March 15, 2008

Between a Rock and a hard place

It's a hard life being a White Nationalist.

There you are, quietly going about your Nazi business on Stormfront Britain when suddenly a dope-smoking BNP legal adviser with a screw loose announces he's going to expose your name, address and shoe-size to the world because - well, because you haven't recognised his greatness, or that of his infallible leader, Nick Griffin, bringer of astounding BNP successes, such as Thursday's brilliant 94 votes (out of 2346), or 4.0% of the vote in a Harrow council by-election.

As my friend and co-contributor Atreus has noted elsewhere, this has set the cat amongst the pigeons on Stormfront Britain, where the deranged Lee Barnes' latest Big Idea is viewed by its intended victims as dangerous (maybe) and treacherous (very definitely). It is, however, predictably supported by those Stormfront posters close to the BNP leadership, and by the fungal growths who infest the sections and threads looking for trouble with anybody who so much as thinks that Nick Griffin could do with a better haircut.

Among their number we count the Little and Large of Stormfront, the pompously self-regarding Green Arrow, who appears to believe that he can blog the BNP into power, and his little friend, the quarrelsome internet warrior and job-shy poseur, Brighton Rock.

These two have a great deal in common, neither of them ever having been active on behalf of the BNP in the real world, neither of them ever having attended a BNP meeting - indeed, neither of them ever actually being members of the BNP until long after they had joined Stormfront to begin attacking BNP members and other Stormfront regulars who had long records of real world activism.

The Green Arrow has been ridiculed so frequently (not least on these pages) that there is little we can add to further undermine a reputation so bumped and bruised for so frequently making contact with the ground.

Brighton Rock, though, has a good deal of form, as the racing people put it, his raison d'ĂȘtre appearing to be that of losing the BNP support by abusing members of the public on internet forums and of disruptively starting up or worsening existing disputes among the Stormfront brethren.

My experience of him goes back some considerable time, and is such that I have sometimes seriously wondered whether he is one of us pretending to be one of them, or if he really is the prize nincompoop he appears to be.

The Rock it was in his many guises, and with the help of his racist friends, who turned the well-used Brighton Argus forums into a battleground. The Argus forums were much loved by those who used them, and many carefully nurtured threads of years' long standing existed. Debate, if sometimes heated, was steady and covered a wide variety of subjects.

For the Rock, his sock puppets and his friends, this seemed prime territory into which to inject themselves to spread their message of hate and division, and they did so with a vengeance, the forum quickly resembling nothing more than a BNP notice-board. Objections to this, no matter how polite, were greeted with screaming abuse and attempts at character assasination not so different in style and tone from those of the Medway Madman. The forums descended into chaos as the Rock and his friends (Stormfront's Byron Boy being one of them) text-bombed threads to the point that the forums became unusable and were eventually closed by the Argus's owners.

The many, many people who passed an idle leisure hour on the Argus forums were well aware of who was disrupting their forums, and on behalf of which party. Few of them, even those who might have been receptive to the BNP's message had it been deployed in any sensible manner, had a good word to say for the party after that.

Challenged about this on Stormfront, the Rock's response was that the Argus forums "needed" to be closed down.

One thing you quickly discover about Brighton Rock is his capacity for invention and untruth, both of which are expansive - but the Rock, being jobless, has endless free-time in which to let his imagination run riot. He may take some throwaway remark and pursue it to the nth degree when he is at a loss for any reasonable or rational answer, and he can be relied upon to lie through his teeth when evidence of his past activities is presented.

It's always somebody else's fault - Brighton Rock is being set up, it's the Reds, it's Searchlight, it's Lancaster Unity, it's the man in the moon.

Stormfront posters are suffering a little of what Brighton Argus forum posters long suffered, as the workshy internet warrior runs around calling them "scumbags", deriding their characters, and generally shovelling large spadefulls of guano in their direction.

But what's this?


Even as I write it appears the Rock has had his Stormfront account disabled, along with that of the equally obnoxious Purging The Droid.

It seems that senior Stormfront moderators from other parts of Stormfront have tired of the pro-Griffin moderation of John Joy Tree (Andy Robertson) and taken temporary control of Stormfront Britain.

Have the actions of Canada-based Stormfront Ireland moderator Ein kampf, Ein sieg led to an outbreak of peace among the White Nationalist brethren?

Let's see...

Caradoc: Mu point, e,e , [Ein kampf, Ein sieg] is that because YL [Yorkshire Loyal] is a Griffinite, his using this forum to threaten an anti-Griffin blogger with black gangster violence is only removed when a clear complaint is made, no sanctions against the pro-Griffin SF poster follow, and the evidence is removed.

part of the solution: In defence of YL he has taken more attacks than most from the scum bag [Lee Barnes] that this thread was on about. Phoning his employer trying to get him sacked no wonder YL responded was else is he meant to do.I think we need to remember that it`s not only Jack Black that has been outed but posters have had there employers contacted in an attempt to have them sacked.I myself have been outed by this scum bag and he`s not a member of the BNP but he likes outing them doesn't he and where is the condemnation for this poster Types man and all the other sock puppets that he operates free will on here.

Caradoc: Yorkshire Loyal has made plenty threats of his own outside of Stormfront, towards Stormfront posters among others, as he will be able to tell you if he cares to.

vanguarduk: I'm following up to say that the two ex-BNP forum mods have confirmed that the BNP has been fed Stormfront user handles and IP addresses for years. And the BNP has also been fed user handles and IP addresses from the VNN forum, by a former mod there. I'm not sure if there's anyone on VNN admin at the moment, doing the BNP's bidding. But there could be. As for this forum, I've taken all the information that I’ve been able to draw together, and passed it to the mods for their attention.

No, looks like there's still plenty of scope for many a future Stormfront set-to there.

And the last word on the evicted Brighton Rock?

Number Five: What happened to Brighton Rock? I see his account is disabled. Did he jump or was he pushed? He certainly became more and more jittery as the evening wore on.

scooterist: Last i heard his cloths were found at the top of Beachy head with a photo of Margaret Thatcher in his jacket.

ein kampf, ein sieg: We only found out it was a picture of Margaret when we had to use a scalpel to prise the edges apart!

maximilian: I don't know you know. I think he had a thing for Denise Garside, he was always talking about her

Dux90: Wasn't that in his gold locket though?

maximilian: Yes I think you are right. And the locket was resting on a giant tattoo of Garside's face tattooed on his pigeon chest.

ein kampf, ein sieg: Then it looks as if he went as he lived! Said one thing, and his one true love was a secret!

Aww... goodbye, Brighton Rock - really, I never knew... :-)


Anonymous said...

" the pompously self-regarding Green Arrow, who appears to believe that he can blog the BNP into power",

Denise, you owe me a new keyboard!!

I have just spluttered my cup of coffee from laughing so much all over it from that comment.
A true classic


Unknown said...

The Rock and the Green Arrow have retreated to the Green Arrow forums to lick their wounds.

"It seems that the red trolls and state agents are winning the war to get genuine nationalists either expelled or driven from the Stormfront Britain area," sayeth the Rock, who spent most of last evening yelling "scumbag" at everybody in sight.

Still, inside every moron there's a cretin just dying to get out.

Anonymous said...

I missed all that last night. The SF threads are corkers. So what happened was that Brighton Rotter stirred so much brown stuff that he got JJT put on the sidelines and lost Griffin control of trhe modding.

Your first guess was right, Brighton Rotter MUST be one of us pretending to be one of them.

What a plonker

Anonymous said...

Brighton Rock started calling everyone a scumbag and Purging the Droid had a pop at people who spout the nazis' "14 words" but don't do anything to advance the fascist "cause".

Then an Irish mod came in and banned the pair of them!

Fecking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

" Still, inside every moron there's a cretin just dying to get out."

Yep, Brighton Sock screwed it for Robertson and the Griffin crowd. A real prize prawn.

This is great though. On his forum Green Shitbag reckons "I think we must all be vigilant on our forum Sarah and ask all members to notify either Brighton Rock or myself about any concerns you have about any posts that could be used against the BNP."

Notify Brighton Rock FFS! Pillocks may as well notify Gerry Gable.

Anonymous said...

Where's Green Arrow going to keep posting links to his blog now?

" the pompously self-regarding Green Arrow, who appears to believe that he can blog the BNP into power",

Nazi A: I put out 300 leaflets yesterday

Nazi B: I sold 100 copies of Freedom yesterday

Green Arrow: I just blogged about it

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up

Anonymous said...

Since getting banned from SF, Green Arrow's spending most of his time now on Indymedia, trying to argue with anarchists that Hitler's Nazis were the best thing since sliced bread, posting pictures of skulls to back up his poison arguments under pseudonym of "Antisocialism".

Anonymous said...

Why don't Indymedia ban him also?

Or can't they ban sick-in-the-head nazi trolls under the premises of "free speech"?

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Brighton Cocksuck, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow, the Legal Beagle, and Brighton Rock will all be on their knees, seeking the supernatural intervention of Odin.

Anonymous said...

Trolling internet forums and indymedia isn't all the naughtical twosome get up to. Word has it, Brighton Cocksuck meets up with (ancient mariner) Green Arsehole, they troll the seedier of Brighton's gay bars looking for rough trade, when they're not uping anchors with each other.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like a data set and network diagram showing the cross pollination between the then Oldham BNP web site and forums and Stormfront Britain, just leave a comment and ur contact details. Incidentally, I also have the trace route data showing that the Oldham BNP site was hosted by the same server provider as stormfront. :P


Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece of work Denise, just what we have all come to love and respect.

Unknown said...

@ anon


Brighton Rock is still angry.

On the Green Arrow's forum, where he's a moderator (of about three posts a day), he's fallen out with Fyrdist, who had the audacity to post a fairly balanced item of last night's goings-on.

BR removed the post, leading Fyrdist to ask why. "If you support Jack Black you're on the wrong forum," grumbles the disruptive non-activist and free-speech exponent.

He didn't call Fyrdist a "scumbag", though, which is something.

I think Green Arrow's going to regret teaming up with the world's longest living brain donor.

Anonymous said...

"" Still, inside every moron there's a cretin just dying to get out."


Antifascism with a smile, about time to.

So who's going to own up to having an account on Green Shitbag's forum?

I know I have!

Anonymous said...

Wow - this nazi BNP piece of trash Andy Robertson is one seriously disturbed guy. He's as demented as that other BNP nutter Lee Barnes. Here are some postings by Andy Robertson from Stormfront:

"I advocate the total destruction of jewish influence, and the removal of jews (to Israel)".

"it is important to understand the pivotal role of the jewish cultural override in our present problem. I take it you have read Kevin Macdonald and Yggdrasil on this? If not, go and read them now. In my view, we should redefine ourselves publicly as a peaceful "white preservationist" movement. Anything that implies we are "haters", that we are "against" another demographic, will repel whites and will make us insanely vunerable to the attacks of our enemies.

However, how we define ourselves publicly and our real motives are two different things!!!! We must disguise our real motives in a thick shell of fuzzy feelgood Universalism while working steadily to increase our numbers and power".

"Don't rule out such attacks. My own view is that we should "try all possibilities". I am a supporter of 'natonalvanguard' for example, which includes such attacks among its articles. On a final point, I agree anything like Hitler-nazi fetishism is assclown nonsense, but National Socialism is a serious political philosophy and should be respected".

Anonymous said...

Racial greetings. It’s Dave Strickson here, Essex mockney and professional Thurrock BNP organiser. Anybody wanna buy one of my records? Just post me a fiver and the proceeds go towards the Gri££in defence fund. If you don’t, then I’ll write an angry letter to the Thurrock Gazette.


Tilbury Tit

For Wace and Wation!

Anonymous said...

There'll never be free speech in the bnp.

Anonymous said...

**I think he had a thing for Denise Garside, he was always talking about her**

He did as well.

Can't blame him for that :-)

Anonymous said...

Save Strickson's records are called Firm Hand records, presumably as the wanker Strickson wanks off to his neo-nazi music while listening to it.

Wander why the police don't pop around his house and arrest him for selling illegal white supremacy music?

Possibly because he is a friend of Nick Griffin.

Talk about untouchable. If it had been one of the rebels they would have been in jail by now, lol

Anonymous said...

I registered an account on Grotbag's forum today. Made a couple of posts which were hardly even confrontational. Then got banned. That's got to be a record for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Green Arrow

This is Sarah – I’m breaking up with you. Yes, I started off life as one your creations. But, I feel that I must now lead a life independent of you. I shall be grateful if you would stop posting on your forum under my name. This type of non-existent relationship cannot carry on forever Green Arrow. You've served your purpose. I must live! I must leave your underworld, your dungeon of a mind and lead a prosperous life amongst the sane and the normal. Good bye Green Arrow (thank God).

Anonymous said...

Fraser = John Walker

Anonymous said...

Here’s some anti-Jewish rantings by the nazi BNP’s legal officer Lee Barnes on Stormfront:

Even though the Jews are only 0.5% of the population in Britain, they have an almost total grip on the media here, systematically, constantly and intensely feeding their propaganda and example to almost everyone in Britain, which is nothing new. With this media, they are uniformly, deliberately, systematically, constantly and intensely promoting both the transformation and permanent destruction of Britain into a multiracial, “multicultural” state, and also the interests of the so-called “state of Israel”, against the wishes and interests of the native British people

David dimbelby – jew
mary anne sighart - jew
will self - jew
the tory bird - married to a jew
roy hattersley - shabbats goy

and one scottish politician from the S.N.P .

Good old Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation does its job again.

Never mind - at leat Lord Levy got tied up , beaten and robbed of 350,000 grand last night.

Every cloud has a silver lining