March 09, 2008

I was in the back of Jason Douglas’s cab the other day and I heard...

It’s nice to see the BNP offering some hospitality instead of hostility for a change. If you are passing the Valentine pub just off Gants Hill roundabout in Redbridge on Sunday 9 March at 6.45pm, you might pop in to claim the free pint that we hear the BNP are offering as inducement to get people to attend their by-election meeting later that night in Gooshays ward in Havering. This is where Mark Logan is campaigning to hang onto the seat from which BNP councillor Alan Bailey resigned in February.

The drinks will be handed out by the well known football yob, black-cab driver and Logan’s political errand boy Jason Douglas.

As an extra incentive Logan’s ever decreasing band of supporters will be treated to a talk from the sinister South African spook and nazi-admirer Arthur Kemp at a venue in Gooshays Drive.

Stop the BNP


Anonymous said...

Offering drink to prospective voters USED to be a VERY serious electoral offence, and - as far as I know - it still is.

It's called "treating" and carries a significant penalty.

Having checked, the offence is to "directly or indirectly give or provide or pay wholly or in part the expense ... any food or drink ... in order to influence any voter" etc etc

And the penalty? Up to one year "at her majesty's pleasure" and/ or an unlimited fine.

Worth following up ??????

Anonymous said...

Normally Douglas is offering a hooker and an ounce of Morrocan black.

Anonymous said...

Iliacus, may I clarify the situation? You have slightly misread it as BNP meetings are for members and potential members and therefore not aimed at swaying the electorate as attendees are already converts. Blobby Douglas is heading for a heart attack...the pub had better lock away the pies! Prison would have done him a favour in forcing him to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

I would say "yes" it is worth following up, however, as is now apparent, the BNP are not subject to the same laws or regulations as anyone else, because of state protection.

From the Nick Griffin racism trial, to the Robert Cottage case, plus numerous other cases involving wife-beating, Liverpool-based murder plots, paedophilia, tax evasion, financial fraud, vote rigging, and many, many more, the prison sentences are oaltry or suspended, the police investigations, scaled down and low key, the fines, often especially overlooked, especially when imposed by the electoral commision.

I used to view assumptions like these in the same way as theories about man never having landed on the moon, but as the evidence mounts up, it is clear that there is a state conspiracy going on here, which is aiding and abetting the BNP.

It's a shame that MI5 classified documents take twenty-five years to be revealed to the public. One of these secrets will possibly be the supposedly justified state support of the BNP to control the far right in Britain, and scare British Muslims into keeping their unease quiet about foreign policy in Iraq and Afganistan.

Another possibility that probably wouldn't be documented, is the use of Nick Griffin and Hitler-loving Mark Collett to keep the British left preoccupied. If any socially conscious leftwinger was to rank in order of importance, animal rights, globalisation, and anti-fascism, anti-fascism will (rightly) always take the immediate priority, especially if MI5's secret actions ferment a climate of hatred and fear, coupled with regular anti-asylum seeker stories in government-approved tabloid newspapers.

The same newspapers that didn't rate the Robert Cottage chemical weapons story newsworthy.

Keep social campaigners preoccupied with immediate anti-nazi concerns, and you tie up endless manhours away from campaigning about environmental destruction, weapons fayres, low pay, government corruption, and most of all, against the behaviour of international corporations.

From the miners strike through to the Economic League, anti-democratic, secret service actions movitated by MP-sponsoring transglobal corporations, keeping government ministries tied into covert business interests, mild-mannered (student-type) bookish campaigning socialist thinkers are still feared more in the corridors of power far more than psycopathic armed-to-the-teeth screwloose neo-fascists.

Anonymous said...

re anon at 8.28 - if ANY of the people being offered these free pints are electors in the relevant ward, then an offence has probably been committed.

Some years ago a candidate (Liberal) offered someone a spare theatre ticket that she was unable to use. It ended up as a court case!!!

So, free beer is VERY iffy!!!

Of course, if the BNP is "state" . . .

Anonymous said...

Someone who knows him through football told me that Blobby Douglas has been on heart medication since his 20s. Suprising he passed the taxi medical really.

Anonymous said...

it is all so clear to me now. the state pays the bnp to stoke up anti-islamic tensions (how else do they manage to be so late submitting their stuff to the electoral commission... and all those shredded documents?). they need raised tensions against muslims so they can go to war against iran in support of israel and the zionist jews who finance george bush and gordon brown in the war for oil. the neo-cons need the bnp to look fascist so their racist policies get voted for time and time again. stephen lawrence murdered by racist yobs? try an elite MI5 sting and you'll be closer to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can now deny Nick Griffin is a state-sponsored agent provocateur. Not even the bnp candidates themselves.