March 26, 2008

The Upper Beeding by-election - the BNP analyses the result

Another instant classic from Zaskar. Caution - very bad language!

More Zaskar films here.


Anonymous said...

Bloody funny. All the more so cos I've seen the film.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO Fucking brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is classy stuff. Where did Zaskar get the freaky electronic voices from?

Anonymous said...

Extreley good and very funny but what the hell was the film called again?

Anonymous said...

Very very good. :D

Anonymous said...

This is really good. Humour is a valuable part of propaganda and these videos (and those of Irish Tony which I always enjoy) are worth their weight in gold.

Anonymous said...

but what the hell was the film called again?


Anonymous said...

I never dreamed we'd carry something like this, or it could have gone up last night!


@ Paul172uk who left a comment for the BNP to contest Barrow-in-Furness Ormsgill ward post...

It may have escaped your attention, but this really is an anti-fascist blog, and we generally speaking decline to carry pseudo-intellectual articles from fascists of 1915 words in length on the subject "Why I Am A White Racist".

You seem to have posted it elsewhere as all your own work, but the American spellings are a bit of a giveaway. It was actually written by Nazi nut John "Birdman" Bryant.

Try harder next time.

Anonymous said...

Great video. I wish I had that talent.

Antifascist said...

I'm not sure why Paul172uk would have thought we would have published his "Why I Am A White Racist" crap here but I guess that shows the general intelligence of white racists.

'Great video. I wish I had that talent.'

Me too.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic but as a sheffield united fan this helped cope with the pain of last season.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant have now watched 3 times, the kids cant work out why i keep falling of the chair laughing....of course they are too young to watch the clip, but i will keep it until they are older.

No Platform said...

It's actually a very good film (the original)

Anonymous said...

Some good anti-fascist videos on YouTube:

BNP "boy-love" (featuring F├╝hrer Nick Griffin and little nazi boy Mark Collet)

BNP: Bombers, Nazis, Pyromaniacs.

BNP "Holohoax"

The Nazi who founded the BNP

Anonymous said...

I've got no interest in football at all but the Sheffield relegation video is a fucking classic!

Anonymous said...

Some good anti-fascist videos on YouTube:

It's sad that any of them are necessary but well done to all the people who have the talent and commitment to put these together. Perhaps Lancaster Unity should get a video bank - a collection of links and usable files - together in one place as a resource for all anti-fascists to use.

John P said...

Most of my family are dirty pig fans along with my other half and each of them knows the script to the Sheffield United relegation one off by heart. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and there was a threat of a full reenactment just to annoy me.

Anyway, one thing I have learnt about the BNP is the more you laugh at them and take the piss the more they get fucked off and that has got to be a good thing.
Keep at them at any given chance. The last local elections were a disaster for them and a great bonus for us but that doesn't mean we should stop the fight. We are only a few weeks away from the next elections.
Get active and fight their lies with truth. If you have a local forum or newspaper get on there and take the fuckers on. There is a wealth of info on how corrupt and destitute the BNP is on this website.
Behind the facade that Griffin has built is the usual story of greed and outright racism that was always there and you can get even the most steadfast BNP member to realise they are being lied to. Get hold of a copy of their manifesto. It is always good for a laugh and you can get bnp candidates disagreeing with the party line in no time and asking questions .
Keep at them all the time.


Anonymous said...

Well said John

I totally agree that the BNP members cannot cope when you laugh at them
Humour has the ability to get into the minds of these idiots.

It can even open their eyes to their closed minds

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps Lancaster Unity should get a video bank - a collection of links and usable files - together in one place as a resource for all anti-fascists to use."

Bloody good idea!

And well said John P

Anonymous said...

"We should have used the dog shit plan..."

Love it. LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

That is TERRIBLY funny.

"Those of you who only joined because you like skinheads, leave the room"

Mass exodus

Very good !!

But it cut out at 2'50" - so who knows what gems I missed ???