big Apollo Hotel in Birmingham. As we reported, the One Big Union resorted to deception to book the hotel, insisted its members meet at a redirection point, then subjected them to stringent security measures, and would not allow photography or any form of recording to take place.

Exactly the opposite of what any bona fide trade union would do.

The report of the meeting on Solidarity's website avoids mentioning exactly how many members of the One Big Union turned up at the Apollo Hotel and only shows a photo (above) of the "Executive" cramped together on the top table, so we think the attendance was what you might call embarrassing and therefore best not mentioned.

One member who did show up was that horny-handed toiler Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, where he's made sure you can forget all about grievance procedures, fair disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissal or even open and honest leadership elections.

Maybe Griffin was there to keep an eye on his investment, or maybe he was watching for signs of anti-Griffin rebel activity in the One Big Union.

According to the report on Solidarity's website, which has the fantasist Harrington's paw-prints all over it, the One Big Union now has a membership of 211, which means that since Harrington and Griffin hijacked the fake union from its founders last spring it has put on a whole 111 members.

Unite must be quaking with fear!

At a fiver a month a throw, that means that Solidarity's annual income from membership fees is £12660. Members don't actually get anything worthwhile for their money, because the One Big union is so useless that the only advice it could give Mark Walker, at the centre of its feeble cause celebre case, was to "hire a lawyer specialising in employment law".

But £12660 - now that's worth talking about. Think about all the lovely expenses to be claimed. Maybe even a wage for General Secretary Harrington at some point? Donations to a certain political party?

You'd have thought that with a kitty of £12660 to play with that the One Big Union would have funded Mark Walker's lawyer, not told him to shove off and hire one. If all that money isn't there to do what regular and honest trade unions do - provide legal representation for their members - what is it there for?

You'd also have thought that for a party regularly claiming 10,000 members and apparently growing by the minute, more than a piffling two hundred BNP members would have joined the "British workers' union".

Obviously BNP members don't have much faith in the One Big Union. Or perhaps they know a lucrative income stream being set up when they see it.

They can certainly see that Solidarity does things on the cheap. Leaflets and flyers are to be downloaded and printed at your own expense, though printed versions are supposed to be available (but we'd get a cost comparison made first, just in case there's the usual right-wing rip-off involved).

And the tardy amateurishness of its sole publication, "The British Worker" (another cheapo download and print yourself job), just has to be seen to be believed. Looking like it's been chucked together on Word, it's an object lesson in bad layout, a stylistic disaster zone that would shame any parish magazine.

It's also months old and only one edition has ever been produced.

Everything about Solidarity has an air of fantasy about it. On its hyperbole-prone website it lists nine industry sectors in which it is allegedly organising (with 210 members and a pig farmer?), and for each section there is a wordy and completely unrealistic statement of aims that could only have been penned by the Great Fantasist himself.

Each section contains the following exhortation: "However, without your support we are powerless, so don't hesitate in supporting us so that we can support and protect your livelihood."

As in telling you to hire a lawyer specialising in employment law?

We think that the One Big Union only has one purpose, and that £12660 in the cash box is the best clue. If you can raise that from 211 members, just think what you can raise if only you could con 1000 BNP members into signing up for the toy union that won't support and protect your livelihood.

Which thought must have occurred to the member representing the pig farmers' section and his old mate, the Great Fantasist.

Griffin knows this "union" is a joke and will remain a joke, but even with a tiny membership it represents steady cash, and that's what it's all about. So Griffin is happy to let the Fantasist play at trade unions, because the Fantasist knows what the real game is.

"Together we're strong" runs the One Big Union's slogan.

Yes, and £60 quid a year poorer.



Anonymous said...

Well, at least the BNP fake union that Patrick Harrington has been posthumously allowed to head by his old chum Nick Griffin has more members than his own Third Way (which boasts 20-30 members!!). It must suck having to hang out with war fantasist and ‘PR guru’ Graham Williamson (who’s busy infiltrating every community group in Elm Park, Essex). Bunch of ex-National Front losers.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t feel sorry for fash Mark Walker. His fellow BNP acolytes disrupted the first school day of the new year when they loudly and unnecessarily protested outside Sunnydale Community College where Mark Walker used to work. Great thing for the kids to experience.

Further, let’s not forget that Mark Walker was the election agent for thug BNP candidate Andrew Spence who left the BNP after a punch-up at the BNP's Red White and Blue festival with the BNP’s ‘treasurer’ John Walker and nazi boy Mark Collett.

Anyway, it’s most likely that Mark Walker will end up getting fucked by the financial lechery and incompetence of his fellow BNP travellers in Solidarity aka BNP. That’s if their far-right egos don't get in the way first (as they usually do).

Anonymous said...

200 members? Seems pretty pathetic to me after over a year of recruitment.

Since the vast majority of them are very likely all BNP or Third Way members then maybe Solidarity ought to be known as the "British Wankers' Union", rather than Workers'.

I have heard that Patrick Harrington is not an actual worker himself, preferring to conduct his lifestyle in the manner of his self-elected petty bourgeois cafe culture, South Bank style, trying to appear self-important as a pseudo-intellectual and political theorist. That would mean that a non-worker runs a trade union supposedly for the benefit of its worker membership.

The membership must be mugs. They deserve to be ripped off at the cost of £60 a year.

"If you want help in your employment - **** off - go and see a specialist lawyer".


Anonymous said...

"One member who did show up was that horny-handed toiler Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, where he's made sure you can forget all about grievance procedures, fair disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissal or even open and honest leadership elections."

Is it true that Griffin is taking some of his previous employees to court for up to £100,000 for damages?

Perhaps they should have joined a proper union instead of the fantasy union that is Solidarity!

Cant get over the "horny-handed bit"....Griffins sex life is something the BBC could commission a series of Planet Earth programmes about!!!

Unknown said...

Third Way (which boasts 20-30 members!!)

Ah, yes, but they have a huge opinion of themselves and big election plans afoot:

PR-Inside, by the way, is the same never-heard-of-it cheapskate web PR operation where Accentuate dumps Solidarity's announcements.

As PR-Inside is free I have been wondering how much Accentuate charges Solidarity for its services.

We'll have to wait for the accounts...

Anonymous said...

Denise G said,

As PR-Inside is free I have been wondering how much Accentuate charges Solidarity for its services.

We'll have to wait for the accounts...

I did a bit of checking around the internet and managed to find this bit tucked away in a report that was carried out during Pat Harrington's disciplinary (before he and Nick Griffin took control of the Union).

It details the scam that was uncovered at the time when Harrington wanted to enlist the services of a Solidarity member, Graham Williamson, his old buddy from the Third Way and also ex- National Front official along with Harrington himself. Williamson wanted to get Solidarity to use his services as a "PR rep" under his pretend compony Accentuate.It says,

There are only two ways; piece or daily rates. The first would be on the basis of ‘hits’ from press statements. This can be identified through using a firm like Durant’s who would monitor the media and supply us with identified coverage. I think this is a must regardless since we need to monitor what is being said about the Union. Whilst it will be very limited at present an active PR campaign will increase it significantly.

The other way of remuneration would be daily rates say of £100. Initially say one day per week. Although the work wouldn’t/shouldn’t be restricted to one specific day i.e. it would be carried out as and when it is a simple way of controlling expenditure. The evidence of the effectiveness of the PR strategy would still be required even if not directly tied to ‘hits’ at this stage."

So there you have it. £100 a day or part of a week. Simply for issuing pathetic news stories that a 16-year-old could do as part of his Media Studies curricula. Now that Harrington runs the show it looks as if Williamson got his own way and is laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

The photo accompoanying the article shows the "BNP Ballerina", Simone Clarke, next to Pat Harrington. She seems to be entranced with Mr Harrington (maybe the Apollo staff drugged the teas and coffees of the "hundreds" of delegates (ha ha)and they have tripped, hence the grandiose sttements of Solidarity over their "Conference".

A free Solidarity membership sub to the best answer to what you think Simone Clarke is saying to Pat Harrington...

Mine is -

"My, Mr Harrington, are you pleased to see me, or is that the Solidarity expense account in your pocket?"

By the look of the rest of the dozy Solidarity Executive crew and their smug interst in Simone Clarke they look as if they have never seen a woman in their entire sad little lives.

Anonymous said...

Lancaster Unity already reported on the charge for Accentuate's 'services' here

Anonymous said...

"By the look of the rest of the dozy Solidarity Executive crew and their smug interst in Simone Clarke they look as if they have never seen a woman in their entire sad little lives."

Or at least one over the age of consent.

Actually as there is proof in the form of a child of mixed ethnic origin what the hell is Clarke doing as a member of a faction pledged to racial purity.

From the times I docked in the old Republic of South Afrika I can recall being told to avoid the "Blek" Ladies of Negotiatable Affection. Obviously with the BNP the concept of racial purity is some what different.

Or are ballet dancers honoury whites - as you had in days not that long ago in Pretoria !

Old Sailor

"I am the only tar that ever jumped ship from Vanderdekaans' Crew"

Question "What Ship"
Question "Which Cape"

Anonymous said...

Simone's marriage probably isn't being consumated, thus, her roving eyes.

We all know it's a marriage of conveniance, as her husband cannot be openly gay.

Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't mean "Pat" Harrington will spam LU as he usually does when the fake union comes up. Good post. Is Atreus going to write for LU or is he/she sticking with Norfolk Unity?

Anonymous said...

Solidarity = Harrington's pension fund and Griffin's income support.

From their website - Legal representation is not so much a benefit, as it is one of the first duty's of a Union to provide this to its members. We provide legal assistance for all onsite disputes, which can include the following...

Employer Refusal to pay Holiday Pay
Unfair Dismissal
Constructive Dismissal - was your life at risk due to the language barrier
Injury / Accident

except Walker gets told to look for legal advice!!

Harrington's appealing for £500 to buy a photocopier on the Solidarity website. Why? If he's telling the truth about the membership figures it's got 12,000 quid in the bank. With only 211 members (allegedly) he could just send them all a text.

How many of them were at the meeting in total?

And why can't Harrington place an apostrophe correctly?

Anonymous said...

One Big Union is one Big Load of Bullshit. The Great Fantasist :- yerss, that's Patrick Harrington in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm - looking at that "top table" I wonder which one is the ballet dancer ???

Just what do the "members" of this "union" get for their £60pa : something not unadjacent to nil I suspect.

And doesn't the Registrar of Friendly Societies demand annual accounts from unions? They'll make interesting reading . . . .

Anonymous said...

I see that Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington are back together for a comeback tour. I guess it willn’t be long before Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington go back to Libya to get funding and support from dictator Colonel Gaddafi like they did back in the 1980s. Both Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington have been exposed as supporters of an oppressive, terrorist regime that carried out the Lockerbie plane bombing.

Anonymous said...


By Lancaster Unity's very own investigative reporter in Trumpton

The half-baked fake union run by tinpot 'General Secretary' Patrick "Whip Me" Harrington held its second annual AGM at the Trumpton Hotel in Trumpton in February.

Delegates were welcomed by Adam Walker, the Union's President, who were then frisked for weapons, recording devices and, of course, any money that they had not given to the Union campaign to raise £500 for a Union photocopier.

After the formalities were completed, mostly by fixing the records of last year's AGM and rubberstamping unconstitutional acts of the Executive, the meeting heard Patrick Harrington speak on the subject of himself for the next two hours, something which he is something of an expert on, having earned his Doctorate in Harrington Studies at the Trumpton Polytechnic of Bull- Shit. Delegates heard Harrington congratulate himself on saving the Union from the evil acts of its constitutional Executive and the wholly constitutional conduct of that Axis of Evil. "Evil Will Win if Bad Men Do Nothing" quoted Mr Harrington, an obvious reference to his own highly suspect motives and behaviour last year when Mr Harrington and his mentor, a one Nick Griffin of the Toy-Town National Party, stole the Union from its evil constitutional Executive. Since then the unlikely duo have managed to seize control of the entire Union apparatus, even managing to pocket several thousands of pounds from its unsuspecting membership - and an equally unsupecting Bank - the National Toy-Town Bank.

An upbeat message from the Executive failed to impress the few members who bothered to attend the AGm, having been told that the Union had reached the "atmospheric" heights of 211 members. Members who were awoken from their slumbers by surly security men employed by the Union to maintain "order" were given the image of a "mass nationalist union" marching on Downing Street, so as to ensure that its General Secretary could be invited in for "beer and sandwiches" at No 10 - as Bob Crow of the RMT is and "what's good for Bob Crow is good enough for me too" cried Pat Harrington, obviously sore from the experience of having been booted-out by the RMT by his nemesis Mr Crow.

Mr Harrington warned that after last year's disruption caused by "Nazi left-wing fascist infiltrators", who apparently only failed as they clearly did not realise which ideology they stood for, the Union may suffer more attacks, principally from the far-Left (it is belieded that Harrington was referring to trouble from the Walker Brothers who have been increasingly angry at Harrington's spendthrft ways with Union money and his tightness of funds when it concerns others. Mark Walker may represent a grave threat to Harrington as he has been regularly told to "*** off and see an employment lawyer as we can't help you. We're a BNP front and a cash-cow - not a ****ing trade union". Now Harrington has to juggle between providing a campaign fund for Mark "Noddy" Walker who has lost his job at Trumpton Secondary School for accessing the school's website to look at the Toy-Town National Party site - or to pay for a photocopier that he badly wants. Mr Harrington refused to go 50-50, Ask the Audience ( all 15 of them), or even Phone-a-Friend (his old mate Mr Griffin, who was abroad at the time in Croatia).

Since the unlawful elections that were held in November Squalidarity now has a new united Executive commited to the slogan: "Together we are wrong". Despite some sense of disbelief from the few there it was generally accepted that the error in the slogan - although muttered to have been quite correct in reality - was an error made by Squalidarity's "PR company" - "Extenuate", a sleazy outfit run by small-town Trumpton businessman, Graham Williamson, a fellow Turd Way colleague of Harrington's and former Toy-Town Front official. "Extenuate" do very little for the Union, except to issue the occasional newsworthy snippet, all for the cheap price of £100 from out of the Union coffers, straight into the pockets of Squalidarity Executivemember, Mr Williamson himself. Who says nepotism and corruption is dead? Long Live Squalidarity! "Extenuate" were also the clowns who boked the AGM at the Trumpton Hotel - under the name of "Extenuate" - thus proving again the underhandness, secrecy and sleazy manner of Squalidarity - quite unlike any other normal Trade Union Conference where openness and transparency occur at all union conferences.

A motion seeking to exclude all Muslims from the Union was seized on by the Executive to paint the Union as an inclusive and open Union, "free of all race bias and discrimination". Observers present quickly saw through this caharde as a cheap stunt dreamt up by "Extenuate" and Pat Harrington to foster the illusion that Squalidarity was liberal and not unlike those nasty racist, fascists of the Toy-Town National Party...

Then in walked Nick Griffin himself, Chairman of the said Toy-Town National Party, who just happened to be passisng through from Croatia to his pig-farm.

"Members took tis opportunity to thank Mr Griffin for his support in preventing the work of saboeturs and infiltrators last year", meaning that those who were making money from the Union and who now controlled the reins of power were very grateful to Dictator Griffin in initiating the takeover, after realising that there were gold in "Them Thar Unions", about £12,000 so far with 211 members. "I want my cut and I want it in used notes now", claimed one informant at the meeting who overheard the conversation between Griffin and Harrington.

"The Executive Committee undertook to draw up a set of positive Union Principles and Ethics for the next Annual Conference". This piece of theatre was not from the comedian who came in half-time to add some joviality to the otherwise leaden proceedings (aka Nick Griffin), but from the Executive. This Orwellian piece of Double-Think (oddly enough, this is Pat Harrington's pseudonym that he often uses on sites like the Nazi Stormfront)would have been amusing if they were not in fact serious. The Squalidarity Executive would not know an ethic or principle - apart from the principle of self-survival - if it reared its head and bit them in the neck. Truly these individuals are Nazis to the nth degree.

Lastly it was quoted that the membership were "optimistic that the dream of a nationalist workers' union committed to standing up for their rights whenever they need help has not withered on the vine but is growing and flourishing". Well, try telling that to Mark Walker who has lost his job and hasd been told to "eff off" and find himself a lawyer to help him. It was claimed that after bthe meeting Harrington and Walker could be seen tossing a coin to decide what the priority of the Union ought to be - Mark Walker's livelihood... or the Union photocopier. Unfortunately for Walker the photocopier won.

"Together we are strong"... or in some cases some are more stronger than others".

See you all at next years Squalidarity AGM - where we'll see the Brothers and Sisters fighting over the Union funds and who gets to use the Union photocopier.


Antifascist said...


Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for sending this in - but next time you write something like this, send it via email and pick a name for yourself and we'll post it as an article. That way more people will see and enjoy it. We all need a few laughs with the world full of tossers like Harrington and co.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous of 11:27 PM, March 12, 2008: absolute gold dust. One of the funniest things I've read in ages. Parody, laughter, humour and mimicry are some of the most effective tools with which to expose and defeat the hatred of the BNP and the rest of the far right. Let's have some more!

Anonymous said...

Really funny. An excellent piss-take of the AGM. You've obviously got a talent for parody. I hope you'll do what Ketlan suggested and email it in next time for inclusion as a proper humorous article. It's a classic. :D

Anonymous said...

You are breaching Copyright by using the photo you do.