March 08, 2008

BNP London Election Campaign hit by conviction of police infiltrator on weapons charges

At the turn of the year officers from the Post Office Security Team based at London's main sorting office at Mount Pleasant intercepted a package from the USA which contained a Tazer gun, known as a stun gun, now in widening use by the Metropolitan Police Service. The addressee was a 23-year-old man, Ellis Hammond. The PO security team passed on the address and details of the contents of the package to the police in southeast London. It took them only minutes to realise that Hammond was a serving officer in the Police Community Safety unit based in their command area.

In no time they were at his family home detaining him and carrying out what was said to be a very thorough search.

They found the following:
  • 1 CS tear gas canister.
  • 1 police-style ASP retractable baton.
  • 1 pair of Metropolitan Police issue Handcuffs.
  • 1 knuckle duster.
  • 8 combat knives.
  • DVDs containing hate material.
  • Various items of British National Party literature.
  • Some obscene material.
  • 25-30 mainly imported T-shirts from the USA bearing nazi and white power group symbols and hardline racist and nazi slogans.
  • 4 BB guns.
  • 1 replica AK47 assault rifle.
  • 1 copy of The Turner Diaries, the US publication that has served as a blueprint for nazi terrorism in the USA, written by the late William Pearce, a close friend of the BNP who has played host to them at his National Alliance HQ in the USA and was guest of honour at a BNP annual meeting in east London some years ago.
  • And finally, to top it off, a BNP membership card.
By sheer coincidence Hammond had left his mobile phone on a table in the canteen at the police station where he was stationed. A police officer turned it on hoping to find the identity of the owner but instead found a message from the BNP to Hammond. The officer acted with haste and sensibly reported it to one of his senior officers who were already in the picture about the Tazer gun.

So what do we and the police know about Hammond? In recent years he applied to join the Metropolitan Police Service. All applicants have to fill in a lengthy application form which includes the questions, have you ever been a member of the British National Party, are you currently a member of the British National Party or are you likely to join at any future date. Hammond answered no to all three questions. A positive answer to any of them would have debarred him from being a police or a prison officer. He failed the interview in any case and a while later decided to take the other route into the Police Service by first becoming a Police Community Support Officer for a year or so and then reapplying for the MPS. He was accepted as a PCSO after lying on his application form about his BNP membership.

It would appear that he was not active in any of the three local BNP branches in Greenwich, Bexley or Croydon, although members of Croydon branch had hinted for several years that they had connections with people serving in the emergency services and possibly the police.

We think that Hammond had been talent spotted by one or more senior BNP officers who were either ex-police or military and groomed to join up and play the long game, acting in spy parlance as a sleeper or deep mole.

When his Borough Commander had his staff search through Hammond's work record as a PCSO patrolling a beat that included the spot where Stephen Lawrence had been brutally killed by a white racist gang, they saw he had made a large number of stops and searches but only two were on black people, one being a truanting school child, and nobody ever complained about the way he treated them. He was seen by those who managed him to be an exemplary young officer, whose good record would ease the way for him to become a full police officer.

So far his arrest and the way the police were dealing with him was fine. They had even sent one of the replica weapons away for tests to see if it could be converted into a useable firearm. As he was not charged over that gun, we hope that it was deemed to be safe.

Then we felt some discomfort when informed that he was being allowed to resign before going to court rather than be sacked first.

We also discovered that last summer he had bought a lethal crossbow from the USA, a silent killing weapon and one of choice for many nazis across the world. This had not been found during the initial search of his home. We are now very eager to know if this was because it was missed or, as we believed, he had another cache of illegal weapons and material elsewhere. We were assured that a surveillance of his movements while he was on police bail before being charged was being stepped up as a result of our information about the crossbow.

We also heard that there were some differences between the Crown Prosecution Service and the officers dealing with the case over what form the charges against Hammond should take.

Last week he appeared at Bexley Magistrates' Court and pleaded guilty to two charges under the Firearms Act for possession and purchase of prohibited weapons relating to the Tazer gun and the CS gas spray, both of which carry prison sentences. One would have expected the magistrates to send him to the Crown Court with a view to custody of longer than six months, the limit of magistrates' powers, particularly as he had lied to join the Police Service and was a member of a banned organisation as far as the police and prison service go.

We were astonished to hear that the case had been dealt with there and then and that he got a conditional discharge for 12 months.

At the time of writing his name still appears on a police service website as a community beat officer.

By allowing him to resign from the police and advising him and his family that he should take that course, the CPS did not have reveal his background or his membership of the BNP to the magistrates. So it was unlikely the press would pick up the story and there would be no publicity. This is not the first time that serving police officers with far-right connections have been let down gently.

Inquiries to a BNP spokesperson about members illicitly joining the police service produced the response: "We have dozens of police members and that is just the ones who tell us what they do. Some of our members are quite senior, above inspector level".

Hammond's father was very grateful for how the officers were dealing with his son's case.

When spoken to, Ellis Hammond was a very different kettle of fish. He appeared to think he was someone important and said that he did not want any publicity as it would ruin his life. When the journalist tried to take the conversation further, Hammond responded: "I'm going to go now because I am getting really annoyed".

So what we have here is a nazi liar who has armed himself to the teeth and infiltrated one of the pillars of the criminal justice system, who says he cannot control his temper. Both the police and the CPS have gone down a strange path with this case that has allowed a potential terrorist to be turned loose on our streets. We wonder what the Director of Public Prosecutions thinks about this case. Was it dealt with by the local CPS office or the Special Case Unit that deals with all types of terrorist cases across the board, and what does Sir Ian Blair, the MPS Commissioner, think about letting people like Hammond off the hook? So much for confronting terrorism from wherever it comes.

When the criminal justice system screws up, it's the public that pays the price.



Anonymous said...

Let's hope Bumbrook's hopes of election success are zapped by the tazar gun. So much for the BNP being about democracy, when the "well directed boots and fists" are waiting in the wings with police infiltrators. This excellent piece of news can't have come at a better time, folks.

After the GLA elections, when the BNP fail to win any seats on the assembky, the neo-nazi pornographer can go back to making his "art films" for boys.

Anonymous said...


We've always said it and here's yet more proof.

No Platform said...

A dirty DVD and a pair of handcuff?

Was this bloke Barnbrook's "housemate"?

Anonymous said...

1 CS Tear Gas Canister
1 Police style ASP retractable baton
1 pair of Metropolitan Police-issue Handcuffs
I Knuckle-Duster
8 combat knives
DVDs with Hate material on them
Various items of British National Party literature
Some Obscene material
25-30 mainly imported T Shirts from the USA bearing nazi and White Power groups symbols and with hard line racist and nazi slogans on them
4 BB Guns
1 Replica AK 47 Assault Rifle
1 Copy of the Turner Diaries the US publication that has served as a blueprint for nazi terrorism in the USA, written by the late William Pearce, a close friend of the BNP who has played host to them at his National Alliance HQ in the USA and was guest of honour at a BNP annual meeting in East London some years ago.
And finally to top it off, a British National Party membership card

Christ, is this guy a classic terrorist loon or what?

Anonymous said...

This fruitcake walked away with a twelve month conditional discharge??? Can you imagine what an animal rights activist would have got if they'd been caught with the same stuff? It's bloody mad.

Anonymous said...

I see the Sunday Times is covering this story. What a pity it's not on the front page of every newspaper. And that's a point. WHY isn't it on the front page of every newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Another nazi BNP terrorist walks free. Wonder how many BNP infiltrators in the Army, Police and other services are preparing to wage terrorism and violence in Britain?

Anonymous said...

Given that BNP terrorist Ellis Hammond lives in Bexley (south-east London), and Bexley and other neighbouring areas have seen some quite horrific racist attacks over the past year, I wonder if Ellis Hammond has been involved in those racial attacks or would have information on that violence? By their own admissions BNP members are involved in quite a lot of racist violence. The following is taken from the BBC News article, ‘BNP activists admit to race crime’:

“BNP member Steve Barkham told reporter Jason Gwynne how he kicked and punched a man during the 2001 Bradford riots”

“Another member, Stewart Williams, says he wants to "blow up" Bradford's mosques with a rocket launcher.

BNP council candidate Dave Midgley is shown saying he squirted dog faeces through the letterbox of an Asian takeaway.

In the film, Mr Barkham says he beat an Asian man during the Bradford riots.

But, he says, he was not prosecuted as his victim was unable to identify him from police photographs”.

Anonymous said...

The sunday times is a broadsheet that the masses do never and will never read. Maybe some of Bumbrook's potential voters might read it, but the press silence of the tabloids, coupled with the soft approach of the police and public prosecuters, shows once and for all, Nick Griffin and several other promiment members of the bnp are paid by the state to run their far right movement.

The way the state is running the bnp is like a controlled explosion, which is ironically used by the army in preference t the thing going off haphardly of its own accord.

The neo-nazi bnp has served it's purpose in raising the heat on British Muslims during George Bush's War On Terror. Bush is about to leave power, and so, the bnp are instructed to wind down operations. As part of the deal, there's a press blackout, and even crimes like terorism and chemical weapons receive minimal sentencing.

Surely MI5 new about the combined NF/BNP operation in Oldham/Burnley & Bradford which helped sweep the bnp to its first few council seats, and could have easily stepped in to sabotage their riot plotting operations, but decided against it.

Neither did the state stop the bnp from consolidating power in Burnley using the full power of the press, even though many councillors had criminal convictions including football violence and wife-beating, which suggests an agenda at work.

After 9/11, arguably, it was advantageous to the British government in their relations with the US, to have a far right party to silence Muslim ease over the inpending war in Iraq, which was later to give rise to the torture at Guantanamo Bay and the War On Terror.

It really does make you think........

Given that the state is assumed to have the power to influence public opinion and court decisions, and yet, they silently stood by while the BNP grew moderately in power, the questions must be asked by anti-racists and extreme rightwinders alike......


Anonymous said...

President Kennedy's Ghost is right. The State/MI5 know everything that goes on within the neo-nazi BNP. The BNP serves, currently and for the foreseeable future, a functional purpose for the powers that be. We can only make inferences as to what that purpose is. Further, we can only wait and see as to what the exact fallout of allowing the BNP and its cohorts a free reign all over Britain will be. In case that the BNP do make sizeable inroads into local, regional and national power and/or BNP agents and infiltrators in the Army, Police and other services start to carry serious acts of terrorism and violence, or trigger off more race riots in various British cities and towns, then I'm making my own contingency plans to leave for either the US or Canada.

Anonymous said...

here is the link to the times article. It iis worrying though that most of the comments are more horrified with the banning of BNP members from the police rater than the fact a BNP member was convicted for possesion of illegal weapons

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that BNP members are tooling up. I wonder how many more current and former BNP members are stockpiling weapons and explosives? It seems that periodically BNP members/ex-BNP members are arrested for possessing explosives and other pleasant surprises. What sentence did that BNP candidate receive last year for stockpiling Britain's largest haul of chemical components for explosives?

Anonymous said...

So, BNP terrorist Ellis Hammond was found to be possessing weapons and "Some Obscene material".

Guns and porn: sounds like the BNP!

I wonder if Hammond is one of those BNP guys who likes to dress up as a member of the Waffen SS at the weekends and play pretend war games in the Lincolnshire countryside??

Antifascist said...

'What sentence did that BNP candidate receive last year for stockpiling Britain's largest haul of chemical components for explosives?'

A pathetic thirty months.

Anonymous said...

"A pathetic thirty months."

That is bloody pathetic. He'll be out in a year if he behaves himself.

Anonymous said...

The troll army (Mark Collett and ten dozen alter-egos) are responsible for the pro-bnp comments on the Times website.

It's a shame antifascists can't troll themselves.

I guess we are too honest to resort to such undemocratic gutter tactics.

Anonymous said...

Are stun guns, CS gas and knuckledusters the latest BNP fashion accessory?

BNP member Anthea Mizzi was convicted in January 2006 of ABH when she used a stun gun on her neighbour (Anthea Mizzi was also convicted of possessing the stun gun and two cans of pepper spray). Her son, Matthew, also a BNP member, was also found guilty of six charges of possessing weapons (also, both Anthea Mizzi and her son were subject to ASBOs)

(IC South London 17.1.06)

Joey Owens, a BNP candidate in Merseyside and former bodyguard to BNP leader Nick Griffin, is a drug dealer, murderer and gangster convicted of possessing CS gas and knuckledusters (Owens also served eight months in prison for sending razor blades in the post to Jewish people).

In an armed police raid on the home of BNP councillor Sadie Graham, the police recovered a suspected CS gas canister. Matthew Single, BNP candidate in Basildon, was arrested and bailed over the CS gas.