March 20, 2008

Give us a lift, Jace

After last weekend’s fiasco in Havering the BNP have turned their attention to Redbridge once again. Yes that’s the borough whose solitary BNP councillor Julian Leppert fled to Loughton soon after he was elected.

The weekend’s effort towards the party’s London Assembly election campaign is being organised by Councillor Robert Bailey, deputy to the BNP’s Mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook on Barking and Dagenham Council. Bailey seems to have trouble finding his way around Redbridge. He has told his minions to assemble outside Snaresbrook tube station in High Street, Redbridge, at 11am on the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend. This is odd as there is no such place as High Street, Redbridge. Well it’s a long way from Algiers, which Bailey knows much better than Redbridge or even Barking and Dagenham.

He personally should not have trouble finding the BNP’s rendezvous point as he can avail himself of the services of Jason Douglas, football thug and cab driver, who has done “the knowledge” so should know his way around. That’s if he still has his cab driver’s licence after last weekend when he used his taxi to stalk two young women. Actually we wonder how he got his licence in the first place, with at least two convictions under his belt for violence connected to football.

Still, the BNP should feel at home in the shadow of Snaresbrook Crown Court, where Tony “the mad bomber” Lecomber received his second three-year prison sentence. That one was not for bombs but for beating up, together with five of his mates, a young Jewish school teacher at another local tube station, Gants Hill.

We expect we’ll be paying more on our council tax bills for the cost of the council washing down the streets after the BNP leaves.

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Anonymous said...

Nice lot of posts over the past couple of days chaps, and a lot more people posting them too. Good work. :)

Anonymous said...

Find Redbridge dont make me laugh he cant find Barking & Dagenham.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bumbrook is already bummed (excuse the pun)

Anonymous said...

Some facts on Julian Leppert:

1) In January 2007 Leppert attended a conference in London where he sat through anti-Jewish tirades from a close confidante of the Holocaust denier David Irving

2) According to a report in the London Evening Standard, Julian Leppert, the BNP’s candidate for Mayor of London in June, was heard saying that Lawrence Rustem is okay because he’s only “half wog”

3) In a recent radio interview when he promised to "throw out" all asylum seekers whom he bizarrely blamed for causing traffic congestion.

4) Described by his BNP colleagues as boring.

5) Attempted to take credit for other people’s work:

6) Part of his 2004 London mayor BNP campaign advocated repatriating non-whites